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I had decided to prepare for gate-20 after scoring not so well in gate-19. Around 3 weeks ago, I received a MS interview call from IIT-Palakkad. So I decided to give the interview as I felt it would motivate me further to study well. So I went there... Firstly I ... . Now I am confused and apprehensive whether to join or not as it is a new IIT and this is the first batch. Please advise !!!
posted Jul 2, 2019 in Interview Experience oldDoctor 1,061 views
NAME - SHARAD SHUKLA.(GATE SCORE-751,RANK-437) I Will write only key points otherwise it will be very long. IIT MADRAS MS:- Around 380 students were called for written examination. In this firstly there were 30 questions, i attempted 25 and in this correct will be around 20 ... : can go now. RESULT : NOT SELECTED. Think before telling any formula that is is correct or not.don't go blindly.
posted Jun 29, 2019 in Interview Experience Sharad Shukla 5
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So as i begin, I started my GATE preparation exactly 5 months before the examination, but i was taking coaching from almost 1 year. I never realized the difficulty of this examination until i started studied seriously for the exam. i was able to complete 60-70% of my ... up if you fail, just remember you can come up strong every time you fall. All the best to everyone who is reading this!!
posted Jun 25, 2019 in Interview Experience Rupa Vanga 954 views
My background: BE in E&TC with 2 years of experience with Tata Elxsi where I worked on computer vision algorithms for ADAS domain. Left the job three months before GATE-19. PGEE entrance : The registration for the exam begins usually in 1st week of March. The exam for the year ... my Gate, I knew I was better. But that's another struggle. I would limit this post to PGEE and IIIT-H. Thank you.
posted Jun 21, 2019 in Interview Experience akshay_b 1,635 views
After 6 months of preparation of gate along with my software development job . I was screwed in my gate exam( venn diagram question of 2 marks, of which I found out correct answer but I don't know how other option got ticked which I came to know after seeing ... been asked previously. My advice to aspirants of gate and pgee is sometimes things go wrong but keep trying. Hard work always pays off.
posted Jun 20, 2019 in Interview Experience Shanu Gandhi 830 views
Before starting the interview experience let me tell you about my educational background. I am an Electrical engineering graduate from an NIT and wanted to pursue CS. So, I took a drop and prepared for gate CS...However, as things didn't go well on the D-day I was ... : 1) Good Profile 2) Good Technical Knowledge. 3)Maths matters a lot so prepare it well along with a couple of technical subjects.
posted Jun 20, 2019 in Interview Experience Vivekk 1,530 views
After Gate not going as per my expectations I had my only hopes left for IIITH.. 28th April 2019 The day for the written test.. The aptitude part was easy and I think practicing questions from india Bix is sufficient for it.. For the 2nd paper the previous year ... I am thankful to everyone who helped me throughout my journey.. my parents , gate overflow .. my friends for always motivating me!!!
posted Jun 19, 2019 in Interview Experience anjali007 841 views
I gave IIITH PGEE - 2019 on 28th April,2019. Written Exam consisted of two sections - 1. General Aptitude 2. Subject Paper (Computer Science in my case). (More information is here : General Aptitude section ... support which I got from these people. I'm going to accomplish my dream of studying in one of the finest institutes of India.
posted Jun 19, 2019 in Interview Experience Astitva Srivastava
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$\text{IISc CSA MTech (Research) Interview Experience}$ $\text{Gate Score-}$ 759 $\text{Gate Rank}$- 410 $\text{Category-}$ General - EWS $\text{Research Area -}$ Intelligent Systems $\text{Background Subjects- }$ 1. Linear Algebra 2. Probability Interviews were conducted over ... on the list. 5th June 4:07 PM - Received a mail - $\text{IISc Admissions 2019- MTech (Res) Programme Offer Letter.}$ 😍
posted Jun 15, 2019 in Interview Experience Soumya29
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Hello everyone, I am Nikhil Agrawal, a GATE Aspirant for the GATE 2019. Rank:450 Category : General Gate score: 748. I have written a blog which contains my interview experience at IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IISc Bangalore (CSA),IISc Bangalore (CDS). If you get ... Nikhil. Thanks. All the best to all the future Aspirants. I wish you will get what you want in life. Dreams do come true :)
posted Jun 13, 2019 in Interview Experience Nikhil Agrawal 4 674 views
Hello Everyone.. This is Tejasvi Sharma ,AIR -78. As my application number was even , so I was interviewed on 14 May. In morning around 9 , all the students were gathered in the conference room. Prof. Sarangi came and briefed us about the process and about the ... from the candidate and they also give some hints when we get stuck. Verdict- I got selected came to know after COAP round 2.
