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So i graduated from a decent government engineering college in electrical engineering. I always had an inclination towards computer science, and during my bachelors days, used to create websites for fun. I wanted to do m tech in computer science related field, and when ... i did during the entire 4 years of my graduation. Thank you Gate Overflow for teaching me how to tackle logical questions.
posted Jun 16 in 2021 shrey18 743 views
Without this platform and the people behind it working tirelessly to maintain its quality (including all the good people in the FB group), I would not have been able to succeed. I'm not the typical applicant - I graduated in 2014 and have 5+ years of product startup ... All I know is that I will cherish this journey for a lifetime. Thank you, GO. PS: The resources I used are listed here.
posted Jun 6 in 2021 pritishc
edited Jun 18 by pritishc
My name is Himanshu Kumar, I got AIR 38 (899 score) in GATE CS 2021, This was my second attempt with full-time preparation. In GATE CS 2020 my rank was 1491. First of all, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the freedom to do anything, especially to ... your ability to succeed. Remember to LEARN, TEST, ANALYZE & IMPROVE. All the very best!! If anyone has any queries, feel free to ask.
posted May 26 in 2021 himanshu2021
edited May 30 by himanshu2021
[Index] Resources: I used for GATE Study tips Test Series Recommended preparation blogs/ videos FAQs 1. Resources Digital Logic Book: Digital Design by Morris Mano [5th ed] Chapter 1 to 6 along with some questions from exercises PAL and PLA : Neso Academy Floating ... sir, Bikram sir, Shaik Masthan sir, Srestha mam, Sounjaya mam and everyone who has directly or indirectly helped me reach my goal.
posted Apr 10 in 2021 sakharam
edited Apr 27 by sakharam
I kept using gate overflow for solutions which I didn't understand when I was solving PYQs from my classes book. In November I came across GO PDFs. I solved all the questions again during December - January and checked many solutions and comments. Many solutions ... GATE CSE aspirants throughout our gate journey. Without this portal, atleast my journey would have been a bumpy one. Thank you. :)
posted Mar 31 in 2021 PrimeJJG 884 views
Huge thanks to GO and the community for making a dream come true! My GATE 2020 marks were 42 and my preparation was also not up to the mark. So I decided to drop out and give my best for Gate 2021 and in the process decided not to take any online Coaching. ... to get the same result in the main exam and thankfully i got 71.67 marks(after normalization). Thank you GateOverflow! -Mayank Sati, AIR 34
posted Mar 28 in 2021 Mayank Sati 1,544 views
Hey, My name is Shaswat and i have completed my Bachelors in Electrical engineering in 2018 from NIT Jamshedpur and was working in a Steel Industry till April last year. After that i decided to quit my job and started my preparation for Gate in Computer Science and secured ... and previous year questions. If you want to connect with me, you can do that via. fb/instagram. My userid is 28shaswat.
posted Mar 21 in 2021 shaswatgoswami 1,445 views
Hello everyone . My name is Ayush Tripathi . I have secured AIR 56 in GATE 2021 . In begining of year 2020 I found Gateoverflow . It is a place where i am sure all the top rankers were in months of their preparation . I want to thank Arjun Sir ... assumption made about challenging questions was also very accurate . On whole internet you can't find something as perfect as gateoverflow . Thank you !
posted Mar 20 in 2021 aforgate 1,127 views
Thank You GATEOVERFLOW!!!. Finally after an year of hardwork, I got AIR-152 in gate CSE-2021. All the questions and doubts I had were cleared in Gateoverflow site , leaving no doubts . And , Your RANK-PREDCITOR is next level . GO-Predictor Showed : ... , Eg:- All previous years paper questions and solutions, TOP-level Practise Tests , etc. Once Again Thank You all @arjun sir @GATEOVERFLOW_TEAM.
posted Mar 20 in 2021 Sarvagya S Mamgain 1,021 views
Hello everyone, This is Rajnandani Shaw and I have secured AIR 312 with marks 65.3(Gate score 779) in GATE 2020 and also selected as Scientist B in DRDO. I am neither a GATE topper nor from IIT/IIIT/NIT's but just an average student from a very normal engineering ... in my GATE preparation plan, but I am happy for my DRDO result. Thanks for reading. Sorry for the long post. All the very best.
