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Recent posts in Announcements

We are having a Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022 preparation as per the GO Schedule. Group is open to all but with strict guidelines as given below. Spammers will get instant ban. Posting guidelines for GATE Overflow Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022 Posting ... to add. Private messaging is strictly discouraged unless with prior approval of the person. Link to Join:
posted May 23 in From GO Admins Arjun 835 views
We have recommended videos for GATE CSE under the below link as well as GO classroom. Those who followed it for GATE CSE 2021 or following for GATE CSE 2022 please fill in your feedback/requirements in this form. https:/ ... for GATE CSE 2022 can join our Telegram group:
posted May 21 in From GO Admins Arjun
edited May 22 by Arjun
Hello Everyone....!! Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE 2022. You can see the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts please drop a comment to this post..!! Schedule of Tests ... who preordered GATE Overflow book for GATE CSE 2022 can get a $10\%$ discount if their purchase email matches the one on their GO account
posted May 10 in From GO Admins gatecse
edited May 17 by gatecse
The schedule followed by GATE Overflow for GATECSE 2022 Please do not listen to what random people say about the schedule. This is a relaxed one and so you should not keep any topics for later thinking you have time. GATE Overflow Test Series for GATE 2022 Advantages of following this ... : Mock Test 4 : January 9 Exam Link: Mock Test 5 : January 16 Exam Link: Mock Test 6 : January 23 Exam Link:
posted May 10 in From GO Admins gatecse
edited May 10 by gatecse
Instead of preparing themselves for M.Tech courses at IITs some of those who got good rank in GATE have been seen promoting their stuffs and even sharing referrals to coaching institutes. For any serious candidate preparing for GATE all information should be available in the ... here. By sharing your notes if you believe you are helping aspirants - 99% you are not.
posted May 6 in From GO Admins gatecse 1,521 views
BITS HD 2021 FORMS ARE OUT. BITS HD 2021 Exam fee details Last Date 29/05/2021 BITS HD Online Test 26th & 27th June 2021 For more visit here: Important Dates Admission can take either gate mode or non-gate mode or you can apply in both modes. Apply for both computer science as well as a software system for this exam. The exam date may be extended like last year due to covid-19 time. All the best.
posted Apr 25 in Exam Application Hira Thakur
edited Apr 25 by Arjun
Booking for GATE Overflow Book for GATE CSE 2022 is now open. This is the third edition of this book updated with GATE 2020 and 2021 questions. Details of last edition on Amazon (now out of stock) can be seen at Edition 2. Edit (June 15): Second set of ... : For those ordering from now, book shipping date will be around July 15
posted Apr 19 in From GO Admins Arjun
edited May 26 by Arjun
You can now add subject filtering in Pragy’s App to view your marks excluding any set of subjects and also see the set and normalized ranks with the selected filter. This way you can identify the subjects where you performed the best and not so the best. Try it now… Suggestions welcome...
posted Mar 29 in From GO Admins Arjun 1,112 views
HI ALL, TIFR has released questions for GS 2021. You can download the pdf from the link mentoned below for your reference. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED PDF FOR QUESTIONS :) THANKS
posted Mar 24 in Others ijnuhb 618 views
Hello EveryOne...!! We would like to use your comments as a Testimonial to help future GATE Aspirants, that they can benefit from preparing with GATE. Please add a Testimonial under the Testimonials category and the 2021 subcategory.
posted Mar 21 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13 293 views
PROJECT ASSOCIATE I in the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC): Educational Qualifications: MCA/BE/B.Tech (CS/IT) or Equivalent with First Class as declared by the University (Second Class in case of candidates ... in the interview. Full Details:
posted Mar 15 in Job Openings soujanyareddy13 390 views
Rank estimates have been adjusted to reduce the pulse rate of aspirants as official results have not come yet. This should be pretty accurate unless you get +- marks due to answer key change. Estimate GATE 2021 Rank - See How Others Performed
posted Mar 15 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13 1,743 views
Duolingo: Quick, Easy, and Free Way to Learn A Language. Certify your English proficiency today...!! No test centers. No appointments. You can take the Duolingo English Test online. This English test has similar sections like IELTS. The four sections on ... many universities across the globe. These days many are opting for Duolingo English tests for Canada.
posted Mar 15 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13 219 views
14 - Must be debated, C;D should be given marks. Probability of success 70%. Ambiguity can be seen in different answers here. Also as per the interpretation of the options used for the ... in practical implementation and so both should be given marks. More details. Probability of success 30%. (compiler people are hard to convince)
posted Feb 27 in From GO Admins gatecse
edited Feb 27 by gatecse
Those who are interested in coding - we have a extension work for Pragy's app which will be run as a contest. The requirement is given in below link- it is given as a Github project so that those who are not familiar with it can get used to it. The ... get a Rs 5000 cash prize from GO. Details are given in the below discussion URL.
posted Feb 20 in From GO Admins Arjun
closed Feb 22 by gatecse
Another opportunity is waiting for you. IIIT Hyderabad portal is live now. for PGEE 2021 (Mtech/MS/Ph.D): Admission mode is written test+ interview Last date: 24 March 2021 Date of exam 18 April 2021 Ref: 1) PGEE 2021 2) Apply here 3)Eligibility Criteria
posted Feb 19 in Exam Application Hira Thakur 2,649 views
Pragys app now live for $\text{GATE CSE 2021},$ for set$1$ and set$2$. Everyone can check the marks and ranks here: Your Score and where your stand with others: ... so normalization can play a crucial role. Explanation of the Contents of Pragys App Video Link:
posted Feb 19 in From GO Admins Lakshman Patel RJIT
edited Feb 24 by soujanyareddy13
Guys, there is no post regarding the gate 2021 set 1. So i thought of creating one. So guys start commenting and share your experience regarding the gate 2021 set 1. I am an ECE graduate gave GATE CSE 2021. This was my second attempt, in gate 2020 ... EDIT 2: Arjun sir said praggy App will be active from tomorrow i.e 19 feb
posted Feb 15 in Exam Results Ashutosh777
edited Feb 18 by Ashutosh777
Hi, since there was no posts on today's exam I thought I'll create one. I felt it was moderate to difficult and lengthy. What about you guys, how did it go ? Some questions were really easy but I felt if I had more time I could have solved them. Questions from COA were ... for GATE. (Thanks @arjun sir and GO team) P.S I had only 2 months to prepare for GATE. All the best for next year guys .
posted Feb 13 in Exam Results goldenface
edited Feb 13 by goldenface
Hello Everyone...!! Mock Test 5 of GO Test Series 2021 will be live from tomorrow morning 6am until Wednesday evening 11:59pm for ranking purpose. Questions and answer keys will remain the same until Wednesday midnight and any wrong answer key will be Marks to All like ... 1 and 2 marks being jumbled for the first time in GATE 2021:
posted Feb 8 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13
edited Feb 11 by Arjun