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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) - GS-2021 application portal is live now. Application starts: 4 January 2021 Last date : 31 January 2021 Exam date : 7 March 2021
posted Jan 4 in Exam Application himanshu2021 1,612 views
$\textrm{GATE 2021 exam schedule is released.}$ GATE 2021 - Examination Schedule Date Time Paper 13 Feb 2021 9:30am-12:30pm(Forenoon) CS-1 13 Feb 2021 3:00-6:00pm(Afternoon) CS-2
posted Dec 11, 2020 in Exam Application Hira Thakur
edited Dec 12, 2020 by anonymous
Nielit releases answer key of scientist B and Technical assistant post
posted Nov 25, 2020 in Exam Application shubham shende 4,343 views
Just wanted to give some information on the GO Test series. Though about 200 people have registered for the tests, there have been less than 30 taken on average for tests. This shows that most of you are either postponing the tests or ignoring the subject tests. ... Questions won't be getting easier at least until the full length mock tests - where we shall try to simulate the actual GATE.
posted Sep 14, 2020 in From GO Admins gatecse 5,985 views
GATE 2021 - Online registration portal Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, for GATE 2021 has officially opened the online registration portal, GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) today (11th September 2020). The application portal is live now. Link: Last date: $30^{th}$ ... .
posted Sep 11, 2020 in Exam Application Hira Thakur 2,331 views
GATE 2021 Broucher $\textrm{Application Date Start:$14^{th}$ Sept 2020}$ $\textrm{Last Date of Examination form: $30^{th}$ Sept 2020 (without late fee)}$ $\textrm{Exam fee same as every year.}$ $\textrm{New in GATE 2021 :}$ $\textrm{$3^{rd ... $\textrm{For more information visit Brochure.}$
posted Aug 7, 2020 in Exam Application Hira Thakur
edited Aug 7, 2020 by Hira Thakur
This is a form for filling details of Post Graduate Admission in Computer Science through GATE or some other exams such as PGEE, BITS HD, PSUs, and Others for the reference of future applicants.…/1FAIpQLSe9wCQg5E6A1HDxW1…/viewform
posted Jun 10, 2020 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13 1,344 views
Hello Everyone....!! Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE - 2021. You can check the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts can drop a comment to this post..!! Schedule EDIT: ... etc. which can be taken freely by any user) Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2021 Subscribe Now for Rs. 1200
posted May 26, 2020 in From GO Admins soujanyareddy13
edited Oct 26, 2020 by gatecse
IIT Delhi CSE Dept. has released the interview shortlists for both MS-R and PhD. Shortlisting criteria and the shortlists themselves are here – If you think you should be shortlisted as per the criteria, but didn’t receive the email – check your spam, and then contact the department directly (contacts at the link).
posted May 23, 2020 in Others shashin 1,137 views
Hi Everyone, I am Abhilash Bhardwaj ( ), last time (DRDO- Advt -136 for Scientist-B) I was one of selected students for Scientist -B position in Computer Science discipline. I will include some ... ML and Security, interested people can contact me. I will post my DRDO interview experience after descriptive examination. Thanks for reading !!!
posted May 14, 2020 in Job Openings kumarab 3,117 views
The schedule followed by GO for GATE2021 Please do not listen to what random people say about the schedule. This is a relaxed one and so you should not keep any topics for later thinking you have time. GO Test Series for GATE 2021 Advantages of following this schedule: It is not ... : December 28 Mock Test 2 : January 4 Mock Test 3 : January 11 Mock Test 4 : January 18 Mock Test 5 : January 25
posted May 4, 2020 in From GO Admins Arjun
edited Nov 20, 2020 by anonymous
At 9pm on April 10. Please add your questions as chat comment from now onwards.
posted Apr 7, 2020 in From GO Admins Arjun
edited Apr 8, 2020 by Arjun
posted Mar 28, 2020 in Others mehul vaidya 1,236 views
So let's talk about M.Tech placements in IIIT A. Before you question my authenticity , I'm the current placement coordinator of M.Tech at IIIT Allahabad so you are reading the most accurate stats and opinions. Disclaimer : Note that the following answers are purely personal. ... doubts you can reach out to me on facebook. I would like to thank my friend Bavani for helping me edit this post! :)
posted Mar 27, 2020 in Others Sumanth Sunny 3,735 views
After GATE most of you will have one main question - where will I get admit. For this, last year cutoff is a good metric. But again many of the cutoffs are not available. Thanks to most of the available details and also any relevant official links can be ... their business I'm not a life coach - I'm only passing you whatever information I have. Please do not ask me for advise.
posted Mar 23, 2020 in From GO Admins Arjun 2,811 views
BITS HD 2020 form is out. Please check here: Important Dates: Exam fee: 1) Via Gate Score: Rs 1000/- 2) Via BITS HD online test: Rs 3300/- Last date: 27/04/2020 Exam date: 16/05/2020,23/05/2020
posted Mar 21, 2020 in Exam Application Hira Thakur 1,003 views
Please fill in your GATE 2020 Results here: Please visit the below blog for seeing detailed admission response of GATE 2019 and this can tell you what you can get for a given rank. Use GATE rank for comparison and not GATE score. ... -1500 you'll be getting calls for interviews and you can make use of the experiences given below. Responses
posted Mar 14, 2020 in From GO Admins Arjun 4,262 views
GATE Final answer keys are out. Request to admins to kindly update answer keys in the GO marks predictor. Would be very helpful for all of us. Thanks a lot to you in advance for all the efforts Update: GO keys have been updated accordingly, showing correct keys according to official.
posted Mar 13, 2020 in Exam Results sladewinter
edited Mar 13, 2020 by sladewinter
NIMCET-2020 Information Brochure Seat Matrix Important Dates
posted Mar 12, 2020 in Exam Application KUSHAGRA गुप्ता 436 views