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Hi All, Could you please share the interview Experience for IISC Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences? If anyone has joined IISC Bangalore in Interdisciplinary research project, how is the experience? It will be really helpful. Rashmi
posted Apr 18, 2019 in Others Rashmi Pathak 426 views
Admit cards are out
posted Apr 13, 2019 in Others Rishi yadav 698 views
Many of the toppers have given testimonials about their success and achievements...congrats to you all..I know you all had done great hardwork otherwise you will not have achieved rank below 1000. You people may have clarity where to study and what to do... But there are many ... on this post It will do greater good for us...we can only rely on seniors and experts .. Thank you.. A failure.
posted Mar 29, 2019 in Others screddy1313 1,004 views
IIIT Delhi application for Mtech is live now –
posted Mar 28, 2019 in Others Rishi yadav
edited Mar 28, 2019 by Rishi yadav
Congratulations on the wonderful success that you achieved in GATE 2019. The trend this year is unprecedented, and I see lot many candidates scoring above 60 as compared to previous years. This post is targeted towards candidates having a GATE score of 600-700. As ... NITs, then you should consider this college. If you have any further queries, you can ask me or @srivivek95 or @Despair Darkness
posted Mar 20, 2019 in Others Neelay Upadhyaya 2,310 views
My GATE score is 622 and rank is 1797. (CSE).My B.Tech DGPA was 8.32 and percentage 75.7. Is it good enough for M.S admissions? What should i prepare for interviews for the same? What will be the benefit of doing M.S from IIT/NIT? Will it hurt my ... I can apply. I will give ISI CMI BITS pilani entrance and IIIT-H. Please give me more suggestions. What about cross departmental branches in IIT/NIT?
posted Mar 18, 2019 in Others Arko Jyoti Shith 528 views
IIT KANPUR:- IIT DELHI:- IIT MADRAS :- IIT BOMBAY :- ... admission portal for more iits , see this :-
posted Mar 15, 2019 in Others Bhupendra
edited Mar 18, 2019 by Bhupendra
GATE 2019 final answer key is out.
posted Mar 13, 2019 in Others cspsunny 1,382 views
how was the barc exam held on 9 /03/19......??
posted Mar 10, 2019 in Others eyeamgj 2,267 views
If someone misses contesting wrong answers and the solution from gate is wrong, will everyone who attempted correct answer (according to GATEOVERFLOW) which is wrong according to GATE official solution, get marks or only those who contested the solution from GATE? Please explain the process as I am new to this.Even relevant links will do .
posted Feb 25, 2019 in Others Arko Jyoti Shith 848 views
Due to demands from other branches we have made score calculators for the below branches active now: Mechanical Computer Science Electronics Electrical Engineering Instrumentation Civil Chemical Since there is only one variable for score prediction - the top 0.1% marks ... are predicted using the marks calculated using official keys (will be changed to the finalized one when they get released).
posted Feb 24, 2019 in Others Arjun 2,289 views
Respected Seniors, I know You will be seeing most of the questions like this and you are tired of answering this. But I have no other hope unless seeking trusted seniors. Answer only when you are free . Here is my story : Iam a first timer general category student who started ... and settle in it and giving up on Gate. Which option is best and if there are any other suggest them... Thank you !!!
posted Feb 23, 2019 in Others screddy1313 1,745 views
Hello , “Arjun “ Sir ….Please provide some mock Test for Barc Exam ...For Time Management purpose. Sir , you have team of veterans by consulting them provide useful questions.
posted Feb 15, 2019 in Others bhanu kumar 1 1,289 views
This form is to share experiences of those who had cracked GATE from really unfavorable conditions like previously disqualified or rank about 10000. If any such people exist kindly fill in this form and we will contact you further for experience sharing which can guide aspirants to decide their future course of action.
posted Feb 10, 2019 in Others Arjun 730 views
Score Calculator for GATE Mechanical 2019 is now up. Please share this with your Mechanical friends Rank Estimator:
posted Feb 10, 2019 in Others Arjun
edited Feb 10, 2019 by Arjun
Both RA and TA are one of the categories to pursue your M.Tech. TA - Teaching Assistantship Institutions offering TA: IISC, IITB, IITD, IITK, IITKGP, IITM, IITG, IITH, IITR Mode of admission: IISC, IITB, IITKGP, IITM, IITH, IITG, IITR - Purely on GATE ... For more detail visit here. Written by 2016 joinee, this blog gives some misleading features of IITH that is not currently true but still...
posted Feb 9, 2019 in Others Digvijay Pandey 5,439 views
Is the application procedure for IIIT-H, still going on or is it over? Please provide a link.
posted Feb 9, 2019 in Others Naruto Uzumaki 802 views
Hey all, Could you please provide the correct link for IOCL? When I checked on website it says, for gate2019, it is yet to be released. But 10th Feb is last date. @Arjun Suresh, could you look into this a bit. It would be really helpful. Thanks.
posted Feb 8, 2019 in Others chandler bing 717 views
pragy agarwal link is working now for gate 2019. you can check your score here
posted Feb 7, 2019 in Others Sankalp20894 13,710 views
I would like to ask what would be the good marks to get something (IIT)out of this paper .People are saying paper was damn easy ,I am not getting it why they are saying this .According to me ,yah paper was easy but because of it level it make it difficult ... know without checking answer key I am assuming it that cut off will rise , But whosoever have appeared in the paper they well know about it.
posted Feb 6, 2019 in Others Aman Juyal 3,269 views