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Assuming optimal is with respect to the total waiting time (a) is correct. Total waiting times are (a) 0 + 1.4 + 7 = 8.4, idle time = 1 (b) 0 + 5.6 + 14.6 = 20.1, idle time = 0.6 (c) 0 + 1.4 + 7 = 8.4, idle time = 1 (d) 0 + 9 + 14 = 23, idle time = 0
posted Jun 22, 2018 in Preparation Experience Deepakk Poonia (Dee) 10,969 views
The function terminates for all powers of $2$ (which is infinite), hence (i) is false and (ii) is TRUE. Let $n = 5. $ Now, recursive calls will go like $5 - 14 - 7 - 20 - 10 - 5 -$ And this goes into infinite recursion. And if we multiply $5$ with ... possible, there are infinite recursions possible (even considering this case only). So, (iv) is TRUE and (iii) is false. So, correct answer is (D).
posted May 19, 2018 in Preparation Advice Shikha Mallick 2,227 views
Let $G$ be a weighted undirected graph and e be an edge with maximum weight in $G$. Suppose there is a minimum weight spanning tree in $G$ containing the edge $e$. Which of the following statements is always TRUE? There exists a cutset in $G$ having all edges of maximum ... in $G$ having all edges of maximum weight. Edge $e$ cannot be contained in a cycle. All edges in $G$ have the same weight.
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 Rishabh Gupta 2 34,565 views
Let $M = (K, Σ, Г, Δ, s, F)$ be a pushdown automaton, where $K = (s, f), F = \{f\}, \Sigma = \{a, b\}, Г = \{a\}$ and $Δ = \{((s, a, \epsilon), (s, a)), ((s, b, \epsilon), (s, a)), (( s, a, a), (f, \epsilon)), ((f, a, a), (f, \epsilon)), ((f, b, a), (f, \epsilon))\}$. Which one of the following strings is not a member of $L(M)$? $aaa$ $aabab$ $baaba$ $bab$
posted Mar 17, 2018 in Preparation Experience vishal chugh 498 views
An array $X$ of $n$ distinct integers is interpreted as a complete binary tree. The index of the first element of the array is $0$. The index of the parent of element $X[i], i \neq 0$, is? $\left \lfloor \dfrac i 2 \right \rfloor$ $\left \lceil \dfrac{i-1}{2} \right \rceil$ $\left \lceil \dfrac i 2 \right \rceil$ $\left \lceil \dfrac i 2 \right \rceil - 1$
posted Mar 13, 2018 in Others Shikha Mallick 1,039 views
The formula used to compute an approximation for the second derivative of a function $f$ at a point $X_0$ is $\dfrac{f(x_0 +h) + f(x_0 – h)}{2}$ $\dfrac{f(x_0 +h) - f(x_0 – h)}{2h}$ $\dfrac{f(x_0 +h) + 2f(x_0) + f(x_0 – h)}{h^2}$ $\dfrac{f(x_0 +h) - 2f(x_0) + f(x_0 – h)}{h^2}$
posted Jan 24, 2018 in Preparation Advice Arjun 3,922 views
24) a. It will depends on value of x.. U can decide others 3 process sequence I.e 3,5,6 Now x can come anywhere depending on its value.. Remember we shld gve it in increasing order to minimize response time
posted Apr 30, 2017 in From GO Admins Arjun 1,511 views
An Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the following chunk of CIDR-based IP addresses available with it: $$. The ISP wants to give half of this chunk of addresses to Organization $A$, and a quarter to Organization $B$, while retaining the remaining with itself. Which of the ... $ \text{ and }$
posted Apr 29, 2017 in Preparation Advice Arjun 18,736 views
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