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Congratulations to all the GATE toppers. Please fill your GATE result response here

Previous year data can be seen here.

Responses: See here

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Know Your Marks & Predicated Rank for GATE CSE 2023 Today.

Click Here: GATEOverflow GATE CSE Rank Predictor

Video Instructions: Know about GATEOverflow GATE Rank Predictor 

GATEOverflow Answer Key for GATE CSE 2023: GO Answer Key GATE 2023

Salient Features of GO Predictor:

  1. The Most Accurate rank predictor for GATE CSE.
  2. The first GATE rank predictor, developed 7 years ago, by Pragy, and maintained by GATEOverflow since then.
  3. No login required. No mobile number required. 
  4. No wait. No delay. No timer. Get your predicted result within 2-3 seconds.



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Hi All,

Find the GATE CSE 2023 Memory Based Questions & Analysis in this blog.

All Questions –


$\color{\red}{\text{Theory of Computation:}}$

Question 1: PDA Push Down Automata Question

Question 2: Context Free Grammar But Language Regular

Question 3: Number of States in the Minimal DFA

Question 4: Intersection Closure Property based Question

Question 5: DFA to Regular Expression question: 1(0+11)*

$\color{\red}{\text{Compiler Design:}}$

Question 1: Lexical Analysis & NFA question (Digit, Letter)

Question 2: SDT Question: String 10#011

Question 3: Liveness Analysis of Control Flow Graph


Question 1: Degree(Arity) of a Relation

Question 2: SQL question Number of Tuples

Question 3: Primary Index on Data File, Binary Search

$\color{\red}{\text{Computer Organization & Architecture COA:}}$

Question 1: 8-way Set Associative Cache, Tag Bits

Question 2: Pipeline 3 Stages, 100 Instructions

Question 3: Assembly Code, U1,U2,U3,U4 Question

$\color{\red}{\text{Operating Systems OS:}}$

Question 1: Semaphore Question, Binary & Counting Semaphore

Question 2: LRU Question, Number of Page Faults

Question 3: Multi-Level Paging, Number of Levels

Question 4: Starvation in which CPU Scheduling 

Question 5: Threads need to save  stack pointer, PC, page table base register

$\color{\red}{\text{Computer Networks:}}$

Question 1: DNS + HTTP question, 10 objects, pipelined persistent connection


Question 1: BFS question value of B(Φ)

Question 2: Heap Extract min, insert

Question 3: Output of C program static x

Question 4: C function all activation tree

Question 5: Algo: Two function comparison

Question 6: Singly Linked list Doubly Linked List

$\color{\red}{\text{Engineering Maths:}}$

Question 1: Probability Independent Events Coin Toss

$\color{\red}{\text{Discrete Mathematics:}}$

Question 1: First Order Logic question, P(x) --> Q(x,y)

Question 2: Greedy Graph Coloring Algorithm

Question 3: Group Theory Question

Question 4: Permutation question, Separating Permutations of A,B

Question 5: Equivalence Classes, Surjective Function Question

$\color{\red}{\text{Complete Analysis of GATE 2023 Paper:}}$ 

Share more Memory Based GATE CSE 2023 questions in the comments.

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Thank you for Loving $\color{red}{\text{GO Classes All India Mock Tests (AIMTs)}}$  and Test Series. 

Comment your Feedback about GO Classes AIMTs & Test Series here: 

$\color{green}{\text{GO Classes All India Mock Test 3:}}$

EVERYONE can attempt this mock test to get the Taste of Actual GATE exam

$\color{green}{\text{GO Classes All India Mock Test 2:}}$

Comment your feedback about GO Classes AIMT-2 here:

GO Classes AIMT 2 Feedback & Review 

GO Classes All India Mock Test 1: 

$\color{green}{\text{Detailed Video Solutions Here:}}$ 

Hi all,

We are going to release the All India GO Classes Mock Tests (On Sundays) from 9:30 AM to 12:30PM. The tests will be open for the given time period only. Students will not be able to attempt it later. 

