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Everyone who prepares for any exam needs  to have some to plan of action and has to execute it in order to crack it.Let me annotate it with a quote:

“It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.” Dr. Gramme Edwards

Here is the  plan which I followed during my preparation:

I  started my preparation from  June 2015.I spent 5-6 days  reading toppers blog and tried to understand their strategy..and what I concluded is that they  all relied on self-study and standard books.I didn’t join any classroom coaching and decided to do the self study..and trust me self-study is best..It increases your knowledge a lot ..I still cherish the time which  I spent in reading standard books.

By mid-October I had completed  syllabus.After that, I just focused on revision and tests.Initially, I started with subject wise tests of Made Easy ..soon I realized that it was time to focus on full-length tests rather than subject wise tests.So last three months ie November 15 to Jan 16 I spent time in revising , practising questions( from std books,TIFR questions),giving mocks ,analyzing them  and strengthening the weak areas

I used to keep track of marks which I was getting in those tests.After giving mock I used to list my mistakes..and discuss those questions on gateoverflow..Giving mocks is important as that boosts your confidence..but blindly following them is bad.And yes one should think of mocks when he/she  is done with all previous year questions.

I used to  maintain diary recording what I studied on daily if I studied calculus from 1pm-2pm I used to record it .At the end of day, I used to go through diary and see how much I studied that day.This thing was needed to keep me motivated.Motivation and regularity are the basic ingredients to make yourself study worth.

Online sources which were helpful in preparation:

nptel lectures ,

gatecse FB group and gateoverflow(awesome site for gate cs preparation)


Thank you!!!

Pooja Palod

AIR 51,2016

posted Apr 10, 2016 in Preparation Experience 3,490 views


Good that you wrote the experience :) Now onwards writing from mind and not from read stuffs will have more role in your life :)
Thanks for sharing, but can you tell us detailed preparationn strategy, how you started, which subjects you have completed first, books used, video lectures etc.
Congrats for your success. Thank you for taking time and writing this. It will be great if you put up your strategy that you followed since June. As its April now and you started by June. We have a month more to go through it, which may help us speed up to some extent.
Congrats ! :-D
Valuable suggestions for all gate aspirants..
can you please guide as to how to make our preparation strategy? How to decide what is our level of understanding of the subject and how much we need to prepare for that subject?
Thanks a lot! for the guidance ☺