Recent posts in Announcements

Recent posts in Announcements

We are happy to announce the release of Standard book questions on GO site as a PDF. This being the first release is a draft one.


Upcoming ones

  3. NIELIT Aptitude
  6. CAT (Aptitude)
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We are glad to announce scholarships for GO Classes – currently we have about 3 full scholarships available thanks to donation from Pragy Agarwal – (everyone who gave GATE should know of Pragy’s app). Please fill in the form here and scholarships will be given to the eligible one by June end. This is applicable even for already enrolled students.

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It is high time we honour the contributors to GATE Overflow. I’m trying to collect all major contributors year wise (top 3 contributors for every year). Please add to comments if any one is missed for any given year. It is extremely hard as there are many more very useful contributions here. We’ll keep this post open until May 22. 

Lifetime Contributors (main non-student contributors, not necessarily on GO site): Omesh PanditaKathleen Bansken, Praveen Saini, Pragy Agarwal, Happy Mittal, Sankaranarayanan, Debashish Deka, Digvijay Pandey, Bikram Ballav, Shaik Masthan, Suraj Kumar, Arindam Sarkar

Until 2017: Manu Thakur, Rajarshi Sarkar, Deepak Poonia, Sachin Mittal, Pooja Palod, Akash Kanase

2018: Rishabh Gupta, Silpa V. S., Anurag Pandey

2019: Prashanth Singh

2020: Jeet Rajput, Hira Thakur

2021: Ankit GuptaShaik Masthan, Nikhil Dhama

2022: ...

Other top scoring contributors: Habibkhan, Mandira Mukherjee, Sanjay SharmaKapil Phulwani, Shekhar ChauhanAyush UpadhyayaLeenSharmaAkash Dinkar

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Announcing the release of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATE CSE 2023 in combination with GO Classes Test Series.

You can see the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts please drop a comment to this post..!!

Schedule of Tests

Copy friendly link of schedule

Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  4. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  5. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  6. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  7. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year papers are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)
  8. All test series subscribers will get verified access on the GATE Overflow site (no ads and unrestricted access to all previous year exams for PSUs NIELIT and ISRO). Those who have already paid for verified access will automatically get that amount reduced in the subscription amount. 

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2023

Subscribe the combined test series now for ₹ 1998 (not 1199*2) (The test access will be removed by April 12, 2023). You can also subscribe only one of the tests individually at ₹ 1199. Those who paid ₹ 360 for verified access will automatically pay that amount less for the subscription.

You should login and if you do not have a GO account you can just register for free. GO contributors are given discount for test series access like follow

Discounts for GO contributors

  • All editors on GO site can get test series access for $₹ 1199$ (only ₹ 10 for GO test series alone)
  •  All GO users having $5000+$ user points on GO site as of April 12, 2022 also get test series access for $₹ 1199$ (only ₹ 10 for GO test series alone)
  • All GO users having $2000+$ user points on GO site as of April 12, 2022 also get test series access for $₹ 1499$ (only ₹ 500 for GO test series alone)
  • If you have any bonus points (which are given for good behaviour) same will be reduced from your test series amount up until the last $1199$ – that is, if you have $1000$ bonus points, test access will be given for $₹ 1199$ 
  • GATE 2022 test series subscribers can get test access for $₹ 1499$ (only ₹ 500 for GO test series alone)
  • GO Class registered students get ₹ 100 off for the combined test series or just GO class test series

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We are happy to announce a competition for ML enthusiasts. The task is to identify the topic of a given Computer Science question (as in GO PDF). We had run a similar competition some years back and IIST students Silpa and Navneet were the winners. 

Cash Prize: Rs. 15,000

Contest Ending Date: May 8, 2022


First prize is shared by Rituraj and Rohan, both from IISc. Congratulations!!!

Submission by Rituraj:

Submission by Rohan

Both submissions were evaluated on a different test data.