1. This test is open to all students across India. (enrolled and non-enrolled students)

2. The test will be having the same pattern as GATE.

3. Since this test will be very close to GATE 23, so better to take it as a real GATE.

4. All questions will be standard and well-framed.

5. Most of the questions will be in an easy to moderate space.

6. Ranking will be published immediately after the test.

7. There will be a live discussion of solutions after a few hours of test

8. Toppers will also get surprise gifts.

9. Test questions are aimed to focus on concepts rather than lengthy calculations

Watch this video for details:

GO Classes All India Mock Test(Free for ALL) 

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You can now download the prereleases of GATE Overflow books for previous year questions of TIFR, ISRO, UGCNET and NIELIT. Please add any issues or feedbacks for the books as comments here/Github issue which needs to be addressed before the final release.

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Once GATE Overflow Telegram group was taken down because some user shared a copyrighted Aptitude book (of course it was a planned move by someone to take down all other groups in GATE domain). Now, we are sharing the Aptitude PDF compiled mainly from previous year CAT and NIELIT questions. Not yet there but soon we’ll make it GATE CSE PDF standard.

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Machine Learning benchmarking is considered a difficult task mainly because there are a lot of flexible components unlike typical CPU benchmarking. By using MLCommons CK our aim is to make this difficult task as easy as possible. Over the previous rounds of MLPerf submissions more than 50% of the submissions are powered by CK and we are trying to make even more submissions during the next round (around January 2023). If you are confused what this is all about just try the below commands and if you are curious to know more then join our Telegram group.

Those interested in modular ML benchmarking can also join our WG for weekly conf-calls.

PS: Only commonsense and a system with 100 GB or more disk space is the requirement. The benchmarks should run on almost any laptop or desktop and even a Raspberry Pi. They are tested on Linux and MacOS.

python3 -m pip install cmind
cm pull repo [email protected]
cm run script --tags=app,mlperf,_resnet50,_onnxruntime  --env.OUTPUT_DIR=$HOME/final_results \
--env.CM_LOADGEN_MODE=performance --env.CM_LOADGEN_SCENARIO=Offline \
--add_deps.loadgen.version=r2.1 --add_deps_recursive.inference-src.tags=_octoml 
cm run script --tags=app,mlperf,_resnet50,_onnxruntime  --env.OUTPUT_DIR=$HOME/final_results \
--env.CM_LOADGEN_MODE=accuracy --env.CM_LOADGEN_SCENARIO=Offline \
--add_deps.loadgen.version=r2.1 --add_deps_recursive.inference-src.tags=_octoml 


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For printing GO books for GATE CSE we have done a lot of Tikz images and they all add a layer of beauty to the GO books. To enable all CS students to draw nice Tikz diagrams for CS relevant matters we are sharing Tikz codes for all major images in this Github project. This is an initial draft and more images will be added soon.

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We are happy to announce a scholarship test for the students who want to prepare for GATE 2023. 

Exam starts


DATE: 7th AUGUST 2022

Scholarship up to 100% for 200 Students

Top 25 rankers - 100% scholarship

26-50 rankers - 75% scholarship

51-100 rankers - 50% scholarship

101-200 rankers - 20% scholarship

Syllabus: C programming and Discrete Mathematics (Graph Theory, Set Theory, Combinatorics, Functions, Recurrence Relations)


Full video about the test:

Registration of Scholarship Test:

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If $user_A$ commented on a specific Answer/Question, then $user_A$ will notified via Email/Notification icon of all subsequent comments. It will be useful in most of the times but sometimes you may not willing to join in unnecessary discussions. Sadly, you can’t avoid that, On other hand $user_A$ can’t join in a discussion until $user_A$ commented on specific Answer/Question. These two features are implemented now in GO site in the form of Follow/Unfollow on every answer/question.


Thanks to @Arjun Sir
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We are happy to announce the release of Standard book questions on GO site as a PDF. This being the first release is a draft one.


Upcoming ones

  3. NIELIT Aptitude
  6. CAT (Aptitude)
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We are glad to announce scholarships for GO Classes – currently we have about 3 full scholarships available thanks to donation from Pragy Agarwal – (everyone who gave GATE should know of Pragy’s app). Please fill in the form here and scholarships will be given to the eligible one by June end. This is applicable even for already enrolled students.

