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Hi Everyone,

With this gate score, IIT Bombay seemed like a pipe dream. But magic and miracles do happen. I always wanted to go in robotics and A.I.and I got written test call for control and computing course. Finally, I could visit Bombay. But wait, the written test is supposed to be in electrical, electronics and has just some part of computers (SQL, HTML and Bash Scripting). I figured this is my calling, I need to put all my effort into this, prepare the electrical subjects within a month and compete against those who are studying it for the past 4 year…. WHAT!! Not possible, I am a guy who doesn’t even like the two electrical subject in CS GATE syllabus. How was I supposed to do this? I remembered my 1-year journey for GATE preparation, that I shouldn't give up and keep trying without expecting results because the process should be fun itself. 

“I'll never give up fighting till the very end. If I fall along the way, I'll get back up and try again. But never shall I accept the fact of defeat.”- Naruto

I had prepared one topic of Electrical (Control Systems) and had brushed up knowledge of basic electronics. Then out of 450 students who came 35 were shortlisted for lab test, 35 shortlisted for interview and 91 students for both interview and lab test. I was the 91st student who could give both PC lab test and interview. It’s the belief that matters, when you get the result you want, it wouldn't be surprising, cuz you will feel like it was meant to happen. I finally got admission to Mtech RA.

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Congrats 👍 Hope you meet Sasuke there.
Congratulations brother, hope to see you there next year !
Congrats sir . If i may ask, what was your rank ?
AIR 1855
hahaha, I hope so too!!
Hope I meet Hinata too!!
Congrats bro
Congrats bro!!, can u tell what subjects from electrical and electronics were asked in written test?
Control systems,  Machines, Power Electronics, Power systems, Analog, and digital electronics and Solid state devices.
Congrats brother, i have seen your hard word, you deserve this.

Cheers for the new life...

Wait for me till next year.
Hey!! Thanks Surya. Hope to see you. :)
So the written test and interview both do not contain any questions relating to CSE? Even if my GATE paper is through the CSE stream?
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