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For quite sometime emails from GATE Overflow to hotmail and outlook servers were being bounced. Thanks to the help of Microsoft team, this problem is now resolved and so GO users can use hotmail/outlook emails from now.
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We are happy to announce PIP mode enablement on GO site thanks to @Shaik Masthan. You can view question side by side with any answer or comment as shown below.

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Those who have received campus placements and passing out in year 2022 please fill out this form. The filled data (excluding contact emails) will be curated and made available to everyone soon.


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GATE Overflow was started to help anyone with interest prepare and clear GATE CSE. We would like to know the experiences of those who managed to get into top 1000 ranks using the resources provided by GATE Overflow. Please fill in your details and you'll be contacted for an interview. Those interviewed can expect a surprise gift.

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Despite being very strict with piracy GO telegram group was taken down due to some spam guy sharing some PDF for just a few hours until they were removed. While this is unfortunate we realize that copyright is going to be more strict in the coming days thanks to all the money flowing in the education sector. So, as a safety precaution we are hereby disallowing all copyrighted stuffs including all coaching materials unless there is a sharing permission for them. What are explicitly allowed to share on all GO platforms are

  1. Anything from GO PDFs or screenshots from GO hardcopy
  2. Questions shared by GO Classes and doubts related to them
  3. Self made derivatives of previous year questions
  4. Previous year questions are not allowed as all of them are already existing on site
  5. GeeksforGeeks contents – as they are allowed to be shared

PS: We wont be making a new hardcopy for GATE2023 but will be making new Questions only PDFs for GATE, TIFR, NET, CMI and ISI. 

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GATE Overflow Doubt Resolution/Discussion $\color{blue}{\text{Telegram Group}}$ for GATE CSE: 

GATE Overflow Website for Previous Years CSE GATE/TIFR/NET/ISRO/CMI etc Questions:

GO Classes for GATE CSE Complete Preparation Course: 

GATE CSE Resource Portal of GATE Overflow: 

GATE Overflow $\color{blue}{\text{Telegram Channel}}$ for All Important Announcements: 

GO Classes $\color{blue}{\text{Telegram Channel}}$ for All Important Announcements from GO Classes: 

GO Classes GATE Discussion $\color{blue}{\text{Telegram Group:}}$ 

GO Classes $\color{red}{\text{YouTube Channel}}$ for GATE CSE: 

For all Support Queries on GO site, GO books, GO Test Series: 

Join GO Classes $\color{red}{\text{GATE 2023 Course}}$ for Best GATE CSE Preparation: 

Watch COMPLETE Discrete Mathematics & C-Programming for FREE: 

Know ALL About GO Classes GATE 2023 Course here: 

Goclasses GATE 2023 Orientation Session to know ALL about GATE 2023 Course:

GATE Overflow Books for Previous GATE/TIFR/NIELIT/CMI/ISI exam questions: 

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Please retweet this:

We have more than 2000 members on our Telegram group and all of them know how strict we are with copyrighted contents. Suddenly when random guy comes and shares some aptitude PDF which we immediately took down as soon as we got a complaint. It is clear that someone did this intentionally to raise copyright claim against GO and take down the group and unfortunately there is no reply from Telegram who clearly has the history and entire content of our group. For the moment we cannot tell anything more about the future of the group.

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$\color{red}{\text{GO Classes GATE CSE 2023 (Live + Recorded) Course}}$

$\color{red}{\text{Join Classes Live OR Watch Recorded Lectures}}$

$\color{blue}{\text{New Course, New Features, New Experience. }}$  One place for WHOLE GATE CSE Preparation.

Course Details:

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Live + Recorded Lectures : }}$  This course is Live as well as Recorded. All live classes will be interactive classes, where you can learn, interact with faculty, ask your doubts live. ALL the live lectures will be recorded as well and can be watched anytime, any number of times, after the live class. Students who miss the live classes, can watch recorded lectures.