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It is high time we honour the contributors to GATE Overflow. I’m trying to collect all major contributors year wise (top 3 contributors for every year). Please add to comments if any one is missed for any given year. It is extremely hard as there are many more very useful contributions here. We’ll keep this post open until May 22. 

Lifetime Contributors (main non-student contributors, not necessarily on GO site): Omesh PanditaKathleen Bansken, Praveen Saini, Pragy Agarwal, Happy Mittal, Sankaranarayanan, Debashish Deka, Digvijay Pandey, Bikram Ballav, Shaik Masthan, Suraj Kumar, Arindam Sarkar

Until 2017: Manu Thakur, Rajarshi Sarkar, Deepak Poonia, Sachin Mittal, Pooja Palod, Akash Kanase

2018: Rishabh Gupta, Silpa V. S., Anurag Pandey

2019: Prashanth Singh

2020: Jeet Rajput, Hira Thakur

2021: Ankit GuptaShaik Masthan, Nikhil Dhama

2022: ...

Other top scoring contributors: Habibkhan, Mandira Mukherjee, Sanjay SharmaKapil Phulwani, Shekhar ChauhanAyush UpadhyayaLeenSharmaAkash Dinkar

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Students can now Subscribe for $\color{red}{\text{“All 15 Mock Tests by GATEOverflow + GO Classes”}}$ package:

Announcing the release of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATE CSE 2023 in combination with GO Classes Test Series.

You can see the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts please drop a comment to this post..!!

Schedule of Tests

Copy friendly link of schedule

Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  4. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  5. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  6. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  7. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year papers are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)
  8. All test series subscribers will get verified access on the GATE Overflow site (no ads and unrestricted access to all previous year exams for PSUs, NIELIT and ISRO). Those who have already paid for verified access will automatically get that amount reduced in the subscription amount. 

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2023

Subscribe the combined test series now for ₹ 1998 (not 1199*2) (The test access will be removed by April 12, 2023). You can also subscribe only one of the tests individually at ₹ 1199. Those who paid ₹ 360 for verified access will automatically pay that amount less for the subscription.

You should login and if you do not have a GO account you can just register for free. GO contributors are given discount for test series access like follow

Discounts for GO contributors

  • All editors on GATE Overflow site can get test series access for ₹ $1199$ (only ₹ 10 for GATE Overflow test series alone)
  •  All GO users having $5000+$ user points on GATE Overflow site as of April 12, 2022 also get test series access for ₹ $1199$ (only ₹ 10 for GATE Overflow test series alone)
  • All GO users having $2000+$ user points on GATE Overflow site as of April 12, 2022 also get test series access for ₹ $1499$ (only ₹ 500 for GATE Overflow test series alone)
  • If you have any bonus points (which are given for good behaviour) same will be reduced from your test series amount up until the last $1199$ – that is, if you have $1000$ bonus points, test access will be given for ₹ $1199$ 
  • GATE 2022 test series subscribers can get test access for ₹ $1499$ (only ₹ 500 for GATE Overflow test series alone)
  • GO Classes registered students get ₹ 100 off for the combined test series or just GO classes test series

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We are happy to announce a competition for ML enthusiasts. The task is to identify the topic of a given Computer Science question (as in GO PDF). We had run a similar competition some years back and IIST students Silpa and Navneet were the winners. 

Cash Prize: Rs. 15,000

Contest Ending Date: May 8, 2022


First prize is shared by Rituraj and Rohan, both from IISc. Congratulations!!!

Submission by Rituraj:

Submission by Rohan

Both submissions were evaluated on a different test data.

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For quite sometime emails from GATE Overflow to hotmail and outlook servers were being bounced. Thanks to the help of Microsoft team, this problem is now resolved and so GO users can use hotmail/outlook emails from now.
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We are happy to announce PIP mode enablement on GO site thanks to @Shaik Masthan. You can view question side by side with any answer or comment as shown below.

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