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Name:  ${Sambhrant}$ ${Maurya}$
GATE CSE 2020 score: $803 (67.33)$ 
GATE  CSE 2020 AIR: $239$                     

Background: I am a Mechanical Engg graduate ($2019$) from a state govt. college in Lucknow.

The backstage story behind the streams:

I always loved CSE. In fact when I opted for Science in $11$th std  I had one specific goal in mind, to become a Software Engineer. I knew I was good at it, and I’d do well. >>Fast forward $2$ years, failed to perform in JEE the second time. At this point, my family, my relatives, in fact everyone I knew started treating me like a failure in life. Everyone weighed in on their opinions like: “Get him into medical. He’ll never do well in Engineering, “Get him into some local college, and then make him go for IAS”, “Engineering nahi ho rahi hai to medical me kya karega...usme to aur kam seats hai” :p

I still have all these words etched into my mind. Thankfully I did well in the UP State Entrance Examination and got into the top state govt college of UP. Now at this point, people started weighing in again, telling me to opt for core branches and then go for IES—telling me it was my only hope of succeeding. At this point, I didn’t have the courage to argue against that...I simply wasn’t in a position to do that. So I went along with it, and kept getting along with it till my 4th  semester, until I found out about the jobs that Mechanical Engineers actually do. Being an environmentalist, the fact choked me that even if I succeed in this, I’d be most likely working for the same coal and gas industries that I’m against. That was the day I decided to make a change.

Preparation for GATE CSE: Back when I decided to pursue $GATE$ $CSE$ in $2018$, I knew only basic programming, and I saw that the people of CSE branch of my college had all opted to go for Made Easy. I decided to give it a try, and barely survived the first subject : $Operating$ $Systems$. It was less to do with the fact that things were not tought from scratch, and more to do with my $anxiety$ in that classroom. It was so hard because there was no one like me in that class, and everyone else seemed to grasp the concepts so quickly. I quit made easy after that but decided to try some other way to learn. This is when I came across Gate Overflow. I read some of the testimonials here and found that there were others like me who have made it, and this kept me going. 

Initially I struggled a lot to find the right resources to learn. I saw Arjun sir’s recommendations everywhere, telling people to read standard books, but I found standard books too tough. So I went for online videos and whatever free content I could find on the web. For $GATE$ $2019$, I had to handle this newfound pressure of $CSE$ and my semesters as well, so things were really tough for me.
$GATE$ $2019$: $44$ marks

After $GATE$ $2019$, I had grabbed some gist of $CSE$ reading all the amazing answers on $GO$ and watching content online, and for $2020$ I decided to go in with full armor, with a full time drop. Standard textbooks had started making sense now, the fear of standard resources had gone away, and that brought me to where I am now.

~For aspirants from Mechanical Engg background and other core branches...I know there are quite a lot of you out there and maybe some of you have gone through the same stages as me. A lot of aspirants from Mech have made it this year in CSE. Find the post by Rajiv Vaidyanathan From Feb 19 on the GO fb group to get some of those names (There’s no option to share that post here). Needless to say, the competition is increasing every year. A lot of new resources have come up lately that has made preparation easy for everyone. Algorithms can be a difficult subject for some, and many develop fear of these algorithms while preparing for GATE. I present to you~the best slides of Algorithms on the web (From Stanford). These will take away that fear right away. :)

“Harder the struggle, sweeter the success. It’s indeed sweet when you have people supporting you and believing in you, but its sweeter when no one believes in you, and you get to prove them wrong !”



I want to thank the GO community for everything. The man himself- Arjun sir for this amazing platform and GO pdf. I owe it to the Bosses and Veterans on GO for their constant guidance and amazing answers.

Special thanks to Shaik Masthan sir whose content, I’ve felt had the most impact on my preparation.

I can’t end this post without thanking Satbir who had helped me a lot in the final months, from motivation to solving countless doubts on csedoubts platform.

Edit:  A song that lifted me up when I was feeling down: We are the Champions by Queen

          Videos that kept me motivated in the last month:  Bruce climbs out of the pit from   
          The Dark Knight Rises

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Hard work always pays off


Congratulations bhai 😊
Congrats! All the best for your future :)
Thank you :)
Congratulations 😊 I hope you are preparing for interviews
Sir OBC-NCL :D Hoping for IITB/IISc direct admit. Preparing for IITK coding test for now.
Ok 😊 then you should get IISc/IITB. Prepare for iitk -- will be useful later.

Congratulations Sambhrant! Wishing you a very bright future ahead.
Just to add - Mechanical Engineering just doesn't mean working with Coal and Gas industries. :P
Please check this - Ather Energy bikes-IIT Madras

I did a test ride of Ather Energy bike here in Bangalore and I loved it!

I didn't mean the private sector bro. But those going for IES or PSUs mostly end up in these industries.
Heartiest congratulations :)
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