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I had prepared slides for a webinar – guiding my college Juniors regarding GATE and placements. Adding the same here. Hoping that it will be helpful. :) Link for the slides
posted Dec 10, 2020 in Preparation Experience rohith1001 1,685 views
If this is too long to read, here's the summary: 1. I found a good peer group to study with. 2. I used standard textbooks and standard resources for almost all subjects. 3. I realised that analysis of the mistakes I made in tests is more important than the marks that ... was useful. In case someone wants to read the resources I used, you can find it here:
posted Aug 5, 2020 in Preparation Experience goxul
edited Aug 6, 2020 by goxul
Hello everyone! I am Aravind and I appeared for GATE CS in 2020, and I scored 82.67 marks and got 6th rank. This was my first attempt, in my final year of BTech. I have seen many students (including some of my friends) worked really hard for GATE but still ... mind while learning new concepts and solving new problems. I will end this blog with one of my favorite quotes: Jaan laga do, ya jaane do!
posted Aug 5, 2020 in Preparation Experience aravind1998
reshown Sep 17, 2020 by aravind1998
Hi. My name is Tamal and I appeared for GATE CS twice in the years 2019 and 2020. I secured ranks of 1309 and 188 respectively and I am writing this blog to share my experience of the same. I primarily wanted to share this because during my preparatory phase of ... but only one as to why one should :) If you have any further queries, feel free to comment or drop a mail at [email protected]
posted Aug 4, 2020 in Preparation Experience tamaldeepmaity
edited Aug 4, 2020 by tamaldeepmaity
Disclaimer: This post is very long. To see the gist of it, please click here. A bit of my background Currently, I am working as an Analyst in Deloitte. I first thought of preparing for GATE when two of my seniors from my BE college (UIET, Panjab University) ... me have a pinpointed focus on my goal and uplifted me in my lows and kept me motivated throughout. Thanks a lot to all these people.
posted Apr 16, 2020 in Preparation Experience prashant812
edited Apr 19, 2020 by prashant812
Hello, this is Shreyas jain, GATE2020 AIR 166. Backstory- After 10th standard , I went to kota with a dream of getting into IIT(obviously) . Then in 2nd year of kota when everything was going quite good then in the month of September ,dengue came and took away 2 ... of it,so stay positive. Life is unpredictable so prepare for the worst and hope for the best. ALL THE BEST TO THE FUTURE ASPIRANTS!!
posted Apr 9, 2020 in Preparation Experience shreys02
edited Apr 14, 2020 by shreys02
I was Interviewed for ECIL-GET/2018 Post in July 2018, at Hyderabad. After the document verification, I headed towards the interview room. The panel consisted of some 8-10 members.I told my fav subjects as OS,Data Structure, algorithms and Java. ... when they came for document verification.But still, All IT branch Students should contact ECIL before coming for interview to avoid inconvenience.
posted Dec 13, 2019 in Preparation Experience Ayush Upadhyaya
edited Jan 6, 2020 by Ayush Upadhyaya
All about my GATE preparation Journey. I will add more to it in due time. Thank you Arjun sir, Bikram sir and all GO community for your awesome support throughout.A special thanks to my ... would never have been complete.Also, a great applause for all Made Easy team, who guided me really well during my GATE preparation.
posted Sep 1, 2019 in Preparation Experience Ayush Upadhyaya 3,346 views
Before you make a decision to repeat or not I would like to make two things clear: (1) If you are getting a 3 digit or 4 digit rank this year does NOT imply next year you will definitely get a 2 digit or single digit. You need to earn it. Let's assume 500 ... your best. To top GATE you have to beat quality people and not just those around you. So you can help others, but first, help yourself.
posted Mar 17, 2019 in Preparation Experience Abhishek Shaw 3,470 views
Hi, I am Parth Shah who secured 51 marks in Gate 2019(first and maybe the only attempt) and will like to share my story. If you are looking at how to get good rank than this blog might not be helpful but if you are looking for how to avoid the ... best to future aspiriants and heartiest congratulations to all the toppers of GATE 2019. :) PS: If there are any grammatical mistakes please ignore it.
