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Since many people are not fully aware of the features of Pragy’s app, I’m listing them here:

  1. You can calculate your mark by giving your response URL here: No user details required.
  2. You can get the current rank (among those who used the app) as well as the estimated rank and score from here:
  3. Regarding the accuracy of the predictor you can see what happened last year:
  4. Regarding where all to apply, you can use the College Suggestion part of the app here:
  5. Almost all the good options are given above though data for some reserved categories are missing as they weren’t available anywhere. 
  6. MUST read out the points given in the College Suggestion part.
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This is very helpful !

Is there a record of the sample space when the ranks were predicted ? (Referring to the linked spreadsheet with the predicted vs final ranks). I wonder if those were the 'final' ranks when the sample set had grown to about 35-40k.. 

@shashin Must have been when the sample was at later stages (35-40k? idk) , as the rank for the top guys are almost a range of length 1 or 2 (seeing the google doc). Currently the predictor has a range of 20-30 for top guys after ~7k predictions.
What is the go rank being compared with the original rank in spreadsheet ? Weather it is with  the expected rank (given range)  or the current  rank in tems of the no. of students who have uploaded response sheet.
@mkagenius right, right. Long way to go.

@Arjun sir, The form for Career Suggestion has no option of Graduation year 2020. Please include the option.

Sorry. Missed that. Now it's there.
The stability is still not there it seems:

71 marks : 70 -190 (such big range?)

70 marks : 182 - 212

Unless 71 marks person is getting close to 190 rank or there cant be 100 students in 1 mark range. Last year there were only 30 students between 70 and 71 marks.

If 71 marker is getting close to 190 then all the 71+ markers rank range is too big and should not be 55-150 (72 marks for example) rather should be 120-150?

Last years responses in the excel sheet is also not that big ranges, the ranges are very narrow. Something is amiss.
The prediction is a range. You can use your intelligence to guess where exactly your rank will be. As more people submits, range will become narrower.
Hi Sir, the official keys have been released, kindly update if applicable, will be very helpful, thank you!
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