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probability that other buckets are selected $= (n-1)/n$ this should happen $k$ times and each of $k$ events are independent so $(n-1)^k/n^k$ when $k=1$ prob of no collision $= n/n$ for $k=2$ prob of no collision $= n/n * (n-1)/n$ for $k=k$ ... at $k=k = n/n * (n-1)/n * (n-2)/n ... * (n-k+2)/n * (k-1)/n $ for $k<=n$ for $k>n+1$ prob $= 0$
posted Nov 23, 2018 in Operating System Manoja Rajalakshmi A 461 views
it is C properties of displays Use a pointer array to store the activation records along the static chain. Fast access for non-local but may be complicated to maintain. Calling a subprogram in the same level - simply replace and restore. Calling a subprogram in the ... the lower level - shrink the pointer and restore it when the subprogram returns.
posted Apr 21, 2018 in Study Materials dd 1,172 views
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