  • Commencement of live classes: Live Classes will start from $\color{blue}{\text{25th Feb 2022. }}$  Classes Schedule can be found below. Recorded Lectures can be watched anytime, any number of times.

  • Live Class Timings: We'll have one or two live class every day(Check Schedule). Every class will be of 2 hours, immediately followed by Students' doubt discussion, with audio chat. Every Wednesday will be off. Class timings are set in a way that students preparing with job also can attend classes live. $\color{blue}{\text{Timing of classes : Evening, 7:30PM ; Morning, 7AM}}$ 

  • Course Duration: Syllabus completion duration is from 25th Feb to 30th August. After syllabus completion, we will have Revision Classes, Practice Classes for 4-5 Months.

Course Features:

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Quality Learning : }}$ Our main motto is to deliver quality content with No rote learning. We provide proof /Idea of every concept instead of directly asking students to by-heart theorem statements.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Interactive Classes : }}$ All the classes will be live interactive classes, where students’ can ask their doubts instantly.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Live Doubt Discussion : }}$ After every class, we will have live interactive doubt discussion, with audio chat with students.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Recorded Lectures : }}$ ALL the lectures are Recorded, and Students can choose whether they want to watch recorded lectures or join live classes or both. Students who miss live classes or do not wish to join classes live, can watch recorded lectures.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Doubt Resolution : }}$ All of your doubts will be answered directly by Deepak and Sachin.  You can prefer message, mail or call to resolve any doubt. There is a dedicated WhatsApp aand Telegram group for Enrolled Students of Goclasses where our faculties resolve students' Doubts. Students can ask their doubts on any of the following platforms : GO Classes mail, GATE Overflow website,  GO Classes Whatsapp group for enrolled students, GATE Overflow Telegram group, GO Classes website. So our students don't have to go anywhere else for asking doubts.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Summary Lectures : }}$ For every lecture of 2 hours, there will be a 5 minutes summary video for that lecture So that students can revise from summary lecture anytime. For every module in a subject, there will be a 1-2 hours summary lecture. So, for every Subject there will be 8-10 hours summary lectures which will help students to revise any subject quickly.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Homeworks : }}$ For EVERY lecture, on the same day, Homework will be provided. This homework will contain several questions from standard resources, covering all the topics/concepts of the respective lecture. Solutions to the homework will also be provided.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Quality Practice Sets :}}$ For every subject, Quality practice sets will be provided. These practice sets will have questions created by our expert faculty team and from standard resources. 

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Weekly Quizzes : }}$ Every week, there will be a Quiz, containing 15-20 questions, to evaluate your understanding of concepts taught in the previous week.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Video Solutions : }}$ For ALL previous years’ GATE+TIFR questions, we will provide detailed video solutions.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Daily Practice : }}$ We will post daily questions on our WhatsApp/Telegram group of Enrolled students from the subjects that are completed, so that students don't forget the concepts taught in previously completed subjects and constantly revise.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Fundamentals for GATE CSE Preparation : }}$  We will start GATE Live+Recorded Course with a basic course, which will include : Proof Techniques, Logarithms, Modules Arithmetic, Series, Summation, AP GP HP etc. Basically, anything that students must know before starting their GATE CSE preparation, will be covered in this course.

  • We will make following Standard Books Easy. Our lecture notes, homeworks, practice sets etc will be based on standard books and resources. Everything will be taught from basics, with many examples to understand the concept clearly. 

  • $\color{blue}{\text{No Prerequisites : }}$ Every subject will be taught from basics without assuming any prior knowledge whatsoever. 

  • $\color{blue}{\text{FREE Access to Post-GATE IIT/IISc/PSU Interview Prep Course : }}$ After the GATE exam, we will launch Interview Preparation Course to crack interviews of IIT/IISc/PSUs. GO Classes enrolled students will get this course for free.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{No Rote Learning : }}$ Learning concepts by knowing the Idea/Proof behind them improves one’s analytical skills which is crucial for analytical exam like GATE. We teach concepts in a quality manner with Proof-Idea-Intuition. We will make proofs easy to understand by taking several examples to explain. 

