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I request all the seniors here to guide for ISRO and ISI prep., I searched Web but not able to get any useful link. Kindly if possible , provide link under this post of all those material which can be useful apart from prev years question paper as they are on GO ... like me who have studied those subjects 2.5-3 years ago and do not remember much. Hope to get some helpful responses out of this.
posted Feb 27, 2017 in Preparation Advice mohit chawla 2,786 views
Hello can anyone tell me how to prepare for Artificial Intelligence for UGC-NET CSE? I have been following NPTEL lectures on AI - , but I think it has lot's of stuff which is not required for UGC-NET or I'm ... Well, the thing I'm trying to ask is if anyone has prepared for AI for UGC NET, where did they read from? Thank you!
posted Feb 22, 2017 in Preparation Advice iarnav 1,965 views
Which spoon am I talking about? I'll come to it. A baby crow is pushed out by mother as soon as it grows up. But this rarely happens in humans. The current generation especially is taken care of by parents so much that they do not know anything. Not true ... just takes away people from reaching a top 100. Rather than giving a fish, teach a hungry man fishing; that will give him food for lifetime
posted Feb 12, 2017 in Preparation Advice Arjun 2,251 views
Do not mistake- almost all IITs have direct admit for M.Tech. CSE. Only IITK and IITD have interviews. So, my post is meant for research/project interviews. There are plenty of good interview experiences given by previous year people. Still I wanted to say something ... are worse than you, it is never going to happen. Only way to be selected is with quality - absolute selection and not relative.
posted Feb 12, 2017 in Preparation Advice Arjun 1,445 views
First of all not even questions are out, so we never know our exact marks. Still if you have attempted less than 35 questions there is less chance of IITs in open merit. So what next? Soon coaching institutes will start new batches to attract you There are other exams ... Only if you are ready to do this, go for repeat. Simply repeating whatever you did last time for more hours won't be enough.
posted Feb 11, 2017 in Preparation Advice Arjun 3,069 views
Hardly 7days left for GATE'17. These are some of the DO's and DONT's as per me ...apply it if it makes sense for u. Dont's 1.Don't compare with anybody. 2.Don't Day Dream(this is happening especially with them who prepared a lot). U may sometimes lost ... am SHAKTIMAN for a day then i will meet each GateOverflow user personally and gently whisper in their ears that ;) YOU ARE AWESOME. :) _/\_
posted Feb 3, 2017 in Preparation Advice Rajesh Pradhan
closed Feb 4, 2017 by Rajesh Pradhan
I have not started any aptitude preparation , can anyone suggest me important topics which will fetch me around 10 marks in GA Section?
posted Jan 13, 2017 in Preparation Advice Sumanth Sunny 1,524 views
CS Computer Science and Information Technology Section1: Engineering Mathematics Discrete Mathematics: Propositional and first order logic. Sets, relations, functions, partial orders and lattices. Groups. Graphs: connectivity, matching, coloring. Combinatorics: ... Network security: authentication, basics of public key and private key cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, firewalls.
posted Dec 27, 2016 in Preparation Advice sh!va
edited Dec 27, 2016 by sh!va
Are you preparing well? Except a very few most would not say "yes" to this. Some people are very confident with their concepts and most others are in tension. So what to do? My advise - Take a day break. Do whatever that makes you happy. And after this think for sometime ... my third blog. I just wanted to say these for a long time. Hope I have said everything now. All the best for GATE 2017 :)
posted Nov 17, 2016 in Preparation Advice Arjun 2,555 views
I have been getting many emails/messages about preparation advice. So, thought of adding some more points. Previous blog was more about what not to do for preparation. Here I'm going to reply to many of the FAQs I'm getting. I have covered all previous GATE questions, ... again: I have told to keep test series to minimum level - but not to stop solving problem ON OWN. This is very very important.
posted Nov 12, 2016 in Preparation Advice Arjun 2,259 views
Hi, There are many people here preparing to be in Top 100 or even better. Of course if you are preparing for GATE you should not think below that. GATE is not a difficult exam to get to top 100. So, let me tell somethings I have seen over last 2 years. Most ... get to IITM MS/Ph.D. But this does not mean one with rank say 400 can get it. Research interviews are different from an objective exam.
posted Nov 6, 2016 in Preparation Advice Arjun 9,868 views
To All, All the hard working aspirants who are preparing for GATE/TIFR/UGC/ISRO,whenever you are Asking a question ,please 1.Give a correct Tag in the order of Subject ->Topic ->subtopic 2.Most important one for which i am posting this is ,if you are asking question ... tag "rosen" and "mathematic logic". 3.Editor too may put their effort to recatogerize the wrong tag. Thank you and all the best !
posted Sep 24, 2016 in Preparation Advice sourav. 285 views
Hello all, Here I am posting some important questions asked in technical interviews by various govt organizations. Some are from my own experience while myriad number of other questions are shared by other people. You can also add your experiences as comments. I will add them ... ========= What is the difference between array and structure code for reversing link list (normal link list not doubly)
posted Jul 30, 2016 in Preparation Advice sh!va
edited Jul 30, 2016 by sh!va
The person responsible for making France one of the great nations in the world was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon was a small child, his mother sent him to a school in another town, though the family was not very rich. Napoleon had to ... would not be known to the world as one of the greatest military leaders who revolutionised the military organisation and training in France.
posted Jun 20, 2016 in Preparation Advice Tauhin Gangwar
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