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BARC 2020 Paper :

Every Year students search BARC previous year paper.Here is this year exam paper. Hope this blog will helpful for future aspirants.not all the questions but most of the questions are covered here.

Slot 1: Date 14/03/2020 


1) C programming & Data Structure:

A)  C programming pointer     declaration Expression was given, asking about which one is the correct expression, you can refer the similar  type of question here:

B) 1D & 2D array declaration was given, asking about which one is correct? A similar kind of question is asked in the gate exam.


C)   2 Questions came from the Recursion topics, we have to guess the output of program.

 Refer here for Recursion questions:

D)  preorder/ postorder was given, asking about how many numbers of binary tree possible from the given tree.

E)  A BFS tree was given asking which of the following edge are not BFS edge.

F) Linear probing (gate similar question 2010 ) 

   Refer Here:

G)  Min heap  (Min Heap property based question)

H)  Max heap insertions after 2 node insertion what is the output??

   (Refer previous year questions based on max heap insertion.:

I) 1 question based on parameter passing technique.


2) Digital electronic:


A) count the  number of 1’s in decimal system(decimal to binary conversion)( previous year patterns, data is changed in the exam)

  Refer here:

B)  K-map basic question

     (Practics K-map from here: 4 variable k-map is given asking correct expression in sop from)

  1.  (4 variable exor gate is given asking about correct K-map)

D)  ( 4X1 Mux is given asking for an expression of line number 2)

E)    (3DFF was given asking what is counting sequence after 6th clock)

F) question-based on RAM.


3) Algorithm:


A) Greedy and Dynamic basic question (Property-based theory question)

B) Time complexity calculation based

C) Recurrence relation matching (pyq ditto) Refer here

D) ( Quicksort, merge sort, insertion sort, selection sort)

  A sequence of number was given, after applying some algorithm new input is generated, which algorithm is used for generated input. (MS,QS.IS,SS, sorting based)


4) TOC, Cd: 


A)   (Finite automata is given asking Regular expression)

B). No of A's div by 3 or 5 

     Asking for # of state in NFA aur DFA .

C) Design the Regular expression using eipsilon NFA

D) Parsing if a grammar is left recursive then which is invalid ( recursive descent, LR, LALR,)

E) Valid palindrome seq asking compiler 

 F) Language Identify question practics from here:


5)  Engineering Maths:


 A) probability 4-5 question (hypergeometric based, conditional probability)

B) linear algebra 2×2 matrix inverse 



6) DMS:


A) Predicated logic gate level question.

B) on set {1,2,3,4} A relation was given asking weather it is equivalence or poset.

C) .(where we use the associative property,group, monoid, semi group, lattice.

D) # of Disconnected graph for even number of vertices n>=4


7) CN:


A) Basic IP add question asking # of the host.

B) DVR (gate que kitne link unused hoge)

C) cryptography theory

D) digital signature (Anarkali Salim gate question)

E) Web browser & HTTP  (gate question asking correct sequencing order)

F) TCP basic numerical


8) DBMS:


A) ER table minimization (1:m & m:m) 

B) BCNF decomposition which is the invalid decomposition

C (some theory question on view,SQL )

D) question based on Where clause & having

E) Indexing formula based numerical

F) (Sql query based question.


9) CSA:


A) Machine instructions (gate que halting , programs counter que 2006 ya 2007 same type of question))

B) direct mapping aur SAM mai property based difference

C) LRU. aur LFU  based mapping question.



10) OS: 


A) (SRTF, asking TAT of the process a)

B) disk scheduling (SCAN) (Ref Here:

C) BANKER ALGORITHM ( safe seq deadlock unsafe can't say, pyq type) refer here:

D)Gate 2020 ditto question (process diagram wala new ready running. Kn sa invalid hai) Refer here:

E) binary semaphore(programming question, the final value of S, pyq type)

F) dining philosopher (programming based question, output find)

G) #page fault-based question

H) TLB calculation formula-based

I) theory on trashing & domp 

J) question based on best-fit algorithm & external fragmentation theory-based


Out of 100 70 -80 questions are from gate syllabus remaining from c++ (oops concepts, polymorphism.friend functions, constructor)

Question is output finding type.


