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This post is a recollection of questions asked at IIT Kanpur Admission Test Mtech (CSE) 2016. (NOT COMPLETE, but quite many) Thanks Govind Gopakumar :) Date of Exam: 7th May Duration: 2 hours Objective + 2 hours Programming Test + 2 hours Subjective (Syllabus at the end) When you clear first 2 tests, you get called for ... ------------------------------- -------------------------- Syllabus below:
posted Jul 2, 2016 in Interview Experience mysticPrince
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After reading all the GATE success stories here, I can't believe I am writing this today for ISRO. TL;DR. Hello Everyone! My name is Mamta Satywali, I am Computer Science Graduate(2016) from G. B. Pant Govt. Engineering College, New Delhi. I secured AIR-1 in ... I have used the word "GO PDF" above, I don't have to describe explicitly the importance of GateOverflow! Thank you so much for reading!
posted Aug 27, 2018 in Interview Experience Mamta Satywali 14,105 views
They called approximately $80-90$ people for interview. For interview cut off follow this link: Date: July $11,\ 2017$. Venue: IIT H BUILDING, Room Number $318$. We had a written test $(1 \ hour)$ as the first step. Following are the ... H. I would say that please do keep hope if you face a lot of failures. One day will be yours, and you will shine like a star.
posted Jul 16, 2017 in Interview Experience Digvijay Pandey 10,445 views
Gate 2017 AIR 572 Category Open Graduated in 2014 (BE Computers) Work Experience of 2.5 years @TCS After goofing up Gate 2017 exam by making some gruesome mistakes, I landed up at 572. I had no hope for any good old IITs for obvious reasons. Of all, IISc was ... strike the right chord. P.S. Life always gives you a second chance. Keep your eyes open and seize the very next opportunity.. Cheers!
posted Jul 23, 2017 in Interview Experience neha.i 8,943 views
If I had missed out any blog, please post it in the comments. Sl.No: Institute Programme Specialization Year Link 1 IIIT Bengaluru MS 2018 2 IIIT Hyderabad MTech/ MS CSE, CSIS 2012 https ... iit-bhilai-interview-experience.html 181 Random Notes
posted Feb 23 in Interview Experience Balaji Jegan
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Friends ,today i am going to share with you, the interview experience of IITH.But before that let me give you a brief picture About IIT h Mtech RA: Okay,this is the Best scope for Low GATE scorers,and here low means really low.Such a score,where you can't ... : as i am superstitious, so when GATE gone bad, i opened this account in GO, my original account is aboveallplayer in Gateoverflow :) Thanks
posted Jul 28, 2017 in Interview Experience No_name 7,867 views
Hi, This year the cutoff score for IISC CDS CS MTech research program was 650 for general category, so luckily I received an interview call from IISC.This was the only opportunity I had since I did not get a call for the interview of IIT Madras MS because of the BTech ... was there in the list which made me and my parents extremely happy :) .. Then finally I received my offer mail on 27th June.
posted Jul 4, 2017 in Interview Experience Shreya Roy
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This year IITB decided to completely change the pattern. There was no written test (objective test). There was only 2 hours programming test. They extended the time by around 15-20 minutes during the coding test. So the total time was around 2 hours and ... Informatics Lab (again not sure about the number of positions (Probably 2) Prof. Krithi Ramamritham Relevant skills: SQL, JS charting library
posted Jul 3, 2017 in Interview Experience rohitrp
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My interview was on 18th may as my registration number was even. People with odd registration number were called on 19th may. Students were called for MS and Prof. Sarang said that MS is their premier course. Interview will be conducted accordingly. MS interview ... any formal sheet where interview marks and gate score are added in specified ratio. Result: I got selected for :)
posted May 26, 2017 in Interview Experience rakson
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Hello Everyone, I am Ashwin Kulkarni(GATE 2018 Rank 323, Score 759, Fresher) Sharing my Interview experience at IITH for TA programme. I would suggest every aspirant one thing, please don't stop your revision or study even after getting GATE rank (especially in the ... selected for MTech CSE TA course at IITH. I was very happy for cracking an interview in front of those talented young professors.
