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This website contains nearly complete solutions to the bible textbook - Introduction to Algorithms Third Edition, published by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein.

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Mohitdas posted in Algorithms Dec 30, 2021

Commonly encountered functions, helpful formulae and approximations, features of logarithms, asymptotic notations, and solutions to divide-and-conquer recurrences are among the mathematics used in the study of algorithms.

Mohitdas posted in Algorithms Dec 30, 2021
Day Date Contents Slides Assignments
 1  Aug 12 Time complexities with examples - Asymptotic notations - Theta for tight bound,
big-O for upper bound and big-Omega for lower bound. Analogous to =, <= and >=. 
o- strictly higher upper bound and small-omega- strictly lower lower bound analogous to > and < respectively.
Definitions to be learned from Cormen. 
 2  Aug 13 Masters theorem with examples - finding epsilon > 0 for case 1 and case 3, c < 1 for case 3, 
Going to substitution for exact solution, brute force method as a backup.
Sorting algorithms and time complexities in best, worst and average cases- Insertion sort-inversion,
Selection sort - swapping, Bubble sort, Merge sort - external sorting, Heap sort - build heap in O(n) - proof in Cormen,
Quick sort - worst case of O(n^2)
  Assignment 1
 3  Aug 14 No discussion, Assignments on sorting- time complexity     Assignment 2
 4  Aug 15 Hashing- O(1)-search-perfect hashing, hash structure-table, Direct addressing, Open addressing- linear probing-primary clustering, quadratic probing-secondary clustering, double hashing    
 5  Aug 16 Algorithm design techniques- Dynamic programming, Greedy algorithms, Divide and conquer - with examples, dynamic programming- top down and bottom up approach    
 6  Aug 17 Graph search- breadth first search-level order traversal in tree, depth first search- algorithm and complexity analysis, applications, Spanning tree- minimum spanning tree, Prims and Kruskal's algorithm and analysis    
 7  Aug 18-Aug 22 No discussion, solve previous gate questions on algorithms    
 8  Aug 23 Shortest path algorithms- Relax function, Dijkstras algorithm- single source all destination,array and min heap implementation, failure(wrong output) for negative edge cycle, Bellman Ford- single source all destination, Floyd Warshall- Dynamic programming, Jhonson's algorithm- (optimised Floyd Warshall for sparse graph)- complexity and comparisons, programming- data structures used and initialisation    

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Manoja Rajalakshmi A posted in Algorithms Sep 17, 2018
Can anyone tell any other algorithm which is there in syllabus apart from those mentioned below. Also, tell if something below is not there in syllabus

Dynamic Programming:-
1. Matrix Chain Multiplication
2. LCS
3. Subset Sum
4. 0/1 Knapsack
5. Floyd Warshall
7. Closest Pair

Greedy Method:-
1. Prim's
2. Kruskal's
3. Djikstra
4. Bellman Ford
5. Huffman Coding
6. BFS
7. Fractional Knapsack
8. Topological Sort
9. Stongly Connected Component

1. DFS

Branch and Bound:-
1. Travelling Salesman
Balaji Jegan posted in Algorithms Jun 23, 2018

Important Questions

Sometimes we need to walk through a given algorithm to get the answer. These questions must not be missed as there is very little chance of a mistake. 

Arjun posted in Algorithms Aug 18, 2015
by Arjun
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