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Rank predictor not working till tomorrow

posted Feb 12, 2020 in Exam Application 9,302 views


Thank You @Shaik Masthan and the entire GO Team !
What rank tentative can I expect at 58 marks?
It's working now
Shouldn't the answer to the linked list question be O(n^2).
When will the official key be released??
predictive rank is based on gate 2019 or 2018 data?
Qualifying marks 29.5 ? This year too ?
Predicted rank is based on 2020 data and history as well. Qualifying mark is hard to estimate as unlike score or ranks in top 1000, it involves the mark of entire GATE takers and many of them do not submit responses in GO. But looking at trends it should be between 27 and 31.
The rank predictor seems to assume 0.1% is 40 students? That assumption was made (according to the Github code) when there were multiple sets (I and II). Considering one set, one might be tempted to change that 40 to a 80?

@Arjun sir thank you ... Sir I am writing out of context comment here sorry for that...

Sir I need your guidance for further admission process... I am getting 55 marks as per GO rank predictor.... And considering to do MS research in Machine learning..... I have 5 years of work experience in various companies including product based company as developer.... has sent you Friend request on FB...I am willing to write GRE as well if not will not get good college in India...

Previous-year users of the rank predictor - after how many submissions do the ranks usually stabilize and yield a confident result ?
P=3,R=27,T=243 then Q+S=?

Made Easy considering above question as one mark question.

Gate overflow considering it as 2 marks question.


How can we ensure which one is correct ?
it's of two marks I guess.
Answer to directed weighted graph should be for every vertex the paths will be same as because  w'(u,v) will be w(u,v)+f(u)-f(v) means depednent on only source and destination and not on intermediate step as they will cancel out so paths will reamain same and values can  be different.


w(1,3)=w(1,2)+w(2,3) and let other candidate be w(1,4)+w(4,3) then

          w'(1,3)=w(1,2)+f(1)-f(2)+w(2,3)+f(2)-f(3) ==w(1,2)+w(2,3)+f(1)-f(3)


      so exteding similarly for any path ,the shortest path will not change  but its value can be changed.