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These exams are conducted mainly for admissions in Ph.D / Integrated Ph.D Programme.

JEST score is also accepted for IISc M.Tech. Research admissions

Please visit their official website for further details.

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JEST score also accepted for IISc M.Tech. Research admissions
Does TIFR only accept PhD students? I couldn't find the MTech admission section on their web page?
Yes, TIFR is for only Ph.D programmes.
JEST is mainly for IMSc and I don't know how many people know about IMSc (Institute of Mathematical Sciences). IMSc is a very good research institute if anyone wants to do research in Theoretical Computer Science and have interest in mathematics but it is not for those people who wants to go in industry. This year my JEST rank was $2^{nd}$, So, I got opportunity to go in IMSc. Like IISc, there are other very good research institutes as well in india like TIFR, ISI, CMI etc which are not much popular and one of the reason is that they don't do much publicity like IISc and get less fund from the government and lacks in infrastructure. But according to me, if anyone wants to go in research, then choose your area of interest and decide which institute is working in that field and go there. It should not be like 100 people say IISc, then I will go in IISc. This is only my personal opinion. Even in ISI, one professor was talking about Saket Saurabh from IMSc(he was also among the people who has taken my interview and much supported me) who worked in parameterized algorithms and many other things and his work is highly appreciated abroad but not in india. One more person from IMSc, I know, is Amritanshu Prasad who has contributed a lot in research and recently, one person won the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize  from IMSc also. If anyone more wants to know about IMSc then can see the blog written by Sarthak Parui.

JEST score is also considered by IIT Gandhinagar(Ph.D) , IIT Madras(MS by research (might be required high jest rank)), CMI (direct interview for Ph.D) and for IISc, along with CSA and CDS(M.Tech(research)), one can apply for Maths(Ph.D) and Mathematical Sciences etc as well.
@Ankit Very soon someone will write blog about IMSc including your name 😊

How about Jest computational biology paper? do you have any idea about that? Does anyone provide mtech on basis of jest CB ? @ankitgupta.1729

MTECH student eligible?

@Arjun sir, Thank you. :) I did not join IMSc because I was not interested in research that time. I wanted to go in industry  and IMSc is largely a theoretical institute and I guess, doing PhD in theoretical sciences is not very helpful in industry. So, I joined ISI,Kolkata but after joining ISI, I inspired a lot for research and I guess, same thing is true for other reputed research institutes like IISc, TIFR,IMSc,CMI,HRI etc as well. My purpose of writing about IMSc is that people know about it because there is very less information is available about IMSc.

@logan1x Sorry, I don't know about computational biology. I have one person in contact from IMSc on facebook. I will talk and will message you.

@Sourajit25 For IISc, procedure is same as gate. For CSA, they will ask you to choose your area of interest whether you want to go in systems, theory or intelligent systems. They will ask you to fill a form when you go in IISc and in that form you have to mention that area of interest. On the basis of your area of interest, they will take written exam and interview. Same for CDS, you can choose CDS-CP or CDS-CS.

IISc accepts only part-1(objective) jest score. 

@ankitgupta.1729 sir,  It means we can say that this is also an another way to reach IISc CSA (but like fewer seats) and they will be studying in the same pattern as that of a GATE qualififed MTech CSA aspirant in same class ???

Yes. But topping JEST and then clearing IISc interview is not an easy thing. Among GATR toppers conversion rate in interviews is like 10%.
We add all exam papers here. So you can mail the paper to "[email protected]". This is the single point of contact for anything related to GATE Overflow.


Eligibility criteria in Computer & Systems Sciences (including Communications and Applied Probability):

For Ph.D. :
 B.Tech./B.E./M.Tech./M.E./M.C.A./M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Computer Science / Electronics & Communications Engineering / Electrical Engineering or related branches. Exceptionally well qualified students with B.Tech./ B.E./M.Tech./M.E./M.Sc. degrees in other disciplines may also be considered. Exceptionally well qualified students with a three year degree in related subjects may be considered for I-Ph.D.

Candidates not holding a Master's degree and admitted to a Ph.D./Int. Ph.D. program can receive an M.Sc. degree in some subjects by fulfilling prescribed requirements.

Candidates in the final year of qualifying degree can also apply.

Can IT Branch applicable or not
@someearth I havent received it. It the attachment size is high it might be rejected by the mail server. Please add as a google drive attachment.
For JEST, applied for phd or integrated phd ??

what should I choose ??

anyone please suggest
Are previous year question papers available, unable to find it. Please also share the types of questions asked.

JEST papers are not available online.

for TIFR papers you can see


IISc accepts only part-1(objective) jest score

Is GATE preperation enough for the same?


@arjun sir

There is no mention of CSA or CDS in IISC for JEST.

Aren't computer science not allowed this year?

@ankitgupta.1729 options after JEST for non-cs people? I can't find anything. 

@Debapaul  yeah, for part 1) gate preparation is enough + all prev. yr questions of gate and tifr related to theoretical computer science and for 2nd question, check here

and don't worry, with good rank you can apply for cds, maths etc in IISc.

@toxicdesire check above link and this for IISc and search same for other institutes.


Thanks a lot ... :)

Hey plz guide me for the same

Thanks for the information @ankitgupta.1729

I want to get into industry and not much interested in research and Theoretical Computer Science.

I applied only after seeing your comment and this link. :P

@ankitgupta.1729 @Arjun @Satbir when TIFR 2020 response sheet / anskey key will out ??

@shivam001 sorry, I don't have any idea.

ok sir
First week of January!
How did you know that the TIFR answer key and Response sheet will come at the First week of January?


first week is almost over.


Wait till 15 Jan.

Yeah actually its end week of Jan now since few questions were removed from the paper.
As per there official website, they will not release the answer key until the final result is published.

For those who are looking for previous year JEST question paper.

TIFR interview shortlist is published.