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posted Oct 15, 2019 in Useful Links 2,711 views


Can Students of IT branch apply for it
What will be expected exam date?

yes IT and information science can also apply 

 srestha mam, it'll be on 12 Jan 2020.


Are you able to open the link,could you please send the link
thanks,its working
12-Jan-2020 exam date
is it for final year student or not??
Nope :(

Exam date is 12-1-2020.

Someone who is filling the application form can tell that is there any option for final year students?

@Tan12 @shaktisingh While filling the form, later you have only one option i.e. declared and you need to enter the marks/ CGPA

@sakharam does it mean it is not for final year students? will you confirm this

Yes, since one can't enter the CGPA/Marks until completion. Still if you want try filling the form. Enter dummy data(as your data is saved at their end after the  8th step), and at the 4th step you will get to know :)
Thanks I will try that

i have confirmed through application form that this form is not for final year students(who are passing in 2020)

" no option for 2020 year "

Can previously appeared candidates tell what is generally the time slot (time of the day) in which the exam happens ?
it's depend upon your shift.
My college gives DGPA instead of CGPA ? Can any one tell me how to calculate CGPA  or should i write my DGPA instead of CGPA  at the time of filling the form?


There is contact info at the end of FAQ.

I have done the payment but when I check payment status , it says candidate hasn't paid the fees.
It takes some time to update.

I am having an issue while entering the address, after entering it in the preview the address is showing below father's name. Is it okay to submit like that?

It is showing like this:


Are Electronics and Communication graduates eligible for applying for Computer Science post?

@Gaganjot _Kaur No form only has option for 3 branch EC not available for CS post.

Is NOC need to send via registered post only?  Or else we can send by courier ?
It says: "Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be short-listed to appear in the Written Test, which is scheduled to be conducted on 12.01.2020 at twelve venues". Does it mean that everyone who successfully applied won't be allowed to write written test and  they will do preliminary examination of application itself to shortlist for written test to be held on 12.01.2020 ? means your application accepted i.e satisfied eligibility criteria
what is cuoff for cs in 2018 ISRO paper?
How was your ISRO exam guys? How many questions did you all attempt?