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Choose the correct alternatives (more than one may be correct) and write the corresponding letters only: A $2-3$ tree is such that All internal nodes have either $2$ or $3$ children All paths from root to the leaves have the same length. The number of internal nodes of a $2-3$ tree having $9$ leaves could be $4$ $5$ $6$ $7$
posted Dec 28, 2016 in Digital Logic Arjun 3,941 views
Let page size = 2p bytes (p is page offset ) now, number of page entries in 1st level = 2p / 4 = 2p-2 bytes (as it uses 32 bit = 4 byte Physical address) Similarly in 2nd level -> 22(p-2) and considering 3rd level it would be 23(p-2) so, 23(p-2 ... any two synonym to map with same set they should be colored with same color of that respective set. So minimum we need 8 colors for this mapping. (C)
posted Nov 21, 2016 in Digital Logic Arjun 9,838 views
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