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We are happy to announce that GO Classes (formed by GATE Overflow senior members Sachin Mittal and Deepak Poonia), in collaboration with GATE Overflow, is launching GATE 2022 Complete Course. Yes, no more complaints that there is “no personal” attention in GATE Overflow for GATE aspirants. 

Course Details:

Live Lectures:...

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Hello Everyone....!!

Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE 2022.

You can see the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts please drop a comment to this post..!!

Schedule of Tests

Features of the Test Series

All questions formed and verified by GATE Overflow team Emphasis...
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The schedule followed by GATE Overflow for GATECSE 2022

Please do not listen to what random people say about the schedule. This is a relaxed one and so you should not keep any topics for later thinking you have time. 

GATE Overflow Test Series for GATE 2022

Schedule of Tests

Advantages of following...

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Booking for GATE Overflow Book for GATE CSE 2022 is now open. This is the third edition of this book updated with GATE 2020 and 2021 questions. Details of last edition on Amazon (now out of stock) can be seen at Edition 2.

Book is now available exclusively on Amazon

Softcopy will be made available at 
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Resources: I used for GATE Study tips Test Series Recommended preparation blogs/ videos FAQs

1. Resources

Digital Logic

Book: Digital Design by Morris Mano [5th ed] Chapter 1 to 6 along with some questions from exercises

PAL and PLA : Neso Academy

Floating point representation: Article by Steve Hollasch


Computer Organization and...

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First of all, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the freedom to do anything, especially to bear and support me. Our parents work very hard to give us a better life. And also thanks to all my friends, teachers, and aspirants here on GO, Special thanks to Arjun Sir.
My name is Nikhil Dhama, I got AIR 8 (980 score) in GATE CS 2021, This was my second attempt with full-time preparation.
Last year my rank was 1531, I guess this is enough introduction for me, I’ll get to the point now…


How did I prepare for GATE 2020?

I followed some coaching material(freely available, wasn't enrolled) blindly, I...

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If I had missed out any blog, please post it in the comments.








IIIT Bengaluru






IIIT Hyderabad

MTech/ MS


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Since many people are not fully aware of the features of Pragy’s app, I’m listing them here:

You can calculate your mark by giving your response URL here: https://gateoverflow.in/mymarks/index.php No user details required. You can get the current rank (among those who used the app) as well as the estimated rank and score from here: 
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You can download the ISI/CMI PDF from the below link.


PS: This is the first version of the PDF and though we have spent a lot of time doing tagging, some of the topics might be given wrong unlike GATE PDF which has gone through multiple revisions. 

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by Arjun

Please see here for update on GATE Overflow book for GATE CSE 2022



Soft Copies 

GO2020 Vol 1: Questions Only GO2020 Vol 2: Questions Only
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by Arjun
Part 1: https://gateoverflow.in/blog/7569/for-gatecse-admissions-2019

Part 2 discusses the effect of Score change in GATE 2019, and a bit of information about COAP, Internal Sliding etc. This should cover all the details you need to begin your admission procedure. 


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by Arjun

GATE 2019 results are now out. Check here.

Please fill this form

Result Responses


You can see the below video for getting details about Admissions, Research, Cutoffs, where to apply, whether to repeat etc. 


You can...

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by Arjun

Decidability Slides, Parsing Notes and Pipelining Slides/Video have been added. 

Adding all the previous Notes which I have made for GATE CSE here:



Decidability Slides

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by Arjun

All the Non-previous year tests are going upgradation and should be ready by October beginning. So, kindly avoid taking them now as any mistake will be fixed only by October. 

$%<!-- <tr> GATE Book Tests GATEBOOK-2019 Mock Test 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Mock Test 2   GATEBOOK-2019-DM 1: Mathematical Logic GATEBOOK-2019 DM2: Combinatorics GATEBOOK-2019 DM3: Set Theory & Algebra GATEBOOK-2019 DM4: Groups and Lattice GATEBOOK-2019 DM5: Graph Theory GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test Discrete Mathematics   GATEBOOK-2019 Probability 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Linear Algebra 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Calculus 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 4:...

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Hi, all, toppers of this year, congratulations to you for your success.

Now, many of you have got good ranks which is enough to get a TA position in top IITs. Some some of you may have to face RA interviews.

In most of the IITs, the autumn semester starts from July. Considering that, you have ample amount of time to learn something relevant to the topics that you are willing to pursue in IITs. This would help you to decide your area of interest ( for your master thesis and seminar and all ). 

There is a Moodle site called "go-classroom" (

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by dd

Hi everyone! My name is Rishabh Gupta and I secured AIR - 2 in GATE 2018. Marks: 83.00. Credit goes to my parents and GATE OVERFLOW.

I am a final year student in a tier-3 college. It was my first attempt. Even being in a central university, we have zero placements. Really, not a single company visited our campus this year for CSE(till now), not even the mass recruiters like TCS and Infy.
But I think that is why I got this rank. There was no other option, but to study and prepare for a competitive exam which offers a decent chance to excel in the professional sphere.

Whatever I am writing here is a part of my own...

Rishabh Gupta 2 posted in 2018 Mar 18, 2018

GATE is in two days. I would advise you to take enough rest and keep the mind healthy. If you are worried about forgetting stuffs -- nothing to worry; hardly any question in GATE will require that. While writing GATE never gets tensed. I'm not wishing anyone to get "easy" questions because that does not mean a good rank for you. The only thing you should worry is to

Do NOT make careless mistakes - you can see the difference "NOT" makes here :) Read every question with same enthusiasm -- even if some are really tough keep your cool thinking that most others are going to find them even tougher Do not count marks; doing...
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by Arjun

GATE is one exam where your result is not entirely proportional to the "no. of hours you put in". Some of you might be in final years and giving GATE with hardly any preparation. But based on previous year stats I can say that a good percentage of top 200 will be people like you especially if you are from a "non spoon-fed" college. Anyway for this blog post I'm only considering those who have prepared well and now wondering "what to do".

I have been quite vocal against test series. This is mainly due to the really bad or at least useless questions in many of them. But if you have less experience in solving technical questions you should definitely give at least...

Arjun posted in Preparation Advice Jan 24, 2018
by Arjun

#10_important_suggestions.(as per our experience).
Note- Ignore if u already have some better plan.

1. Make sure that before writing GATE exam, u already hold 
the experience of atleast 5-10 full length paper in the similar 
environment and also at the same timing slot 09.00 -12.00.
2. Daily revision of short notes is obligatory .
3. Same for previous year's paper.
4. Some theoretical concepts are there in the syllabus to mug 
up. So u must do it . 
5. Take care of ur foods...

Rajesh Raj posted in Preparation Advice Jan 15, 2018 recategorized Jan 15, 2018 by Rajesh Raj
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