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Okay sir :) yes i read that in morris manno (R compliment ) compliment is 10^n - number where n is no digit in number (Integer part ) And suppose if i want to find diminished compliement (R-1 )then it is 10^n- 10^-m- number where n is no of digit in integer part m is the number of digit in fractional part
posted Feb 13 in Others Hira Thakur 1,207 views
Ans (C). $\left(P \rightarrow Q\right) \leftrightarrow \left(\neg P \vee Q\right)$ (D) is wrong as shown below. Let $S = \left\{2, 3, 4, 5\right\}$ and $P(x,y)$ be $x < y$. Now, $P(2,3)$ is true but $P(3,2), P(4,2)$ etc are false and hence the implication also. This is ... If P(x,y) is true for all (x,y), then P(y,x) is true for all (x,y).
posted Jun 21, 2019 in Interview Experience akshay_b 1,637 views
The sequence &hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip; is an optimal non-preemptive scheduling sequence for the following jobs which leaves the CPU idle for &hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip; unit(s) of time. ---------------------------- Job Arrival_Time Burst_Time ------------------ ... (2,1,3},0 (c) {3,2,1),0 (d) {1,2,3},5 Ans: option (a) please explain why answer is a)....
posted Jun 21, 2018 in Interview Experience priyendu mori 1 1,823 views
Physical address is $36$ bits. So, number of bits to represent a page frame $ = 36-12 = 24\ bits$ ($12$ offset bits as given in question to address $4$ KB assuming byte addressing). So, each entry in a third level page table must have $24$ bits for addressing ... of my comment if it is useful - comment. However if anyone finds something to add (or correct) then feel free to do that in my comment.)
posted Apr 6, 2018 in Others gauravkc 557 views
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