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The answer for the minimum height of AVL tree question is floor(log(n+1)) but they have changed it to ceil(log(n+1))

The answer for the cylinder-tracks... question is 1250 but they have changed it to 1280

Remote procedure calls question has 2 answers but they have excluded that question

Many wrong answers in the final revised key
What is meaning of "Excluded for evaluation" means?

Is those marks given to all?
No maks won't be given for them as those questions are not considered for evaluation so basically we had 8 such question so 8*3=24 marks won't be taken for evaluation so the exam boils down to 216 marks.
No bro those questions won't get counted... like as there are 8 questions excluded for evaluation so the total full marks is 216
thanks :)
Consider someone who wasted 16 mins (8*2) mins in those 8 question,This is not done ISRO.In an exam of 90 mins , actually we got 80 mins (8-10 mins for marking answers),16 mins is pretty big number.
Will there be any further changes to the answer keys or this is the final one?? And what are the odds for getting called for interview am getting 115 according to the revised key?
@akash Exactly i solved 7 of the question 2-3 times and wasted about 15 min. And exam is of just 90 min not 150 min. For ICRB team error we will suffer.
Corrected,I think the anger got better of me.
@chaitanya knvs yes that's true. They changed correct answers to wrong 😑😠😑 but that 1280 is correct, though I wrote 1250 as answer.
I think in that question then have taken 1 kilobyte as 1000 bytes and got the answer as 1280 it is true in decimal(SI) units as kilo means 1000, but in binary 1 kilobyte is 1024 bytes then answer will be 1250 as we are dealing with memory related things that also be considered in binary perspective and answer can be 1250.They can give both 1280 and 1250 as answers as kilobyte has both the meanings

Hi Everyone,

As anyone who has appeared for ISRO exam would know that this year there were 8 questions with none of the options correct and 4 with multiple correct. Due to ICRB team fault in setting questions many of the students ended up wasting time 10-15 min in those question question which is huge considering that there was only 90 min for solving 80 question. As these questions were cancelled students who didn't attend them would have got an edge over others. So i request all applicant to mail ISRO regarding this issue and ask them to call people in higher ratio for interview. Many have already mailed, please do the same.  Send mail from your id registered with ISRO during exam, other id mail they aren't opening..

Mail id:

[email protected] (mail id of ICRB)

[email protected] (Mail id of Nodal Public Grievance Officer, Department of Space, ISRO)

Send two mails Keep Subject as

1. "grievance about Advertisement Number ISRO:ICRB:03:2019"

2. "Query- Scientist/Engineer-SC Recruitment –ICRB"


What to write?

  • Mention above reasons (IN OWN WORDS, IF EVERYONE SENDS SAME MAIL IT WILL BE TREATED AS SPAM). Add your own valid and logical justifications.
  • request them to call people in higher number of people per vacancy notified. They call in 1:8 ratio, mention call1:11 or higher. (BARC perhaps call in 1:20)
1:8 ratio means currently 464 students will be called from CS branch alone. If it is 1:11 or 1:20 I don't know how many months it will take for interviews to complete πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
as per you suggestion,i have mailed they consider?was that  the same issue with barc also,when they had to call 1:20 ratio.

@commentator It's 44*4=352, rest 14 are for PWD where they call in 1:2 or less ratio I think. And for your information they call sometimes 1000+ people in electronics and mechanical but still would be  completeing  interview as required. (Of course then their vacancies are much higher than 44).

@parwateeswar i don't know if they will consider it. We van try atleast asking for it as many questions were wrong.

ANy idea when they will declare results ?

From where is the revised answer key obtained? does not have the revised answer key from Computer Science. 

Expected results date based on previous trend?
Any idea when the cutoff for interview will be released ?
Coal india framed questions far better than isro...
yes.... coal india framed the question paper than ISRO.....

CIL question is far better. (ambiguity wise) No wrong question i guess.

ISRO results for some of the branches are out.

I guess they have called in higher ratio. or maybe due to category wise split ratio appears to be higher.

Like RAC, 2 vacancies in 2019, 16 people called. This time 4 vacancies and 59 people called.



CIvil 2019: 72 (9*8), 2020: 11 vacancies , 124 people called.

Electrical 2019: 43, 2020: 77 (5 vacancies each time)

instead of O(n^2) they given O(v^2)

how can you decide maximum binary tree height if they have not mentione height of root starting from 0 or 1

and may be something wrong one of the BT question asked they true/ false


Please update your marks in gate overflow fb group.There is one post regarding isro,it will give clarity.
Did not find... post the link here
They removed it,please create some poll or questions.

Here is a poll on ISRO marks, you can say your marks if you want.

how long we have to wait?
Maybe till around March 18th (1 month after final keys were published.)
One of my friend called ICRB, he was said it will be out within 10 days.
Even the gate results have been declared.
Don't know what they are waiting for,covid19 could influence some delay also.
why would that delay written results? Though Interview of civil branch is postpone due to it.
I know things have been disrupted due to COViD-19 , but ISRO should atleast declare the list of candidates eligible for interview. They can schedule the interview later but list should have been declared. They have already done it for civil, electrical RAC .
results are still not declared :( has been more than 2 months
I think they will declare along with 2021 exam 😜
I have mailed them regarding the dates of result, please follow up few more mails so that they will reply.
I also mailed them today regarding result....
They most probably wouldn't reply to mails asking for when results will be published.
Guys its better we should wait and leave it on time, this is a situation in which it is indeed difficult for any organisation to publish result and on the other hand its better if we continue our preparation for interview as i feel it is similar to our gate syllabus  agar interview mai naam aaya toh thik hai nai aaya toh bhi exams k liye preparation toh ho hi rae hai na.
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