posted Jul 8, 2018 in Interview Experience Ashwin Kulkarni
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Blogs of CSA Research Interview Experience at IISc.
posted Jun 24, 2016 in Interview Experience Arjun 4,663 views
My sole purpose of writing this post is that the previous interview experiences given here by our seniors have been a great help for me so I just wanted to carry forward the tradition. Moreover , take it as a token of thanks to all our seniors who ... good friends who attended the IITK test and would like to suggest any corrections and additions in the questions provided here is most welcome.
posted May 15, 2018 in Interview Experience VS
edited May 15, 2018 by VS
Based on the gate score shortlisted some students and on the day of interview we were introduced about RA program, they cleared our doubts there is no difference between TA and RA program in terms of coursework and placements. There are 4 professors who introduced about ... that day itself I came to know I was selected for RA before results. Hope this post helps somebody to get interview exposure.
posted Dec 24, 2017 in Interview Experience Dileep kumar M 6
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I was not very much confident about the ISRO examination result but i got shortlisted for the interview. My inerview venue was DOS Staff Housing,Sector 17, Antariksha Vihar,Dwarka, New Delhi. They have asked us to report at 8:00 AM. Then we were asked to wait in the hall. They ... till i wrote this so I don't know even what are my chances but it was good experience and hope it will help you too :)
posted Mar 2, 2016 in Interview Experience Sandeep Singh 4,461 views
IITB-RA (Projects list and General Process) Cutoff - 750 (GATE score) There is a 2 step process to select candidates. The main point to note is your GATE rank doesn't matter in the whole process. Rank is only used for shortlisting. ... information check out the comments at the following Facebook post:
posted Feb 24, 2017 in Interview Experience kanahanin 4,304 views
1st Round Interview: T: Introduce yourself Me :Gave small introduction T:subjects in which you are comfortable to answer Me: Data structure and Algorithm T:How to find maximum element in a Binary Search tree Me:first i told general approach(similar to find max in array) then ... happy . I hope this post may help at least someone who are preparing for gate 2018 My gate rank is 527 and score is 728
posted Dec 16, 2017 in Interview Experience indrajeet 4,204 views
IIT Bombay (MTech RA) written test this time has only Programming test. No GATE based aptitude test was conducted. There were a total of 28 RA positions (including institute RA's). Test date : 18th May, 2017 Language : C or C++ Q-1: ... remembers the exact questions, please feel free to edit or suggest. Solution:
posted Jun 21, 2017 in Interview Experience Ishita Gupta 4,172 views
Hi Friends,In this post i am going to share my MS Interview Experience which was held on 15th may at IITK. First we had to clear written and programming test,held on 14th may 2018 and common for all candidates. You can find written test and ... are applying and choose subjects according to that. I choosed os and co because i had selected system and i also got benefit of this.
posted Jun 15, 2018 in Interview Experience jatin saini 4,017 views
M.Tech. in Computer Technology is offered by Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Delhi.You can check the course structure here. Since the course offers many Computer Science subjects and even Machine Learning as its major component ,many cs students opt for this course. Now, ... be used to implement Heap.Explain how will you implement a Heap using an array. That's it ! Hope this helps :)
posted May 24, 2018 in Interview Experience VS 3,961 views
PRE-INTERVIEW: Gate Score Cut-off was around 625-630 (that' what I have heard) MTECH CSE Intake: 40 Vacancies Around ~400 students were shortlisted for the process, out of which only 170-180 students attended. The process was meant for two days, but they finished it on the first ... know, Sir. That's it. I don't have any chance in it. But learnt a thing or two about IIT Interviews, and shared it.
posted May 16, 2018 in Interview Experience Despair Darkness 3,767 views