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HI ALL, TIFR has released questions for GS 2021. You can download the pdf from the link mentoned below for your reference. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED PDF FOR QUESTIONS :) THANKS
posted Mar 24 in Others ijnuhb 617 views
IIT Delhi CSE Dept. has released the interview shortlists for both MS-R and PhD. Shortlisting criteria and the shortlists themselves are here – If you think you should be shortlisted as per the criteria, but didn’t receive the email – check your spam, and then contact the department directly (contacts at the link).
posted May 23, 2020 in Others shashin 1,173 views
posted Mar 28, 2020 in Others mehul vaidya 1,255 views
So let's talk about M.Tech placements in IIIT A. Before you question my authenticity , I'm the current placement coordinator of M.Tech at IIIT Allahabad so you are reading the most accurate stats and opinions. Disclaimer : Note that the following answers are purely personal. ... doubts you can reach out to me on facebook. I would like to thank my friend Bavani for helping me edit this post! :)
posted Mar 27, 2020 in Others Sumanth Sunny 5,917 views
Response sheet is out.
posted Feb 12, 2020 in Others Anshul999 14,410 views
Given below is the official notification released by MHRD. Rumours are that fee hike would be $900 \%$ i.e. Rs. $50000$ per semester and also the scholarship will now only provided to only deserving students for M.Tech $2020$ Batch onwards. Just writing ... to study at IITs that no student will be deprived of opportunity for education because of weak financial condition. $-$ With Love from MHRD
posted Sep 30, 2019 in Others Satbir
edited Sep 30, 2019 by Satbir
The round was supposed to begin today but no offers have been made as of now (2:35 PM) or at least any offers can’t be seen on COAP. There is some buzz that the offers will appear around 5PM today. Go here to check your offers. Update: Offers in round 2 are available.
posted May 24, 2019 in Others gmrishikumar
edited May 24, 2019 by gmrishikumar
posted Apr 8, 2019 in Others Abhishek Gupta 1 546 views
NITK surathkal has upgraded its course in the Department of Mathematics. Intially course name was computational mathematics now its been upgraded by the mathematics department. I feel its good time to share with u all. 1.POSTER 2.REVISED CURRICULUM
posted Apr 6, 2019 in Others focus _GATE 1,129 views
Dear students, As we believe feed back system is the best tool to improve the services, GATEBOOK would like to know how tests helped you in your preparation and what additional things if added would help the future aspirants. Please take some time and give genuine feed back. Please fill below form to give your feed back.
posted Apr 5, 2019 in Others GATEBOOK
edited Apr 5, 2019 by GATEBOOK
IF anyone belonging to center code ‘4035’ hasn’t seen the update, just to inform u, the center “PIXN Technology Pvt Ltd, Burdwan, Pin code : 713104” has been changed to “University Institute of Technology, The University of Burdwan, Golapbag (North), G.T. Road Burdwan, West Bengal, Pin code : 713104” You can check it here on
posted Jan 26, 2019 in Others ssanjeev24 552 views
Admit Card released You can download now
posted Jan 4, 2019 in Others Gate2022 1,271 views
posted Jun 22, 2018 in Others Devshree Dubey 235 views
BITS HD results are out in their website.I got selected for BITS Goa Computer Science,I think I gave preference for BITS Goa CSE more than SS test in Pilani.I scored more in SS test but got into CSE.
posted May 30, 2018 in Others Surajit 6,465 views
Check this link for final answer keys:
posted Mar 13, 2018 in Others Shikha Mallick 1,109 views
Kindly have a glance at this piece of information
posted Feb 26, 2018 in Others Devshree Dubey 1,287 views
ISRO has again released advertisement for vacancies this time bit more for CSE. Exam date - 22nd April 2018. Last date to register - 20th Feb 2018
posted Jan 31, 2018 in Others Indranil Maji 1,660 views
TIFR released the answer key of computer and system science paper along with shortlisted candidate list for interview. Link for answer key: Shortlisted students list: ... for the interview then please comment your marks. According to answer key my marks is 58 but not selected for the interview.
posted Jan 24, 2018 in Others ShiveshRoy
edited Jan 24, 2018 by ShiveshRoy
Hi Guys, I am unable to pay fee for NLC India application. It seems their web-site is not updated. are you also facing the same problem ?
posted Jan 12, 2018 in Others Chhotu
closed Jan 12, 2018 by Chhotu
Hi Guys, I think there is no job for computer science student via GATE - 2018 in power grid. am i right ? PS: No PSU pays salary equivalent to Power Grid for CS student :(
posted Jan 12, 2018 in Others Chhotu
closed Jan 12, 2018 by Chhotu