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Hardly 7days left for GATE'17.

These are some of the DO's and DONT's as per me ...apply it if it makes sense for u.

1.Don't compare with anybody.
2.Don't Day Dream(this is happening especially with them who prepared a lot). U may sometimes lost into some fantasy world like u think urself as writing youtube blog as an GATE Topper,or giving some interviews, feeling like a local celibrity in ur college or surrounding. So avoid all kind of day dreaming.
3.Remove all pressures from ur head.
4.Don't leave the GAME. Winners never Quit.(PEEDA hi SUKH he SUKH hi he PEEDA .BHAG MAT KAR PRAYAS. asafalta ghere tujhe... marg ho abruddh ; hath me ho samay ..bhag mat kar prayash..kar prayas bhag mat...)


2.Set deadline to your plan.
3.Work Work Work to achieve that plan.
4,B steady,cool,simple,stable. (Stithprajna..sanskrit word google it)
Study/Revise as much as you can for these 7 days.
Try to do the things(Notes) permanent in your mind.
Study till u can ,but do it properly,Enjoy whatever you learn, You can crack anything - Arjun Sir

Analogical Story:- You are inside a Gold mine with one container .7 days are given to you.

ask yourself what u will do??

will u waste ur time by rich I will after collecting these golds...Or u think How my life will glorious after this..NO...U will think only one thing...Just collect ..collect...collect....

Now Compare this analogy with the time Left with  Gold(knowledge) mine of Gate.

//Note:-I am also a gate aspirant like u. I am also struggling with all this problem.And this things are 100% equally apply to me.//Anyway my eyes are more closer than u with this post.

Hope you moving well !!

God bless you.

ALL the BEST to all GO users from my bottom of the heart. 

Thanks for ur all selfless support.

Example of Day dreaming from my side (FUNNY):- Sometimes i think that if i am SHAKTIMAN for a day then i  will meet each GateOverflow user personally and gently whisper in their ears that ;) YOU ARE AWESOME. :) _/\_

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nice one :)
Much needed post!!thanks...
Thank U @$ourav,@swap_it for ur warm compliment. It feels me the time I had spent with this post really paid me for what i meant .
same to you bhai..:) you are awesome too..!
Thanks and all the best bro.
Thank U @pikachu , @Nitish . All the best. TOGETHER WE WILL.
ati uttam. Too good. lakshya ko har haal me pana hai... :)
@sushmita Well Said. :)


This GATEOVERFLOW platform is full of awesome people.

Thank you so much bro. for the great suggestion.

All the best to everyone :)
Thank U @vijaycs. Ur contribution (Q&A) is significant.  U always amazed me by ur intelligent comments and answers.

Thank U again. And Do Your Best; Forget the Rest.(May God gift u as my classmate in future).
Great Post :-) And my suggestion is

* Ensure that your calm and rested on exam day. The more calmer you are the more efficient you become. If your not able to solve a question, just ignore it and move on.

* Be patient and read the question and each option carefully.

* Don't go through the complete question paper at the begining. If you do so, you'll always be thinking about other questions rather than solving whats in front of you. Focus only on the current question you are solving.

* And wasting too much time on a question and finally leaving it is the worst thing that can happen. Within a min you'll know whether you can solve the question or not. If you can do it otherwise just move on.

* Mark answers your unsure off.

* Complete the paper 15 mins to 20 mins before and go through all answers. Spend more time on the answer's you've marked.

All the best to everyone and hope all of us get through with flying colours :-) Hope god rewards our hard work and make our dreams a reality!
@Rajesh, U r awesome bro :)
Hope we will meet in same collage :)

There is a difference between Dreaming Big and Day Dreaming!!  It's the matter of confidence and over confidence

You should dream big. If you dream big like you will write a toppers blog after the exam, you will be a local celeb. Dream it nothing is wrong in it. But don't leave your preparation, revisions, your strategy thinking that you will definitely get 1 or 2 digit rank. If you do that this means you are overconfident and your big dreams will become Day Dreams.

You should be confident that you will get 1 or 2 digit rank, but for that, you need to revise all your concepts, follow your strategy, be calm. Define your weak concepts and make them strong. Don't go for new concepts now.

All the best to all Gate'17 Aspirants.

Thank U @Kaushik.P.E. for ur grt suggestions. I 'll keep this close to my neurons.

@Supremo actually Day dreaming is also good to keep us Motivate But not for this last 7days(bcz it may lead to waste our time like thinking @goldmine).This is the period of ACTION.ACTION.ACTION.

Words are impotent While ACTION is Important.
@Sachin U proved what U written @ur wall post:->> U can't afford to skip my explanation.

Till date if ur ans. is there in any question I have dared only one thing I have skipped every ans except URS.

Ur simply amazing and great.I have to work hard this remaining days in order to have a precious person as my classmate.(Hope God Will Help me in this way).

All the best Dear @Sachin. Have a Warrior type 7Days. Korbo,Lodhbo,Jitbo Re Karbo,Lodhbo,Jitbo RE...Jitbo re...(KKR slogan in Bengali...)