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My DOB is 01 Aug,1990 , obc catagory, Can I apply for this port? Do any one have any idea.
I want to apply via GATE 2020 score. Do I have to submit any form/fee right now? Or I can just apply after GATE 2020 results.

You need to submit the application and fee now (before last date). During the process they ask "type/mode or something like that", If you choose "gate2020" then you can upload your gate score after gate result. If you choose "Exam" then you can write the exam at Centre. 

Has anyone completed the BARC application procedure?

For anyone is it displaying wrong probable venue while selecting centre?

For example I have selected my first choice as Bengaluru but under probable addresses it is showing centres in Vadodara(Gujarat),then if i select Gujarat it is showing centres in Bengaluru.

Has anyone faced such issue while applying?

How to query BARC regarding such issues?
@Shivateja MST

I just applied for BARC succefully and I did not face any such issue.


Regarding centres has it displayed correctly?


@Shivateja MST

It must be error from there end. Ignore that probably list and just select the center city. In my case, I did not look closely the center addresses.
KKK Do you have any idea how to query them like any mail id?So that for such doubts further could mail them?
I am having an issue while registering, it accepts only 3 words in the name columns without containing spaces but my full name contains 4 words. with this, I cannot create an account which is mandatory for posting queries with this issue. any solution for this?
Can anybody confirm that those who have graduated in information technology is eligible to apply or not because I'm not able to see IT anywhere on their website.
Read the eligibility criteria in the advertisement on their website, they have clearly mentioned IT branch not eligible :(
Is there any way in which we can ask them to allow IT, branch students, as we are allowed for GATE CSE. Therefore this is not fair to not allow us.
there is no way they are going to allow us, I tried mailing them in 2017 but they told me to see the official website and advertisement, I don't understand why they don't allow IT people but I think you can fill the form through Gate score.
GATE also same syllabus for IT as well as CSE

What problem from IT to them
if possible file PIL in court
I am from electronic and communication, am I eligible for this?

@air1ankit You are eligible for ECE , but not for CSE as mentioned in the advertisement.

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