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What is difference between Gate Forum's online classes and ******** Babu ******'s online classes?
Both of them are priced at 20K and GATE Forum also provides online test series and other material, and I am not able to decide which one to go for?


PS: If you are looking for mouth feeding you can skip reading below.

Okay first give me 20k so that you can be satisfied for having spend something (investment).

Now, GATE is an exam which is going to test your basic CS knowledge and aptitude for problem solving. All you need is to cover the  syllabus -  from standard text books - and be good in aptitude.

If you don't have required subject knowledge - learn from great professors in field - Best Video Lectures for GATE CSE

You need previous questions - see - will be updated with GATE2016 questions by next month.

You have doubt- ask in GATE Overflow
You need preparation tips - follow GATE Overflow

For all resources and statistics you can see GATE CSE

Log into Facebook | Facebook GATECSE FB group is a vibrant group and is the only place where GATE CSE results where predicted accurately and with normalization- thanks to Pragy Agarwal. You can find many experts here. See what happened in GATE 2016 - GATE CSE 2016 Results (Responses)  

If  you need previous results:
Himanshu - AIR 4, 2016
Akash - AIR 28, 2016
Abhilash - AIR 34, 2016
Tushar Shinde - AIR 37, 2016
Shikhar - AIR 49, 2016
Pooja - AIR 51, 2016
Rude - AIR 240, 2016
Rajarshi - AIR 153. 2016

I mentioned only those who were active participants in GATE Overflow and I don't have money or need to offer cars to toppers and get AIR 1 :)
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Tushar Shinde - AIR 37 cheeky

Rude AIR 240

One thing I can tell you about coaching institues and ******, you may or may not get good rank using them, but you will definitelty not be able to clear any interview with them. They tell tips and tricks to solve gate questions. They don't clear your basics.

There is no substitute of standard text books.All coaching institutes whether it is MADE EASY or GATEFORUM OR ACE or ******** Classes,all have one common pattern for teaching .i.e. they will teach you some few concepts and take previous year questions & explain them.They never covers all concepts related to particular topic.There is always gap between knowledge we got from text books & these coaching classes. So once we face actual gate exam,we get different kind of question(yes there are some typed questions also) and we can analyse & solve those questions iff we have built strong foundation using standard text books.

P.S. I have written these based on my personal exp.

The HELP we get from here is more than winning a car or the same .
Very usefull information for every students who is preparing by themselves.
Himanshu is the ex student of made easy...

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