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posted Jan 13 in Others by Loyal
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I think they will declare along with 2021 exam 😜
I have mailed them regarding the dates of result, please follow up few more mails so that they will reply.
I also mailed them today regarding result....
They most probably wouldn't reply to mails asking for when results will be published.
Guys its better we should wait and leave it on time, this is a situation in which it is indeed difficult for any organisation to publish result and on the other hand its better if we continue our preparation for interview as i feel it is similar to our gate syllabus  agar interview mai naam aaya toh thik hai nai aaya toh bhi exams k liye preparation toh ho hi rae hai na.

Hey Everyone ! Most of the activities in ISRO are on-hold since we are also working with minimal staff only.

So my suggestion would be to those who are expecting more than 50% marks according to the final answer key is to prepare and rock solid the basic concepts of gate subjects.

The panel may not ask you the entire syllabus but with a concept they will test your deeper understanding about it.

For example : With heap as a topic they tested my data structures knowledge similarly memory management in OS and also they asked me to solve one probability question on board.

Good Luck,


50% as in 120 or the 50% of total number of correct questions?
Result is out! What is cutoff? Anyone shortlisted below 100?
111 marks, shortlisted !
Cleared the isro exam
What is the link of the result for Isro CSE exam 2020? I can see its its still showing the revised answers link
Where can we get the link to see individual marks?
How to get marks?
It is showing not not safe to open ...
Please provide the 'application status link'. I am not able to find.

@saxena0612 Under careers it is showing only revised keys and pdf's of list of shortlisted ones dept wise.

It would be useful if you could provide the link.

One thing is clear cut off is less than 94

...... Is any one who was getting less than 90 nd got selected?
Arey u still able to open this link.... Whenever I am trying it is only show privacy policy issues...
Link has not been uploaded.
Open link in Microsoft edge in unsafe mode.  However, it is not showing marks in application status link.
Read the instructions at the end of the result PDF, marks will be uploaded shortly in brackets given.
I think after july.

how many peoples disagree with result? they should call in the ratio of 1:11, as we requested.


Plz go through this link 

And enter the complaint against ISRO , they had done lot of mistakes in paper. But expect perfect candidate in interview, atleast they should call candidates in the ratio of 1:11. I lodged the complaint.

@kpc, to be honest, this is simply nonsense. Who are you to instruct them to call in some particular ratio?
Bro, even I didn't get selected and I also worked hard but don't let failure take over.
Enjoy the happiness of those who got selected and meanwhile you keep on preparing for it.
And yes regarding question paper this year even I was upset but then it happened with everyone and not just you. This shows we were simply not prepared to handle such situations but now with this experience, we know how to go through in the exam.
People who handles this well got selected as simple as that.

I understand your agony and many of us are in same boat. But, unfortunately there is pretty much nothing one can do in this regard. ISRO reserves the right to decide how many students they would call for interview. They would have called only 58 students, and still we could do nothing. It was also clearly mentioned in the job notification/advertisement.  Number of students to be called for interview, number of students finally selected etc. is utterly ISRO's prerogative.
I don't know Am I eligible to answer this question but I don't think they would understand this problem , We were more in comfortable position  . people of other branch suffers more such as ECE AND Mechanical guys .our call ratio was 1:7 where as for others were 1:2.5 and 1:5 so if they (ISRO) update their results, might be our result will also change.Just hope for the best.
Yes saransh0 , I am not one who can instruct isro. In my message , I am only requesting, not giving order to anyone. Like SSC , RAILWAY , ugcnet also have a right to take any decision,but when they do mistakes, students can complaint.last decision will be final .I don't know but when a person who are preparing seriously for any exam, and due to some marks ,he/she got not selected. So frustrating .. btw I am just requesting , not ordering.
With a disclaimer that I am not an ISRO applicant and so I am not affected by any of this - I'd just like to say the below.

If you feel wronged, by all means - express your concern to the authorities and complain or raise an issue. But encouraging a mass of people to literally copy-paste the same thing is not the way to do that. The only thing you will achieve is having a spam filter installed on their end to filter out all such complaints. A few dozen of the same messages being received is enough for anyone (let alone the PMO !) to consider it propaganda/unionization/spam and simply ignore it. What will end up happening is that people with genuine concerns will not be heard. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf ?

If your concern is genuine, make sure your complaint is also genuine. And rest assured that it will be heard, even if nothing will come out of it immediately - the next batch of candidates will benefit. And you may be amongst that next batch.
Ok @shashin I am hiding my message. If isro doesn't change their mind, than after few people messages atleast next time they will set paper carefully. Don't take this message negatively. I am not only who are complaining.i have written my words any one can write their own words.if you agree than carry on.. otherwise please no more gyan and comment. Sorry if my words hurts anyone.
@kpc it's totally fine I can understand as i also felt very bad.

Between do you know what is the cut off or do you know anyone who got select at xyz marks?
Guys how to check how much marks one is getting in ISRO exam i tried checking by clicking on the application link but been redirected to a page having security concerns so if someone saw his/her marks help me as from where i can also get my marks.
Marks not uploaded yet....
Marks have been uploaded....
From where we can check as i tried checking from the apply now section but it had some security concerns as in some intruder trying to access some confidential information what to be done?
Try it in microsoft edge or firefox .

@sags.sharma Thanks man i appreciate.

@eyeamgj how can you be sure of cutoff less than 94?
Earlier I thought, but now picture is clear 97  may be cutoff.
Guys when do u you the interview will be scheduled based on the current scenario?? June likely??
I think it's not happening before july.

Anyone else getting this error while trying to see ISRO marks


"Error (E-31): Incorrect Roll No / Date of Birth / Post No !"

I secured 89 out of 216 and not selected. So what is cut-off?
@yarunsharma I think cut off is 97...
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