Recent posts in Digital Logic

Recent posts in Digital Logic

July 23 - Number Representation: Binary/Octal/Hexadecimal conversions, BCD/Excess 3 codes, Fixed Point Arithmetic

July 24 - Number Representation: Floating point arithmetic, IEEE 754 - normalized form, denormalized form, smallest/largest positive normalized/denormalized numbers, special values

July 26 - Number Representation, r's and (r-1)'s complement, Overflow for signed numbers, Carry for unsigned numbers

July 27 - Boolean Algebra, Minimization using K'map, Don't cares, Minimal SOP and POS canonical forms

July 28 - Combinational Circuits - Half/Full Adders/Subtractors, BCD to Excess 3 converter,  No. of NAND/NOR Gates required

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July 31 - Combinational Circuits - Comparator, Decoder/DeMultiplexer, ROM, PLA, FlipFlops, Shift Registers

Aug 1 - Asynchronous/Ripple Counters, Synchronous Counters, Multiplexer/Encoder, Booth's Multiplication Algorithm

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Logic Gates [closed]


what will be the solution

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Sorry for the delay. After a long wait, Digital Logic Chapter is now complete. Next one is Computer Organization and Architecture. Thanks to @Srestha, @Bikram for the contents and also @Praneeth for the latex book. Please give feedback.



Except Notes Part of all the Subjects - Download

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