Recent posts in Interview Experience

Recent posts in Interview Experience


Advertisement date: Oct 2019

Exam: Jan 2020

Shortlist for the interview: May 2020 

now coming to my interview 

Interview Experience :

Date of interview-  4th/March /2021 

Venue- DOS,Delhi

Interview mode: Zoom call in ISRO center (thanks to covid)

Reporting Time- 8:30 AM.

My interview was started at approx 11:00 am.

After entering the interview hall, I was connected with 5 ISRO centers over ZOOM call(around 15-18 scientists overall)

Transcript notation -> <center> : <message/interaction>

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IIT Madras MS (CSE) Interview

Date: 20-07-2020

Online Interview (Google Meet)

There are 5 interviewers in panel

Prof1 : (smiling) Devendhar right….?

Me : Yes sir

Prof1:  You from Telangana ?

Me: Yes sir

Prof1:  How are you? and is everything fine ?

Me : Im fine sir, thank you.

Prof1: How is the covid situation in your town?

Me: Now...

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Hello Everyone !!!

The written exam happened on 12th Jan 2020 and the shortlist for the interview came on 9th May 2020. I was not much confident about the ISRO examination result but I got shortlisted for the interview.

Interview Experience :

Date of interview-  10th – March -2021 

Venue- NRSC Guest House Conference Hall, Balanagar, Hyderabad.

Time- 8:30 AM.

In the big reception hall, everyone was asked to sit and wait for their turn. At appx. 8:30 AM, they verified the documents and covid...

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ISRO - Dreams do come true

Since 2017 , I have been reading the success stories of many ISRO aspirants of CSE from various source and always had dreamed about writing a success story. I guess the day has finally arrived. Failures have been my constant companion , but it laid the stones to my success finally. Let me give you a brief background about myself.

I am Sandeep Nithyanandan. I am 2016 graduated from Sreepathy Institute of Management and Technology , a private engineering college in Kerala . I completed my in Computational Linguistics , from GEC Palakkad in Kerala in 2019. I have been working since then in a private firm.
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first search for how to apply for MS at IIT KGP. (it’s a complete different process)

There were different panelists with different domains, level questions keep increasing as you give the answers.

Q. What is BST?
Q. BST search complexity average and worst and when worst?

they’ll share a google doc with you to write on it as they can see it too.

Q. complexity of quicksort?
Q. write pseudo code for quicksort partition function?
Q write recursive call function of quicksort?
Q. Given this array, apply quicksort on this?
    → I totally did forget how to write...
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I’ll be quick,

Q. tell me about yourself ?
→ talk more about your projects, not anything else, they’ll simply ignore anything else. If you mentioned a lot of new technology in it, your interview might run on its way, for me, I kept it in the direction of what subjects I prepared.

Q. what subjects you prepared?
→ mostly DS, algo, OS, linear algebra is sufficient.

Q. What is Rank in a matrix?
→ some follow up questions on it

Q. What is BST?

Q. Explain NP problems?

Q. what is deadlock?

Q. how to remove deadlocks?


Result →...
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Platform: Google Meet

Research Stream Preference: Intelligent Systems (background subject: linear algebra and probability theory)

There were three professors in the panel, only two of them asked me questions. I will refer them by I1 and I2.

I1: Read out my application, mentioned my GATE score and rank, department preferences, labs selected, and asked about my BTech CGPA

He asked me why I did not apply for direct PhD and explained me benefits of doing direct PhD.

I1: What are the subjects that you have prepared for the interview?

Me: Sir, I have prepared background subjects linear...

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Platform: Hackerearth

Maximum Score: 50.0


7 General MCQs (5.0 marks each)

There is lockdown due to covid.

Ram and Gopal have decided to meet at a bus stop between 2PM to 3PM. At the bus stop a person can wait only upto 15 minutes.

If a person comes to the bus stop, he will wait for 15 minutes, or upto 3 PM, or till the other person comes up, whichever event happens earlier.

What is the probability that Ram gets covid given that Gopal is covid positive?

a. 3/4

b. 3/16

c. 1/4

d. 13/16

Consider 3 equations -

$x-y+2z =...

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Hello everyone.I hope you all are doing well.

Here are my GATE 2021 credentials:

Name-Akshat Kumar




Category-Non EWS General

B.E/B.Tech branch-Printing Engineering

Since I had less chances of getting CDS coursework and was anyway somewhat more inclined towards research, I decided to apply for MTech research.

Firstly,candidates where shortlisted based on their GATE scores for the written test which would be used to shortlist for interviews.Unlike 2020 where cutoff was an astonishingly high 845 GATE score for written test, this year the cut off was a generous...

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For 2021 Selection Criteria for IISc CDS: GATE score 70% + 30% written test and interview

Written Test Questions [Total Marks: 40]:    (Time: 1 hour 30 minutes)

There were 5 MCQ Questions, each carrying 5 Marks [5x5=25] from the domain:

Linear Algebra (Especially, basic properties of different matrices and eigenvalues) Probability (Classical) Combinatorics Graph Plotting

There were 2 Programming Questions [5+10=15]:

Check if the input array is in strictly non-decreasing order or not. [5 Marks] The input sample Matrix M is of size n x n. Given, Filter Matrix W is of size m x m. Perform Convolution and find out...
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by aryan1

Primary Interactions:

First, they have read out my application, asked about the choices and preference order of departments. Then I was asked about my GPA. Next, they asked me about my future plans and favourite subjects.