posted Mar 16, 2019 in Preparation Experience Parth Shah 2,681 views
One often thinks how much attempt will be good enough to get me a good rank. The answer can be found by doing a small analysis. You need to give around $15$ STANDARD mock test, nothing can be better than previous years to know the answer and it needs to ... so you might get 5% more than what you can expect in actual gate examination, if you have not memorized all the answers of previous years.
posted Feb 23, 2019 in Preparation Experience Abhishek Shaw
edited Mar 11, 2019 by Abhishek Shaw
In 2018, I was prepared much better than 2017 but scored less than 2017. I couldn't figure out even months after exam what went wrong that day? I took the mock at home and was able to score much better. Then finally on 1st Feb 2019 ( 2 days before Gate ... I have discussed with few others who got more than 70 marks and each of them had a different attempt strategy and probably the best for them.
posted Feb 13, 2019 in Preparation Experience Abhishek Shaw
edited Mar 11, 2019 by Abhishek Shaw
Ask anyone in any in any marks range they will say that they could get few more marks if they did not do silly mistake. So if we could minimize it then our marks and ranks could be slightly better. Giving GATE for the 3rd time I knew I had done lot of ... . . And even the popular tests series/coaching centers have made mistakes in their answer keys don't key whether they are silly or conceptual :p
posted Feb 11, 2019 in Preparation Experience Abhishek Shaw
retagged Apr 25, 2019 by Abhishek Shaw
This was my third attempt and I managed to get $71.67$ marks, I found many fellow aspirants were too much focused on test series but I managed to get decent marks without taking any test series so I thought of sharing ... there, had some capsules and suddenly became toppers. Source :
posted Feb 9, 2019 in Preparation Experience Abhishek Shaw
recategorized Feb 13, 2019 by Abhishek Shaw
Hi my Brothers and Sisters :) Hope all are doing well, this post is about my journey only but nothing else. Got 57 marks only in Gate-19, i know this marks are not sufficient !!! This marks are even less than my Gate-17 marks too After preparing well also, ... himgta, iarnav, Somoshree Datta 5, Gate Fever, HeadShot, Prince Sindhiya and many more people. PS : if i forget any one, forgive me :)
posted Feb 8, 2019 in Preparation Experience Shaik Masthan 3,524 views
Please give me preparation strategies for IIT madras Phd Admission by ugc net JRF. please give me ans regarding this who was already appeared in test.
posted Nov 10, 2018 in Preparation Experience pream sagar 606 views
A little background My GATE preparation started in November 2016. It was the middle of 7 month holidays(you read that right). The holidays started as normal one month inter-semester break(end of 4th semester). I had already decided to devote my ... to my nonsense during the first two years and some more nonsense during the last two years. Google StackExchange network Standard books Nesoacademy
posted Sep 9, 2018 in Preparation Experience Kishan Kumar
edited Sep 13, 2018 by Kishan Kumar
I am planning to give UGC NET exams in Computer Science. I have a big time gap between the duration my PG course and now. I expect proper guidance based on the following points. * I understand that there are lots of similarities between the pattern of ... down to earth support/guidance/suggestions for this. I hope such guidance would be helpful to many people including me. Thanks in advance.
posted Aug 1, 2018 in Preparation Experience Chandrashekar R 7,545 views
Hi there!! I am Deepak Poonia, AIR 67, GATE CS 2018. What I want to share today with you guys is not my GATE journey or GATE Strategy etc.. But How poor was my College academic life(B.Tech) before GATE. Just like many of you, I too was a bright student in ... do not give up on your Goals. Even if you had terrible past, you can neglect its effect on your future. All the very best future aspirants!!
posted Jun 22, 2018 in Preparation Experience Deepakk Poonia (Dee) 12,879 views
Gate rank : 201 Score: 794 Pre exam preparations : I started the preparation in August 2017, first of all i checked the complete gate syllabus, and then i arranged the standard books (that were given in "What to read series" by bikram sir). Then i had to ... 's why i preferred first exploring and then specializing. So, IITK MTech is my final decision and will be joining the institute shortly :)
posted Jun 18, 2018 in Preparation Experience mayank5795
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