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I'm not saying this is the universal truth to achieve great results, every individual has his/her own thinking and mindset and capabilities.

So Take my input & work according to yourself. For first six months give proper time in concepts buildings of each & every topic in the syllabus....

GATE is mostly Numerical based Exam. So Focus on Numericals & Practice questions as much as you can.…

Give subject wise online test as you finish the subject, Leave mock Tests for the last 2 months....

In given test, right down the tough & different conceptual question in one handbook, study this in last 2 months ... While giving test series, Work on yourmistakes & NEVER compare yourself to others…


Remember -

a. Give tests Sincerely

b. Don't care about its Rank ...

Revision is MUST. Without revision you can't do anything, Our brain has a tendency to forget things in some time. So Revise finished subject in every 15 days to be sharp.…

Otherwise after one month, this subject will be new to you, and your hard work will be wasted....

If possible, make short notes, because it will be helpful in last days of revision time, you could revise concepts in 1-2 days.....

Don't make thesis in short notes, be very precise & specific....

Last Two months give your time mostly in mock tests & practice & revision....

You should solve previous year question of last 10 years Atleast 3 times....

Concepts revision should be done Atleast 10 times till the date of exam....

One thing you should remember Hard work beats talent, If talent doesn't work hard....



Can you tell me how you make your own notes while preparing from the books?

Reasons of not getting 90+ in cs ..

There was no need to get 90+ marks when you are getting rank 1 in 80s and top 200 are in like 70s range and last year in 2022 you were in top 500 if you get 55+ out of 100. So if you are in top 200 you are getting same college as air 1 or an equivalent college so that's why nobody thinks of getting 90+. second thing is gate cs paper is one of the conceptual papers so scoring 90+ requires a lot of accuracy and brainwork since there is time bound. other papers in which there are 90+ score it is because most of the paper is formula based and less conceptual as compared to computer science. if one is able to remember formulaes and has accuracy in calculation then he/she can easily get 60+ and with hard work he/she can push himself/herself to 90+.


I am not saying that other papers are easy. third thing due to which student get 90+ is competition. you have a high level of pressure to get as much marks as possible because someone is there who is preparing harder than you to get more marks. There are lot of CS jobs available and after mtech placement of cs is better than most of the branches so people are less serious for getting 90+ coz they have backup options available whereas other branches mainly compete for psu as core jobs are less in other branches as compared to cs and most of them are less interested in doing mtech due to poor placement as compared to cs branch.

How to get 90+ working hard is the only option to get 90+. for me working hard means that you should be able to attain a level such that whatever question I give you related to gate syllabus you should be able to give me the answer within 3 to 10 minutes. ways to achieve 90+ Ways to achieve it is by practicing good quality of new questions and learning each and every concept thoroughly....

whenever some asks you some concept you should be able to visualize what is happening in the question. if that is not happening then you are weak in that concept. Nowadays competition is increasing in cs , so you can expect someone to get 90+ in the coming 4 to 5 years.…

If you think about backups for GATE, you should only try for those backups and not GATE. This is what I have seen from previous people....











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Here you can see how pointers point and how data is stored in which allocations and data structures, among the several other stuff.

Data Structure Visualizations

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Hi All,

Please find this awesome resource on the operating system subject.


You will learn how xv6 kernel is implemented along with all the fundamental OS concepts. 
What is xv6?


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IIsc has released dates for written test.

I know nearly all the current/previous toppers are on GO, can you guys please share what to read for the test? I’ve read past year interviews but most of them had choice of subject to get asked on, a liberty we might not have in the written test.

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To all, whoever finds following contents useful.

MIT’s 6.824 is a very good course on distributed system. Currently this course is available online:


CMU’s Database course is also a good implementation oriented course:

For both the courses, videos, lectures material, papers, assignments and projects are available online.

You might want to make use of these good quality resources. 

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$$\textbf{IIST Admission GATE 2019}$$

$\textbf{Interview Experience}$

$\text{IIST ML Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by: Suraj Kumar 1

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$$\textbf{IIIT Hyderabad Admission GATE 2019}$$

$\textbf{Interview Experience}$

$\text{IIIT Hyderabad interview Experience - 2017}$

Experience shared by: Neelay Upadhyaya

$\text{IIIT Hyderabad Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by: rushitjasani

$\text{IIIT Hyderabad Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by: priyendu mori 1

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The below links for Text Solution are already completed but Video Links are just starting to be made. 

