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For GO Book 2020 #GO_book_2019 #Edit: Stock finished Update: Once booked you can get the Tracking email in 1-3 days maximum. Binding issue is fixed and all books are now stitched and perfect binded. Also, books are wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic cover to ... provides COD option. Also they ship on Sundays and other holidays. Buy from FLIPKART For softcopy please see
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#go_hardcopy_2020 Soft Copies GO2020 Vol 1: Questions Only GO2020 Vol 2: Questions Only GO2020 Vol 3: Questions Only The soft copies are print ready and contain only questions. You may print it and use the QR code feature to get to the discussions or use it ... only if you are fine with IndiaPost delivery. Currently it takes 8-14 days for the delivery depending on your distance from Trivandrum.
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Hi everyone! My name is Rishabh Gupta and I secured AIR - 2 in GATE 2018. Marks: 83.00. Credit goes to my parents and GATE OVERFLOW. I am a final year student in a tier-3 college. It was my first attempt. Even being in a central university, we have zero ... experience preparing with you people :) All the best to future aspirants. You can message me anytime, I will be glad to help :) Thank You!
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 Rishabh Gupta 2 35,427 views
Hi, I’ll talk about free test series available. If you want to join any coaching class/paid test series you can join ACE, Testbook , Made Easy etc. Okay, then what to do with test series ? Usually test series provide following type of test ... check respective IIT/IISc site for GATE and download papers. Remember all papers for any branches in same time slot have same aptitude questions.
posted Apr 2, 2016 in Study Materials Akash Kanase
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Important Ones More Questions Topic Source Link Solution Linked Lists IITKgp Assignment- IA Linked Lists Solutions Stack, Queue IITKgp Assignment- IB Stack Queue Solutions Binary Trees IITKgp Assignment- IC Binary Trees ... , Sets and Hash-tables IITKgp Arrays, Tables and Set NA B+ Trees IITKgp B+tree NA Graphs IITKgp Graphs NA
posted Jul 29, 2015 in Programming & Data Structures Arjun 29,185 views
GO answer key for GATECSE 2018 is now available via Pragy's App. You can see your mark by giving your response URL in the below URL Rank prediction has started. For Civil Engineering: ... For Chemical Engineering: For Bio Technology:
posted Feb 14, 2018 in From GO Admins Arjun
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Mark, Normalized Mark and Rank Pragy's App. GATE 2017 Set 1 Key GATE 2017 Set 2 Key Which college I can get? Only top colleges are listed Please add your GATECSE 2017 results ADD MY RESULT GATE CSE 2017 Result responses Try/Browse Set 2 Questions: ... the accuracy of the predictor: 2015 Admissions:
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GATE 2019 Schedule May 15-21 Verbal Ability: Finding appropriate word, reading passages, basic grammar usage Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: Verbal reasoning ­ deriving conclusion from passage, conclusions as in puzzles (can be in mathematical logic ... of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors, LU decomposition. Webpage for Linear Algebra November for revision,solving tests
posted May 12, 2017 in Others Pooja Palod 22,266 views
Schedule for GATECSE 2021 The schedule followed by GO for GATE2020 Please do not listen to what random people say about the schedule. This is a relaxed one and so you should not keep any topics for later thinking you have time. Please see here for GO ... and Eigen vectors, LU decomposition. Webpage for Linear Algebra Revision, Solving tests
posted Jun 4, 2019 in From GO Admins Arjun
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All the Non-previous year tests are going upgradation and should be ready by October beginning. So, kindly avoid taking them now as any mistake will be fixed only by October. ... UGCNET June 2013 Paper III UGCNET December 2012 Paper II UGCNET December 2012 Paper III UGCNET June 2012 Paper II UGCNET June 2012 Paper III
posted Oct 15, 2018 in Useful Links Subarna Das
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This post is only for those giving GATE 2018 and for those who are willing to give it their all. This is a general preparation plan. More detailed plan I'll give later. I'm giving this mainly because I feel many aspirants are not preparing in the right way. So, I' ... are preparing wrong for GATE -- might work for ISRO or other exams where questions are repeated. So, are you ready to give it ALL?
posted Apr 29, 2017 in Preparation Advice Arjun 18,891 views
What is difference between Gate Forum's online classes and ******** Babu ******'s online classes? Both of them are priced at 20K and GATE Forum also provides online test series and other material, and I am not able to decide which one to go for? PS: If you ... mentioned only those who were active participants in GATE Overflow and I don't have money or need to offer cars to toppers and get AIR 1 :)
posted Apr 11, 2016 in Preparation Experience Arjun 18,215 views
This post is a recollection of questions asked at IIT Kanpur Admission Test Mtech (CSE) 2016. (NOT COMPLETE, but quite many) Thanks Govind Gopakumar :) Date of Exam: 7th May Duration: 2 hours Objective + 2 hours Programming Test + 2 hours Subjective (Syllabus at the end) When you clear first 2 tests, you get called for ... ------------------------------- -------------------------- Syllabus below:
posted Jul 2, 2016 in Interview Experience mysticPrince
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GO Classroom
GO Classroom for GATE 2019 of you would have received an email for GO classroom and others would be getting it soon. Those who are not giving GATE 2018 can ignore it and those who are giving may login and ... a mobile app for GO classroom for both Android and iOS. You can download here and give site url as
posted May 21, 2017 in From GO Admins Arjun
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GATE 2019 results are now out. Check here. Please fill this form Result Responses You can see the below video for getting details about Admissions, Research, Cutoffs, where to apply, whether to repeat etc. You can see the below video for getting ... domain for masters 2018- placement statistics for cse IISC vs IITB Prepare written interviews major subjects focus questions GATE to ISRO air-1
posted Feb 23, 2019 in From GO Admins Arjun
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Masters is not very different from Bachelors but in India most students do Masters from IITs and there is a big gap to be filled from lower level college environment. Though GATE preparation is mostly enough a few extra stuffs might come handy during IIT life. Get used to unix ... you can find a suitable prof to work under early, it is a good thing. Otherwise also, you can do this in first year.
posted Feb 29, 2016 in Others Arjun
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After reading all the GATE success stories here, I can't believe I am writing this today for ISRO. TL;DR. Hello Everyone! My name is Mamta Satywali, I am Computer Science Graduate(2016) from G. B. Pant Govt. Engineering College, New Delhi. I secured AIR-1 in ... I have used the word "GO PDF" above, I don't have to describe explicitly the importance of GateOverflow! Thank you so much for reading!
posted Aug 27, 2018 in Interview Experience Mamta Satywali 14,042 views
Response sheet is out.
posted Feb 12 in Others Anshul999 13,852 views
pragy agarwal link is working now for gate 2019. you can check your score here
posted Feb 7, 2019 in Others Sankalp20894 13,792 views