Today BARC question.

 (By Himansh Chaudhary: )

Slot 2: Date:15/03/2020 


A- find EMAT, TLB hit ratio is given (similar in pyq)

B- Page fault question- comparison in LRU nd FIFO Refer here:(

C- Max possible size of the file, block size given, Direct (present in PYQ inode type) easy question

D- Semaphore question- given S= 3, 7P and 10V, find the value of S

E- Safety algorithm question with single resources type

F- Theory question on Deadlock

G- SRTF question (disk scheduling) and 1 more question from same topic. Ref:

H- 2 questions on disk management. Ref:


2. CSA:

A- Cache hit on set associative mapping

B- Pipeline question (4 stages, 1000 inst, different time given for each stage and 5 sec register time)

C- Calculate execution time (PYQ type) - some instruction is given, time for each type inst. is given

D- some instruction is given, we have to find main memory location Which save in stack during interrupt .(similar in PYQ)


3.Prog& DS:

A- 2 question from the concept of static variable and return function.

B- 3 question, find output (PYQ) Refer:

C- C program Which has switch case and Folk() , how many time prints

D- Pointers and array type question( PYQ ) Refer:

E- Find the number of BST, built from 3 keys (PYQ)

F- Find inorder from pre and post order(PYQ)

G- Expression(X= (a+b)*(c-d)) is given , we have to select incorrect option which is neither preorder, inorder and postorder



A- which algorithm doesn't follow DP( prims, Dijkstra, Floyd, bellman

B- Match the best, avg, the best time complexity of the different sorting algorithm.

C- find time complexity, code in which heapify & build heap fun.

D- analysis of time complexity, omega and big O cases



A- Laplace question

B- Matrix(Linear algebra) question

C- 2 question of probability. (PYQ type) 



A- Negation of a quantifier equation

B- negation of C statement -- ( a!=n && z+2<=4)



A.Java- We have to find the output of code

B. C++- 2 questions on the concept of auto constructor and deconstructor

C. Abstract classes kyu use krte h

D- inheritance related question

E- 2 aur the(2 more questions)


8.Computer graphics :

A- scalar Matrix of 3D transformation

B- 2 aur qus , attempt hi na kiye :p 


9.ML(Machine Learning):

A- find an example of clustering 

B- 2-3 others question( I even didn't read the question carefully 🤣)


2 question from physics



A- Find Nf from the table (

B- SQL question - from following which one executes first- where, order by, having 

C- other 2 SQL questions (simple)



A- DVR question, find the distance at node

B- DVR, LSP theory question (PYQ type- in which count to infinity problem present something type)

C- routing table is given, match the network address(PYQ type)

D- calculate no. of subnet from the subnet mask

E- Why CSMA/CD is not used in the wireless network


12. TOC: 

A- 2 questions of REG expression

B- 2questions- Find language from automata

C - which is not CFL )

D- Mealy, Moore question

E- Regex question ( same as PYQ) 3 exp given we have to find which is a subset of which one 


13- DELD:

A- minimize the POS, Output given in form of SOP

B- the circuit of 3 DFF, SIPO, We have to find output after 4 cycle

C- *(function as X-or) operator diya hua tha , usse operation btane the

D- 2 more question

The overall exam was easy to moderate.According to him.

Something like 1 mark GATE question.

Goodluck for future BARC aspirant.

BARC 2019:

please shear your BARC exam experience so that it will helpful for the future aspirant.






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One question related to neural networks. (15th March 2020)
One question related to the activation function in neural networks. the answer was softmax
how much attempt is considered to be safe?

@sandeepn96 yes . last layer main for n class , which activation function should be use . Softmax 

This is really helpful, I am having my exam at 1 November. Wish me luck
what was the question whose answer was SOFTMAX