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First of all not even questions are out, so we never know our exact marks. Still if you have attempted less than 35 questions there is less chance of IITs in open merit. So what next?

  1. Soon coaching institutes will start new batches to attract you
  2. There are other exams like BITS/IIITs
  3. State level colleges, repeat (hardly works) or not
  4. MS abroad
  5. Sit at home and repeat
  6. Try some/already having job and repeat

Now, what you should do depends on you and what you want in your life. Some people even after studying at IITs dont do any job- for those kind of people option 3 is good- can select a higher option in matrimony profiles. Otherwise no one should select this.

If you do not have an issue going abroad option 4 is good. Option 2 is also good as these colleges are on par with IIT standard. Though IIITH exam usually have plenty of previous GATE questions copied.

Options 1, 5, and 6 (how to REPEAT) depends on you. Personally I have only told 2 people to repeat though indirectly. Both of them had ranks around 650 and next time they got high 2 digit ranks. But believe me they worked their hardest for this difference. And work hard does not mean they solved 1000s of questions more. Mainly they studied the concepts they did not know- so how can you do this?

  1. If you lack basic problem solving skills and base knowledge in subjects - that is you are not even qualifying GATE- only class room coaching can save you. But remember that it will only take you to qualifying level. i.e., you should prepare yourself for self study. For example, you should learn about DFA, NFA etc. from class room coaching and understand decidability etc. by self study.
  2. If you are good in some subjects (able to score 80% above in them), you are very well enough to score a top rank by self study. Get standard books and start reading concepts in depth like you know for your favorite subjects. GATE only needs basic knowledge but basic must not be corrupted by coaching.
  3. Realize that to improve your rank and especially to jump to top 100, you need to make a jump in your knowledge level which is not easy. Only if you are ready to do this, go for repeat. Simply repeating whatever you did last time for more hours won't be enough.
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Thankyou Sir ,
sir i only want to  go for option 4 and 2  so wht next ?
@ArjunSir, am already's exam was really hell..itna padha lagta hai sab bekaar chala gya

..I can't drop one year more?

agr GATE nhi nikla to Ghar ke GATE se nikal jaunga..I have to go for JOB? my mind are totally blank..

feeling very dissapponted with myself
are u final year student?

@priyanka first wait for 3-4 days. Response sheets will be out. Thanks to Pragy we should get the correct prediction of our colleges via GATE.

Now, for option 2, it is good but surely only if you dont get to IITs. Both have their own exams. More information you can get from IIITH/BITS tab here:

For MS abroad, to be true I have only limited idea. Most places require GRE which is very easy compared to GATE as you dont need 99 percentile but above avergae is good enough. Also, some places like NUS, some German universities accept GATE score. But most places require English knowlege- which all of you have but need to prove by giving TOEFL, IELTS etc. These are just procedures- because fail chance is almost 0 for people like you. Some links you can find from the "Foreign" tab in the above link but many more universities-- especially in US exist. In US, GRE score, bachelors mark etc. are given weightage. Also, having a high CGPA even from a low level college can help in many places.

@aman how were you doing in mock tests?
Generally I got 50% marks on full test and In subject and chapter test I got 80% marks..but today really sir I never thought that unexpected question come like a hell
okay. you were in set 1? Anyway its same for everyone. Only when the response sheet comes we can know- till than easy/hard is not useful. For 2-3 days you can relax and forget about studies. After the response sheet comes you can prepare accordingly- I expect you to get interview calls.
okk sir thankss..  waiting for the response hope all gud  n also look for gre n other exam... as i am not that gud in english but i can prepare....
"For example, you should learn about DFA, NFA etc. from class room coaching and understand decidability etc. by self study."---this is true line and tells everything!
Sir, today's exam was good for me, but in 2-3 numericals(I have mastered it) of COA, I got too confused and I was like in trap during exam, but after seeing paper I thought that "I lack in revision, somewhat preparation"

This time , I just dropped mainly three topics from syllabus B-tree, Sector-seek time-OS and Decidabilty!

Should I prepare for next time? as I'm very clear with almost 50-60% of syllabus..??
@Arjun Sir,

I'm getting around 32 marks in set 1. What should be my strategy to get a rank <30 in GATE-18?
@Arjun Sir,

How to make that jump in the knowledge level?

Any strategy that can be followed.
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