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Crack other competitive exams : }}$ The way we teach every concept with proof/idea/intuition, Our students will also be able to crack other competitive exams like TIFR/NET/ISRO/NIELIT/BARC etc easily.

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Monthly Preparation Guidance Session : }}$ We will have a preparation discussion/guidance session with our students every month, where students can discuss about their progress, queries etc. We will have previous GATE toppers as guest in these sessions, so that students can learn from their experience. 

  • $\color{blue}{\text{Everything Under One Roof : }}$ Lectures, Homeworks, Summary Lectures, Quizzes, Practice Sets, Doubt discussion, Query resolution, Lecture Notes, Video Solutions of GATE PYQ, Test Series etc, Everything that is required for a perfect GATE preparation is available at single place. 

$\color{red}{\text{Complete Discrete Mathematics and C-Language subject classes are FREE for all. }}$  

Course Fee: 

Fee for Complete GATE 2023 (Live + Recorded) Course is $\color{blue}{\text{22,000/- }}$  Only.

Till 5th April, there is $\color{blue}{\text{ Early Bird Offer of 20% Discount. }}$ 

Faculty Team:

Sachin Mittal: Sachin is MTech graduate from Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore. He had worked at Amazon as Applied Scientist, before quitting his job to pursue his interest of teaching students for GATE Computer Science. Sachin has previously taught in Ace Engineering Academy. Sachin had an All India Rank 33 in GATE 2017. 

Deepak Poonia: Deepak is MTech graduate from Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore. He has taught many students for GATE Computer Science exam in Ace Engineering Academy, Gateforum etc. Deepak has secured top rank in GATE exam multiple times, an All India Rank 67 in GATE 2018,  All India Rank 53 in GATE 2020.

Mentored By: 

GO Classes is Mentored by Dr. Arjun Suresh (Founder GATE Overflow, Postdoc The Ohio State University, Ph.D. INRIA France, ME IISc Bangalore).

How to Enroll :

Sign Up here : 

Live Classes Schedule :

$\color{red}{\text{Enroll Now for GATE 2023 Complete Course:}}$

$\color{blue}{\text{NOTE : }}$ Watch the $\color{red}{\text{Orientation Session }}$ below, in which we discuss ALL about this course, faculties etc and resolve all your doubts/queries regarding the course.

Watch Orientation Session Here

Join the GO Classes Telegram Group :

Join GATE Overflow Telegram Group :

Join GO Classes YouTube Channel :

Feel Free to ask any doubts in the comments below. 

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Hi Everyone,
The GO Classes Revision Course begins tomorrow(10th January).

Find the schedule below.

We'll be covering the GATE PYQs and some additional standard questions, by taking at least one question from EACH topic and analyzing it thoroughly.

Two FREE MOCK TEST by GO Classes will be launched on 15th Jan, 31th Jan.

Join the GO Classes Telegram Channel :

Join GATE Overflow Telegram Channel :

Join GO Classes YouTube Channel :

Students can ask their doubts in the comments below. Use the comment section for your doubts, suggestions etc.

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IndoML Symposium aims to bring together students and young researchers to interact with leading researchers across the globe with the theme of “AI for Data and Data for AI”, focussing on how new AI problems are inspired by novel datasets, and how AI techniques help collect new datasets that can impact our understanding of the world around us.

They have an excellent list of eminent expert speakers who exemplify different aspects of the IndoML 2021 theme. The full list of speakers and the schedule can be found here: 

The event will be held virtually, and registration is free but mandatory. Registration for the IndoML Symposium is open through December 15th, 2021.

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We now have mention (type @username) option in comments for both questions as well as blogs. This is restricted to only those whom you favorite – that is, if I favorite users A, B and C only those 3 can mention me in comments. So, if you are running a class and wants only your students to mention you, just add them into your favorite users lists – star button on the user profile.
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