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I found this file very useful, it contains every important topic in brief manner with GATE-level problems and I found that many of questions in Gatebook_Mocktest2 are from this file.

This is not recommended for everyone, but whoever one has still time Go for GATE with some knowledge rather going with Blank Mind!

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Also many question from Gateoverflow mock test 2 are from above link:
Hope GATE profs also copy from same place :) Well they used to do for aptitude questions but technical at least they know how to make.
So give me that aptitude link!
great book.. but will be helpful if get few days before .. now its best to revise our presonal notes
exactly i wish i could have got it before. now no time left. :(
@smartmeet I do not have - it can be some random GRE books. Googling last year GATE aptitude questions lead to some of them.

@priyanka, sushmita Though the given book has standard questions -- unlike many test series -- there is no requirement that you have to go through them. There are already enough questions to practice from previous years.
Yes! Arjun sir is right, and many of them covered in prev. year GATE and mock tests...and in this book each question stands for a complete concept for which you may not have to refer your notes further more!
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