All the elements of a NxN matrix are 1. Can you guess at least one eigen value, quickly? Give reason in support of your answer. I is an identity matrix of size NxN. U is a column vector of size Nx1. It is given, $U^TU\neq O$ and $UU^T$ is of size NxN. The following equation holds: $[I - \alpha [UU^T]]U = - U$ where $\alpha$ is a scalar. Find the value of scalar $\alpha$ and also...
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by aryan1
My gate score 593

Btech percentage was 81.38. the cutoff for self sponsored category was 80% in BTech.

My interview was on Webex,Their were two professors in the panel.

professor 1:

1. tell me about yourself? ( told and i also told them about my fav subjects algo , os and linear algebra) are given an array of length 'n'. How will you find the maximum and minimum element in the given array.( they shared me a link , where I had to write the pseudocode of this.)


3.what is Bankers algorithm?


4.will there be a deadlock if...
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by Surajs1
I am Revanth ,with Gate Rank:2836 and Score-561 Category -GEN-EWS

IITJ has above 600 cutt off for with fellowship Category or Via COAP- so I applied via self sponsored mode for CS and With out Fellowship for AI I got shortlisted for both categories and both interviews happened at same time.

Interview Experience,

1-  Introduce Yourself ?

2-  What is your preference CS/AI ?

3-  Programming question-Find Second Largest Number in Array on Single Go(Single For Loop Logic) ?

4- What is Use of Pointers ?

5-  What is Difference Between Primary and Secondary Memory ?
revanthsai87 posted in Interview Experience Jun 11

I received an email on 14th May from the program coordinator at IIT Indore saying that I had been shortlisted for the interview round. My interview was scheduled for 17th May between 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Now, after my GATE results, I was a little heartbroken knowing that I wouldn’t make it to the IITs but I had consoled myself with the hope of getting into something like IIIT Bangalore. When I got the email though, I quickly realized that I was very ill-prepared for any technical interview as I had not studied anything GATE-related after 13th February. So I took a one-day leave from an internship I am doing and started going through GeeksForGeeks and...

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Greetings to all, I am Animesh. I have appeared in GATE 2021 and my gate score was 742 with a rank of 447 General Cat. Here I am posting various questions asked from me in different interviews for MS/M.Tech Research courses.

Note: My interest lies in Machine Learning and AI, that’s why I prepared Linear algebra along with basics of ML for these interviews.

IISC Quantum Technology M.Tech interview questions : [This...
Animesh Sinha posted in Interview Experience May 30

Some memory based questions:

Time complexity to find the maximum element in the min heap and explain the method? Given an array of length $n$ and a number $x$ find out two such elements in the array such that their sum is equal to the number $x.$ Given an array of length $n,$ find two numbers such that their sum is equal to the rest of $n-2$ elements if there exist such case? Two linked lists are given and due to programming error end node of first linked list is now pointing to some node of second linked list, how will you find that node? and you don't know which one is $1^{\text{st}}$ linked list and which one is $2^{\text{nd}}.$ The data values are...
Lakshman Patel RJIT posted in Interview Experience May 26

Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$

Some memory based questions:

Yourself Write a program to find the $2^\text{nd}$ minimum number from an array in one pass. CMMI Levels Difference between Production environment and Deployment Environment. You have given some ingredients and you have to make a recipe out of it. Using graph theory terms explain this scenario how you will do it. If a matrix is invertible then what can you say about it. How to take inverse of a matrix
Lakshman Patel RJIT posted in Interview Experience May 26

Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$

Some memory based questions:

Yourself Why Data Science? If you have n numbers how many bits are required to present that numbers? If you have a matrix of $3\times 3$ which is not invertible then what you will say about the Rank of that matrix. How many probability distribution function are there which you know? Explain Binomial distribution? Mean and variance? In which distribution Mean and variance are same? You have given a number; you have to find the number of digits which are divisible by $3.$ Eg. If number is $123$ then it...
Lakshman Patel RJIT posted in Interview Experience May 26

Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$

Some memory based questions:

How many Prime numbers are there in universe? How will you prove that there are infinite prime numbers? You have given an empty stack which can hold atmost $3$ elements, what will be the top of stack after following operations: Push $6,$ Push $4,$ Push $1,$ Push $5,$ Pop, Pop n=10 Fun(n) { while(n>0) { printf(n); Fun(n-1); } }

How many maximum regions will be there when we draw $19$ lines on the plane?

You have a binary tree with $n_{1}$...

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Prof - Hello , Please introduce yourself .

Me - Introduced .

Prof - Given an array can you write code to find minimum and maximum of array .

Me - Yes Sir

Here is the code I had written -
int max=arr[0];
int min=arr[0];
for(int i=1;i<n;i++)
   else if(a[i]>max)

Prof- Can you optimisze this code So that number of comparisons are reduced ?
Me - I started explaining Tournament Approach . In which total...
Mohit pal posted in Interview Experience May 26
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