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I was Interviewed for ECIL-GET/2018 Post in July 2018, at Hyderabad.

After the document verification, I headed towards the interview room.

The panel consisted of some 8-10 members.I told my fav subjects as OS,Data Structure, algorithms and Java.

Some of the questions that I can recall were :

(1)Types of operating systems and example of each.

(2)They asked me to draw the process state diagram and various questions related to each and every transition was asked.Like what is happening in the operating system, how and what data structures represent these states etc.

(3)Which Design of OS is best and why.

(4)Which is better Array or Linked List? When and Why?

(5)Some questions on Paging and Segmentation were also asked.

(6)How do you check whether you computer implements VM(Virtual Memory) or not?

(7)Difference between final and finally.

(8)Why Exception Handling is needed?

(9)Java Exception Hierarchy

(10)OOP Concepts.

(11)What is Java Garbage Collector and How can it be called?

(12)Singleton class in java

(13)Difference between Java and C, which is better and when?

(14)They asked me to write some program based on stack, and as they were imposing more constraints, they also expected to show how Exception Handling can be done.

(15)How many ways to create thread in Java? Code was asked to show how it can be done.

(16)Difference between interface and abstract class in Java. When do we need each one of them and why?

(17)File I/O in Java

(18)Then there was this scenario based question: “Suppose you are selected in ECIL and you are given the responsibility of IT Security of ECIL. What policies will you make and How would you implement them to make sure that the Company Information is secure.

(19) Some concepts of Encryption and Authentication were also asked.

(20)How Cycle in a graph can be detected?The algorithm was asked.

Main crux is: Whatever subjects you tell, you should be good at it.Tell 3-4 and they don’t expect you to answer all the questions.They just check your basic understanding.And of course, the interview panel is very helpful and supportive too meanwhile your interview.

Result: Selected.

Please Note: If IT Branch is mentioned in the ADVT, then only IT branch students should go for interview.Last year, I remember they has asked all IT branch students to leave when they came for document verification.But still, All IT branch Students should contact ECIL before coming for interview to avoid inconvenience.

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Congratulations :)
Brother post after $\mathbf 1$ year?
Is IT eligible to apply in ECIL because they only mentioned CS in their ad?
Congratulations man!
A little question, please? How to handle those situations when you don't know the answer to a question asked by the interviewer?

Should I directly say something like "Oh, sorry sir, I don't know the answer to that." ?

@jeet-Yes, I am sorry for that.I saw ECIL Advt few days back, so thought of sharing this, it might help someone.

@JashanArora-No No. Don't directly say no.Think a little bit. Often, the interviewers would give you hints, think on those hints and try to reach the answer.Still, after a long struggle if you can't answer, then say NO.

@ Thank you so much! ^_^

@ sir any approximate idea for Gate Score to be called for interview , considering  only 25 candidates (General) will be called.
/thanks for sharing your experience.

Is this application open for 2020 graduates  i.e. final year students
Is ECIL-GET/2020 recruitment contract based or permanent ?

yes, you can apply.


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