I'm a guy from fiinal year Computer Engineering from a private college.

When I joined Engineering I'm very curious about everything about Computing! 

I entered in college with dreams of innovating something different in this tech-world. From very first day of Engineering some of my collagues talking about their future like GRE,CAT,GMAT,etc and I don't have any clue about that, then in next year I got to know about GATE from my senior friend in Civil Engineeing!

In my college no one is aware or I can say no one even know about GATE. And I heared from one of my friends that,

"Bro! agar tu GATE sirf crack bhi karega na to bhi tera 3-4 ka package to pakka hi hai!"

and I started R&D about GATE from internet sources like Quora and others.

One day I asked my friend who is topper of class, in fact topper of college.(around 9 CGPA till the date) that "Bro! are you appering for GATE?" then he replied "Bhaiyya! GATE bahot faadu exam hoti hai, from our college no one can able to make it large till the date! and that's the day I decied, Agar ye topper nahi kar sakta to mein kar ke dikhaunga! and I accepted the challenge of GATE.

In the end of 2nd year I joined GATEforum. (Which is more or less not worthy as far as CSE branch is concerned) with only motto of just cracking the GATE,Just 25 marks that's it!..

And day by day I was getting clear about subjects,topics and questions and to do this I got tremendous help from entire community family of Gateoverflow, Techtud, Ravindra Sir(Youtube only), Knowledge Gate(Sanchit Sir) and many many more people!

Day by day I procastinated big and big dreams of getting AIR-1,12,25,50,100,1000,blah,blah,blah! but now I didn't worry about my results because this journey of getting close and making one-to-many relationship with asymptotic notations,regular language and transaction management was awesome!

Today, I am getting around 40-50 marks in tests but I'm not worry about it because I know that I didn't give my 100% (not even 70%, because I'm too lazy and movie freak!!) for GATE! And I also know that

"Agar 2017 mein nahi to 2018 mein to fod hi dunga!"

So, in the last  best of luck to everyone-who are mad for GATE and these lines from my collection of poetries dedicated to this "Journey of GATE-2017!"

कैसा अनोखा है यह सफर...

....क्यों लगता है ऐसा कि जब पहोंचूंगा मेरी मंज़िल पर ,
तब वह जगह लगेगी मुझे मेरे माँ की गोदी कि तरह |

बस, चलता हि रहना चाहिए ये सफर इस 'बस' की तरह!

For full poetry: https://www.facebook.com/the.smartmeet/posts/1122228664556545

P.S. I know this is very long, but I am just overhelmed with my emmotions right now!

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Great !! Wish u all the best for G'17.
great bhai...! :)
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Nop. Thanks for ur affable consideration.

Anyway (I m aspirant just like u (Not sir):) see U @surat..after GATE..if ur time permits. ;)

Read this by me ..it may help u. Link

r u in surat, now?
Catch u later . After G'17. All the best.
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@smartmeet thaks for your words  bhaii.. If not this time we will definitely rock next time :)
I am also a movie freak :p  With all project works and all I too could not put up my 100% this time. Thanks to @pC for introducing me to Gate Overflow :)

I cant thank enough people like @Arjun SIR , @Debashish_Deka, @Sushant_Gokhale @Habibkhan @Kapil @vijaycs @sudsho  @Vijay_Thakur

for their kind help towards my silly questions :) You all will be rocking im pretty sure about this :)

All the best for all the aspirants :)
May God Bless everyone :)

Never Give up..!

yes man! withour these people I can't able to face GATE!

Even I didnt do well for 1st attempt. But, dont give up. Just give 100% and then you will definitely get out with flying colors.