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Management Trainee Recruitment Advertisement No. 01/2019(COAL INDIA/CIL):


posted Dec 19, 2019 in Job Openings by Boss (15,039 points) | 3,956 views


60 months service period๐Ÿ‘

6.1 Compensation / Pay - Selected candidates will be placed as Management Trainee in E1 grade in the scale of pay of Rs. 16,400 โ€“ 40,500 at the initial Basic of Rs.16,400/- during the first year (Training period). On successful Completion of Training and passing the test conducted for the purpose, regularization will be in E2 grade in the scale of pay of Rs. 20,600 โ€“ 46,500 at the initial Basic of Rs.20,600/- with probation for 1 year. Besides basic pay, candidates will also be entitled to other pay and perks including Dearness Allowance, HRA, perquisites and allowances under cafeteria approach and other allowances as applicable for the post. Benefits such as leave, medical treatment, CMPF, pension, gratuity etc. will be admissible as per company rules in force during training and after absorption.

6.2 Posting: Candidates may be posted anywhere in Coal India / Subsidiary companies especially in coalfield areas.

6.3 Service Agreement Bond: A candidate is required to serve the company for a minimum period of 50 months. An amount of Rs.1000/- per month will be deducted from the salary for a period of 50 months. Failure on the part of candidate to serve the Company for a minimum period of 50(fifty) months would result in forfeiture of the said deposit and the balance may be recovered from the candidate. The amount so deducted will be refunded in full without interest on completion of 50 months of service.

6.4 Medical Examination: Before joining service, the selected candidates will have to undergo initial medical examination by the company Medical Officer as per the Medical Attendance Rules of the company.

Has anybody received ISRO exam admit card for this coming 12th January exam?


I have found this in their website

No @GoalSet1

Anyone has any idea that what should be attached in place of UG degree for 4th year students in the online application form ?

@GoalSet1 you can login to their portal and download the call letter

ISRO Admit cards has been released.

CSE people can download through this link

The admit card is showing in some unreadable format. Is anyone else seeing this ?
try it on firefox browser...
Yes, I am also seeing some unreadable format
after you enter the credentials, it will show a link "Click here to download the Call Letter" .

Now right click and select save option and save it as pdf
For anyone a  warning like "Access to requested page is denied" while downloading GATE Admit Card has been displayed?
Yes, I'm facing the same problem.
Why is it showing like that ? Is there any time restriction to download admit card?
I think there is no restriction.
Same issue. Peeps may be asleep. Lets check tomorrow morn.
Yaaa that's it..
Now its working fine....
once try to download using internet explorer.....
I am from electronic and communication branch, am I eligible for this?
as in the information brochure it is mention that eligible branch are computer science and computer enginnering but my branch is computer science and engineering . so i can fill or not
@itssandeepverma Even I have the same doubt.So I just mailed them.In case if you get clarity regarding this please inform by posting it.
Many students of computer science and engineering have filled computer science.
Does anyone have an idea like how to cover General Knowledge topics of Paper 1 of Coal India Management Trainee ?Is it enough to be covered for around one year or should we read even older topics?

Anyone suggest some better way to cover GK?
Can you please tell me how to enter subject combination in application for CIL management trainee? I had 10 subjects in class 10 and 6 subjects in 12. I am from science background with physics, chemistry, maths and computers.

Also, Can you please tell me what is the procedure to upload the "Self Attested Matriculation Certificate" ? Should we xerox the certificate, then sign and scan it?
Yess I have taken color Xerox attested,scanned and uploaded it.

We have to enter combination like Subject 1 - Subject 2 - Subject 3-  and so on.
Hey all!

I can't see the CS branch here?

How you people have applied?
@cshub.....if you are branch computer engineering related IT, CSE, CS, CTECH all these comes under compuet engineering according to AICTE  otherwise they specificly mention which branch not eligible like other stream they have mentioned.....last time I have verified from BARC help they said Yes......Because ultimately  subjects are same for all this branches....except IT.....only name is different bcz that is BUSINEES OF EDUCATION SYSTEM

@CSHuB You need to choose "systems" as post for computer science branches.

On an all, IT branch is not eligible then,or is it?
CIL is a mining company and there is no CS/IT job profile. They are hiring for a computer operator type of job I think.. :p
For Computer Scienece/IT Paper 2,Engineering Mathematics is in syllabus or not?

And also what would be the expected cutoff this time for CSE/IT?

Anyone please provide some info.
please login and checked syllabus
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