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Day Date Contents Slides Assignments 1 Oct 15 Introduction to Computer Networks Networks- links and nodes, Based on links- simplex, half duplex, full duplex Based on connection- point to point, multipoint Circuit switching- dedicated channel is required, not efficient Packet ... seq number packet is acknowledged. Sequence number selection- problems Sender window size less than (max seq num + 1)/2
posted Oct 29, 2018 in Computer Networks Manoja Rajalakshmi A 723 views
posted Jul 9, 2017 in Computer Networks Prateek Raghuvanshi 2,816 views
Consider a TCP connection with 10 ms round-trip time, max segment size = 2 KB, receiver window = 64 KB. Suppose packet #4 timed out and all other transmissions were successful. RTO value is 50 ms. Calculate the time required to reach the receiver window size. Assume RTT is fixed.
posted Aug 25, 2016 in Computer Networks Sandeep Verma 415 views
Important Questions More Questions Good problems on Sliding Window Protocols:
posted Aug 18, 2015 in Computer Networks Arjun 7,082 views
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