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Hi everyone , 

since latest decision taken by HRD to remove stipend and hike fees at IIT , difference between IIT sponsored and non-sponsored PG program has diminished. I already have minimum and relevant experience to get admission under sponsor quota. But I am not getting much information about this on internet. 

I already know basis information regarding sponsor quota.

  1. Gate score will not be needed.
  2. there will be written test/ interview.
  3. fees will be more. 
  4. company needs to sponsor you.

But i am not getting more information about this. If some has already taken admission under sponsor quota or knows about process then please share. It will be great help.

I am 2016 passout. I have 3 years experience in database , datawarehouse , etl , reporting.

my gate 2019 rank was 2722 . 

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And some IITs do have location restrictions too like a company only within 200 kms are eligible. And which is your company who is ready to sponsor you?

@Arjun Sir

is 200 km restriction also applicable for full time sponsor also ?  or is it for for part time sponsor. Company in which i currently work is 'Persistent' , allows 2 year education leave,  it will neither pay me salary nor pay my fees for 2 years of mtech, but can provide sponsor certificate, I also have to sign bond for 1/2 year that i will work for after my mtech , which is not bad idea ,if i get admission in some old IIT under sponsor quota.

does sponsor quota admission also takes place in winter session also? , where to look for their advertisement.

I am anyway preparing for gate 2020. But I don't think I will give Gate after 2020 , as I really want to focus on learning all current trending technology like Angular, Android developement,  AWS , azure , complete application developement , ML. As I don't really want to restrict myself to database and BI. And for me doing coding has become far more easier and interesting that solving gate questions.

Winter admission is only for Research programs. I'm not sure how sponsorship works in M.Tech. course work - have only seen people from PSUs do this - not from private companies.

thank you @Arjun Sir          


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