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Let $M = (K, Σ, Г, Δ, s, F)$ be a pushdown automaton, where $K = (s, f), F = \{f\}, \Sigma = \{a, b\}, Г = \{a\}$ and $Δ = \{((s, a, \epsilon), (s, a)), ((s, b, \epsilon), (s, a)), (( s, a, a), (f, \epsilon)), ((f, a, a), (f, \epsilon)), ((f, b, a), (f, \epsilon))\}$. Which one of the following strings is not a member of $L(M)$? $aaa$ $aabab$ $baaba$ $bab$
posted Mar 17, 2018 in Preparation Experience vishal chugh 513 views
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