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Given below is the official notification released by MHRD. Rumours are that fee hike would be $900 \%$ i.e. Rs. $50000$ per semester and also the scholarship will now only provided to only deserving students for M.Tech $2020$ Batch onwards. Just writing this blog so that everyone could become aware of it before giving GATE exam. No offence.(Who am I to offend it).


Ministry of Human Resource Development

Reform in M.Tech. programmes of IITs

Posted On: 29 SEP 2019 6:24PM by PIB Delhi

The Ministry of Human Resource Developments has issued a clarification regarding the news relating to the hike in the fee of M. Tech programme in IITs. The HRD Ministry has clarified that the decision of the Council of IITs to accept the recommendations of a three Member Committee on reforms in the M.Tech. programmes in IITs is based on the following facts:-


  • There is no fee hike for the existing students.
  • For new admissions, hike will be gradual over a period of three years or more, as will be decided by the respective Board of Governors of IITs.
  • Needy students will be provided necessary financial support.
  • All concessions and scholarships for SC/ST/OBC and others will continue without change.
  • The fee hike will discourage non-serious students, who after a few months of stay in IITs, leave the programme midway to take up employment or to prepare for competitive exams.
  • This drop out in the middle of the programme leads to wastage of coveted seats on the one hand and denies opportunity to other serious and meritorious students, on the other.
  • IITs will offer only those programmes that have demand in the market.  This will ensure immediate placement after completion of the course.
  • Good and deserving students will be provided Teaching Assistantship/Scholarship.
  • The fee for the M.Tech. programmes in IITs have not been revised for a long time whereas the cost per student has gone up substantially.

The Ministry has assured to all future students who will come to study at IITs that no student will be deprived of opportunity for education because of weak financial condition.

$-$ With Love from MHRD

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link to the MHRD notice:

The word LOVE in the phrase "With Love from MHRD" should be replaced with LOATHE.

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