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Good Exam with moderate difficulty, your opinions?
posted Feb 11, 2017 in Others 1,487 views


Exam was good. But I couldn't performed well and was able to solve only 30 questions.
I noticed a very strange thing in the software, if you have skipped a numerical type answer and later on you enter the value you need to click save, if you navigate to other question directly then the answer won't be saved. This is quite strange as in made easy also they use to save it, in the end I changed 6 answers of MCQ's and don't know whether they would have been saved either!
how many questions did you attempt?
55.. The C Questions were a bit lengthy.

Aptitude was easy.

I was surprised to see a lot of questions from DBMS and some uncommon topics like RSA Algo.
Not so good....out of the box questions...quite different than last 3-4 yrs paper..lot of NAT questions..I could attempt 35-36 questions. Guess what will be the cutoff.
very different and out of box question from last years trend
@ uddipto bro how will you rate it compared to last year's set I?
last year it was easy but tricky!

this year it is not very tricky, but you need very deep understanding
do you think cut off for top 100 will go down this year?
And please check chat section...
I found c programming part tough. I found paper bit lengthy. Last year's was better set 1. A bit disappointed. I could have solved more but time was a factor. Attempted 45.
I found prog easy. Matrix questions were tough/unexpected as compared to last year and Gauss Probablity median was disappointing and contour diagram :(
It was very different compared to last year. I felt it more difficult. More questions from TOC and DBMS. attempted only 37.
Anyone from the afternoon session?
Afternoon was ok.but didn't attempted so well how was yours?
Aptitude was tough I think. I also havnt attempted much.
I find tricky question specially in APtitude and i have not attempted hard questions in technical
how many question u guys attempted?
views of a first timer:-

paper was tough and i think it was different from last year papers and they made sure that no coaching no fromulas can save you if you don't know the concepts .They kept formlua based questions to the minimum this time ,while attending the paper i didn't need to recall anything but the concepts.They really know where to get on the nerves of students.Hope for the best !!!!

@Harveen and @Shreya.

I just checked the gate mock test interface and it is true that if you had selected an MCQ or  entered any numerical if you did not click on save and made a jump using navigator your ans will not be saved. Also if you changed the value of a MCQ/numericl and made a jump instead of saving your change will not be recorded. Alas! Now the question is how many marks have we lost in this carelessness.

This is now giving me a panick attack. Must have lost some marks definitely. But it shouldn't have happened. I mean why d hell are answers not saved automatically??
@Sushmita its not their mistake but its ours. We dint read instructions keenly. But I would still write them a feedback for them that instructions should be CRYSTAL clear. They should have highlited in this RED in instructions - "Your ans will not be saved or recorded if you navigate directly without clicking on save"
Yeah u r right. They should have highlighted it. Alas. It feels terribly bad now.
Yes absolutely it is our mistake, I changed six answers in the end and I am sure to loose all 12 marks for them. Even I mentioned this in the second comment at this post.
I don't even remember that whether I have done this mistake or not. By default it is in my habit that I mark then for review but still I may have made this mistake too. It's all due to anxiety n stress.