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Important Ones: Some Extra Questions OS: Virtual Memory:
posted Aug 14, 2015 in Operating System Arjun 6,665 views
posted Oct 21, 2016 in Operating System dd
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You can watch the below video for clearing concepts related to multi-level paging:
posted Jan 27, 2019 in Operating System Arjun 672 views
Day Date Contents Slides Assignments 1 Oct 31 Introduction to Operating System Process, program, How process works? Components of process fork() call- cloning, parent and child process, example program 2 Nov 9 Process- process states- New(process starts but not ready ... indexed Levels of indirection in indexed file Disk scheduling algorithms- FCFS, SSTF, SCAN, C-SCAN, LOOK, C-LOOK RAID- levels
posted Nov 23, 2018 in Operating System Manoja Rajalakshmi A 470 views
posted Jan 3, 2016 in Operating System Pooja Palod 379 views
posted Dec 12, 2015 in Operating System Pooja Palod 309 views
CMSC 421 Operating Systems Lecture Notes (c) 1994 Howard E. Motteler Interprocess Communication =========================== (Section 2.2 in Tannenbaum) Interprocess communication is fundamental to - client-server applications (e.g. X windows) - modern threaded operating system design ... (lock); // wait until lock is FALSE CS(); exit: lock = FALSE; How it works: Suppose we hit `entry' and lock is
posted Feb 1, 2016 in Operating System bahirNaik 185 views
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