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Hello friends !! Good morning !!

First of all I would like to owe my gratitude to Gateoverflow for the knowledge and experience also to some extent that I have been gaining from it..Really many concepts are cleared and also in the solving process of various questions , I have also gained quite a good level of accuracy also..

As all of us know GATE 2017 is at our doorsteps : Just 1 week away it is from us..So this 1 week is very important for all of us from the exam point of view.

At this critical juncture we should not regret that we have not learnt a particular concept..Few will be there ; it remains with everyone including me..So not to worry too much for that..Instead revising what we have learnt properly is what matters..GATE is not about a specific question ; but throughput is what matters..What I mean is identification of question is important in exam and trying as many questions as possible hence..

So stay cool in this last week..So one should revise as much as one can and do not regret on the things which are not able to be covered..And keep your calm in the examination hall..Maintaining energy level in the exam throughout 3 hours is necessary..Read each question carefully and solve on its merit..When solving a particular question entire focus and energy should be dedicated to that question only..No other question should hover in mind..


In the end , my heartiest well wishes to all the interested GATE aspirants..Just stay focussed this last week and give ur best..Although myself is also an aspirant like you all..And hence I need best wishes from you all..

Best of luck to you all once again for GATE 2017..Let us give our best as much as possible..And remember the quote :

Even the word   "impossible"   says  " I m possible "..

Thank you all. 

posted Feb 4, 2017 in Others by Veteran (98,715 points) | 2,427 views


All the best bhai @Habibkhan and all the GATE CS 2017 aspirants.Bro @Habibkhan you definitely will get into IISc this year itself keep on the hard work.I am 100% confident I will get into IIT Bombay MTECH CS TA this year along with job I am working really hard for it ,if I dont get this year then I will go all in for next year IIT Bombay MTECH CS TA but I am pretty sure I will be there as I and like other GateOverflow GATE CS aspirants never give up on my dreams.Thanks @Arjun Suresh Sir,


All the best everyone....  & habib bhai too ..!!!
All the best Habib bhai and all!
All the best @Habib and all.

Wish now gateoverflow will overflow with glorified results :)
All the best Habib bhai and all other GO friends. Achieve your dreams !!! best wishes to all.
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