posted Jun 11, 2019 in Interview Experience Tejasvi96 1,049 views
Hi everyone, I am Sri vinod. I got a call of interview from Delhi. And my reg no. Is odd so interview was on 13th. Around 100+ students came on that day. Mine was started at 2.30pm INTERVIEW: There were two prof in the panel. Me: good afternoon sir. prof : ... completely and explained. Prof: ok thank you. You can go now. 10 days later I was waitlisted. But i joined iit madras even before result :)
posted Jun 10, 2019 in Interview Experience srivinodp 859 views
Reaching Gandhinagar The airport nearest to IITGn is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. Once at airport, it takes 20-25 minutes and approximately Rs. 300 to reach the campus. Once in campus, report to Gate 2. Though they didn't mention about providing ... ? A. No Sir. This was my interview experience at IITGn, I made it to the final admit list. Hope it helps.
posted Jun 9, 2019 in Interview Experience GATE_2020 680 views
GATE YEAR: 2019 GATE SCORE: 677 GATE RANK: 1046 CATEGORY: GENERAL Written test: Questions asked in the written test were of GATE level. The test covered almost all the GATE CS subjects, including signals and systems and aptitude. There were 2-4 questions from each subject. ... good experience. I got selected for MS. But I did not accept the offer because I got selected for Ph.D. at IIT Bombay.
posted Jun 4, 2019 in Interview Experience Omkar Tuppe 867 views
posted Jun 3, 2019 in Interview Experience Mriganka 728 views
GATE YEAR: 2019 GATE RANK: 1309 GATE SCORE: 655 CAT: OBC-NCL Not so happy with the gate result, with 57 marks I expected a rank below 1000, but as the paper was a bit easy, rank dropped to 1309. My hopes for in top IIT's are also ... it got me selected here. Success or failure, they are common, not giving up is much more important. Any queries are always welcome! [email protected]
posted Jun 1, 2019 in Interview Experience Saideepak Bejawada 1,494 views
This was rather a short interview that lasted for, maybe a decade of minutes. I enter the room. I was asked to sit. They asked me my place of origin, my college name, and my CGPA till the 7th semester, as I am a final year student. I will represent ... AI AS THEIR INTEREST OF RESEARCH, SO THEY WERE SMASHED ON MATRICES AND PROBABILITY. Wish you a good health, Jai Hind! :) Result : Selected
posted May 31, 2019 in Interview Experience Mriganka 2,013 views
This year IISc had record number of applicants for CDS Department. So they had divided the screening process into 4 days, each day having 2 shifts. The screening process had a written test(Different tests, based on if you choose CD-CS or CD-CP), succeeding in which, was ... right? Me: Yes sir, I am reaaaly hungry. Had nothing since morning. I: See you. 24th May .CONGRATULATORY MAIL :)
posted May 27, 2019 in Interview Experience Mriganka
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It's more than two months from the last time I opened any books and read after the gate. Please don't laugh when you feel why I didn't answer even some simple questions πŸ˜…. My IISc Intelligence systems RA interview was scheduled on the 23rd afternoon. Written test: ... are AIR 1. This is my interview experience and conclusions I made to myself. I thought this will help others out there. Thank you.
posted May 26, 2019 in Interview Experience Naveen Muralidhar 1,571 views
I got selected in IIT Kanpur, and this is the reason why I started preparation for GATE in the first place, so for me, this is pretty much the same as getting AIR-1 in GATE, This was made possible only because of my brothers, whole GO community ... what is matrix multiplication, what is the reason for calculating things like Eigenvalues, Eigen-vectors, etc. Do visit the IITs CS department website
posted May 19, 2019 in Interview Experience Anuj Mishra 1,546 views