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GATE 2017.. :-

Apptitude section :-  I think its a gud mixture of easy n tricky questions .

Technical Section :- Few Question are easy n few are really tough but what i found is options were to complex to choose as all are really close but in all paper was quite length personally my speed is low bcoz confuse while attempting the options but in all if more time i will able to attempt more question.

PS:- GATE is just an exam of gud presence of mind and be tensed free while attempting the question, i found gate overflow test is quite harder than actual gate but still i m nervous while attempting the questions as GATE word itself make the people scary, every one did good prepartion but it just the pressure that make the differnce.

VOTE OF THANKS :- I just want to thank each n everyone who have contribute to gateoverflow as you all do commendable job its not just a site for a gate aspirants it is everthing i never found such think that make learning so easy n enjoying.... your answers n advice , comments helped me alot. for me its everthing . ARJUN sir n bikram thanks so much for your help n guidence you both were awesum .

I dont know i get a good rank or not but learning is my passion n i am person who is happy with learning new things n helping others n yeah during my preparation i learned alot n with the help of you all... i am happy after my exam as i know things its not like i have mug up the things so just forget  no its ....which is bcoz of gate overflow and you all... EVERYONE here is a hero for me really a big cheers to all of you....

So i just want to continue my gateoverflow journey always bcoz m being crazy about it

Lasty we can discuss here about set 2 and  want to know after gate   what to do next  ?? as want mtech from a good college so kindly share your views and which is better possibilty to explore next ...
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@smartmeet   ohh... yaar ditto its happens with me at last i know all about CO but all things taking too much i hvnt solved them ,.... all is just afsoss... papaer is really length n confussing most of the tiime i stuck with two options

It was 2T(rootn)+1 and ans was O(logn)....
same..same! 2 cycles and 8 cycles problems and another one in they asked hit ratio...they were too easy..but at that time I was unable to craxk it..just one reason: Pressure and too much tension!!!
Paper was university exam pattern......:-)