posted Dec 13, 2020 in 2020 nandani17 3,224 views
Hi, I am Suraj Kesharwani, I have scored AIR: 372 in GATE 2020. My Gate-Score is 764. This was my third attempt. I had to leave my job earlier in June 2019 to prepare seriously as I decided this would be my last attempt. My previous ranks are 5793 ... for Engineering math of other branches, You can pause his video and solve and also see some short tricks shared by him using Just the properties.
posted Jun 16, 2020 in 2020 suraj20041995
edited Jun 19, 2020 by suraj20041995
Hi Everyone, I am Prashant Ravi and I got AIR 283 this year and my GATE score is 787. This year I prepared with a job. This rank is an improvement over my previous year rank which was 2050. I have already covered my preparation experience in a separate ... Overflow was a very crucial factor in my success. Thanks a lot Gate Overflow! To read my preparation experience in detail, please click here.
posted Apr 18, 2020 in 2020 prashant812 3,727 views
I have secured AIR-(202) out of 97481 students( 99.79 percentile) in GATE CS-2020 with marks 68/100 and my gate score is 811/1000. Currently , I am in my final year and pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering & ... -was-your-3-hour-strategy-for-the-GATE-CSE-2020-exam/answer/Sandeep-Verma-525 P.S. : GOT AIR -262 IN GATE CS-2021 ALSO.
posted Mar 23, 2020 in 2020 itssandeepverma
edited Mar 20 by itssandeepverma
Hi, This is Vishal Gourav, I work at TCS,Noida presently and prepared for GATE 2020 while having a full time(9-6) job. Short Back Story: I was never great in studies not because I couldn't understand the concepts but because I lacked the hard work and discipline. While I ... sakta hai aur naa hi koi chheen sakta hai . Toh padhai karo,mehnat karo aur GO toh hai hi. Marks: 70/100 AIR:129 Score:834
posted Mar 20, 2020 in 2020 VishalG0101
edited Mar 20, 2020 by VishalG0101
Hello Everyone, I'm Aditya Pradhan, a final year student of Information Technology at a state government college in Udaipur. I have secured $AIR\ 312$ in $GATE\ 2020$. I expected much better rank before the exam, but was not able to attempt more ... ) and will be joining it, for interview experience please visit:
posted Mar 17, 2020 in 2020 pradhanaditya
edited Jul 9, 2020 by pradhanaditya
Quick Read : Follow the resources given in Those are the best that you can find online. Solve GO pdf thoroughly unless you've mastered the concepts involved in the PYQs. Read comments and different approaches for answers. Take test series if you've time but don' ... it in GATE. Life never stops throwing opportunities at you, it's upto you to make the most of them. Rituraj Joshi AIR 29
posted Mar 16, 2020 in 2020 rituraj2847
edited Mar 16, 2020 by rituraj2847
My Background During my 11th-12th I studied in a school where there were no one preparing for JEE. Everyone just wanted to get into some local engineering college. Best scenario possible was getting into some private college with tuition-fee-waiver. If one cannot ... are also many fellow aspirants whose questions on taught me a lot. So, I'm really thankful to them😊.
posted Mar 15, 2020 in 2020 Vimal Patel 2,916 views
I am a final year student at IIIT Bhubaneswar of CSE branch. I secured rank 178 this year with 68.67 marks and 818 score. This is my first post on gate for all future gate aspirants.This was my first attempt of gate and I studied with the help of video lectures and then ... you can search on GO your question or ask on it.Thank you to all GO team members who helped me to achieve this rank in gate.
posted Mar 14, 2020 in 2020 ankush98
edited Mar 23, 2020 by ankush98
Well, after my BTech in EXTC, I had managed to get a good job at Wipro in Telecom domain. However, after few months in the IT work, I started feeling that this is not the place where I belong, I felt I am born to do something more, the IT work can be taught to any other ... ..!! :) Thanks for reading guys, if you have any queries feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help :) Cheers!!
posted Jul 4, 2019 in 2019 Chaitrasj
edited Jul 4, 2019 by Chaitrasj