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Consider a paging hardware with a $TLB$. Assume that the entire page table and all the pages are in the physical memory. It takes $10$ milliseconds to search the $TLB$ and $80$ milliseconds to access the physical memory. If the $TLB$ hit ratio is $0.6$, the effective memory access time (in milliseconds) is _________.
posted Jun 21, 2017 in Interview Experience Ishita Gupta 4,101 views
An $IP$ router with a $\text{Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)}$ of $1500$ bytes has received an $IP$ packet of size $4404\text{ bytes}$ with an $IP$ header of length $20\text{ bytes}$. The values of the relevant fields in the header of the third $IP$ fragment generated by the ... $1,$ Datagram Length$: 1500;$ Offset$: 370$ $\text{MF bit}$: $0,$ Datagram Length$: 1424;$ Offset$: 2960$
posted Jun 21, 2017 in Preparation Experience janakyMurthy 2,466 views
We have two subgraphs G1 and G2. G1 has k vertices and G2 has n-k vertices. Consider G2. Since we have 2 edge-disjoint spanning trees for G, each vertex in G2 must have two edges leaving it. These edges has only two possibilities- either go to some other vertex in G2 or go to a vertex in G1. In ... cases, it won't add to a an edge in G1. So, maximum edges in G1 = |E| - 2(n-k) =2n-2 -2n+2k =2k-2
posted May 22, 2017 in Interview Experience Digvijaysingh Gautam 3,369 views
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