For those interested in sharing their video solution:

  • The csedoubts site has other questions too which you can restrict by going to page, scroll down and selecting "Show Previous GATE questions only". With this selection, once you go to say Theory of Computation Subject page, all questions will be from previous GATE.
  • In the editor, there is an embed youtube option. Youtube URLs can be directly put there. You can put videos from your youtube channel or any similar site as long as the video is not for advertisement point of view.
$\textbf{Year}$ $\textbf{From CSE Doubts}$ $\textbf{From GO}$
2020 Video Solution Text Solution
2019 Video Solution Text Solution
2018 Video Solution Text Solution
2017-1 Video Solution Text Solution
2017-2 Video Solution Text Solution
2016-1 Video Solution Text Solution
2016-2 Video Solution Text Solution
2015-1 Video Solution Text Solution
2015-2 Video Solution Text Solution
2015-3 Video Solution Text Solution
2014-1 Video Solution Text Solution
2014-2 Video Solution Text Solution
2014-3 Video Solution Text Solution
2013 Video Solution Text Solution
2012 Video Solution Text Solution
2011 Video Solution Text Solution
2010 Video Solution Text Solution
2009 Video Solution Text Solution
2008 Video Solution Text Solution
2008-it Video Solution Text Solution
2007 Video Solution Text Solution
2007-it Video Solution Text Solution
2006 Video Solution Text Solution
2006-it Video Solution Text Solution
2005 Video Solution Text Solution
2005-it Video Solution Text Solution
2004 Video Solution Text Solution
2004-it Video Solution Text Solution
2003 Video Solution Text Solution
2002 Video Solution Text Solution
2001 Video Solution Text Solution
2000 Video Solution Text Solution
1999 Video Solution Text Solution
1998 Video Solution Text Solution
1997 Video Solution Text Solution
1996 Video Solution Text Solution
1995 Video Solution Text Solution
1994 Video Solution Text Solution
1993 Video Solution Text Solution
1992 Video Solution Text Solution
1991 Video Solution Text Solution
1990 Video Solution Text Solution
1989 Video Solution Text Solution
1988 Video Solution Text Solution
1987 Video Solution Text Solution
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IIT Kanpur has launched a Python Programming Course, taught by Prof. Amey Karkare.

There are two versions of this course:

1. Free version: Pre-recorded video lectures and practice problems, without certification.

2. Paid version: Costs 999 INR. Pre-recorded video lectures and practice problems with certification and support over whatsapp for  doubts.

Do check it out.

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COAP2020  info. brochure :










iitk(direct admission):







starting on 25th march




IIT Bhubaneswar (Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering , Mtech in Climate Science & Technology)



IIT Ropar (MTech in Computer Science and Engineering , Mtech in Artificial Intelligence )



IIT Bhilai (Mtech in Computer Science & Engineering)



IIT Tirupati (Mtech in Computer Science & Engineering)



IIT Palakkad (M.Tech in Data Science , M.Tech in Computing and Mathematics ,M.Tech in System-on-Chip-Design)



IIT Indore (M.S. (Research) in Computer Science and Engineering )



IIT Patna (Mtech in Computer Science & Engineering , Mtech in Mathematics and Computing ,) 



IIT (ISM) Dhanbad  ( Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering , Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering [Specialisation in Information Security] ,Mtech in Data Analytics ,Mtech in Geomatics)






IIT Gandhinagar  (MTech in Computer Science and Engineering.)



IIT Jammu (M.Tech In Data Science ,M.Tech In Information Security )


comment when rest are started...if anybody finds out immediately.


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$\textbf{Admission Experience}$

Experience shared by: Ritik Sunita Jain

#nsit #counseling #process
Hi friends,

I got selected for mtech cse in NSIT delhi. In this post i am telling some important information about counseling process.

First you have to fill the application form after that the institute publish a list of eligible candidates (candidates with valid GATE score). After that you have to report to the institute for counseling (all the candidates). You should have these compulsory things:-

1. Demand draft of fees
2. 10th marksheet
3. 8th sem marksheet or Provisional degree
4. Any govt ID

There are total of 20 seats in CSE dept and 10 for general candidates.
My gate score is 566, rank is 2893 gen category. And in the list published by nsit i am on 40 number instead of this i got selected on 5th number.
Many of the candidates who applied didn't appear.
(Because dtu also have the same date for physical reporting). So overall the cutoff of nsit went low for this year.

I hopes this information help you guys.

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$\textbf{Interview Experiences}$

Collection of interview experience at IIIT Delhi.

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Experience shared by Saswat Swarup:

$\textbf{IOCL interview preparation and experience}$

Experience shared by Kishan Kumar:

Previous Year NIELIT Papers: Link

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$\textbf{ISRO - Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by Sandeep Singh: 

$\textbf{ISRO Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by HABIB MOHAMMAD KHAN:

$\textbf{ISRO Interview 23 Feb, Chennai}$

Experience shared by Shivansh Gupta:

$\textbf{ISRO Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by Niharika Ahuja:

$\textbf{ISRO interview}$

Experience shared by Kishan Kumar:

$\textbf{ISRO interview experience}$

Experience shared by Amit.kumar:

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$\textbf{BARC Interview Experience 15th June 2018}$

Experience shared by VS (Vidhi Sethi):

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  Admission CGPA Required Expected GATE Rank Cutoff

$\textbf{All NITs Admission GATE 2019}$

$\text{All details for all NITs Admissions for the year 2019}$

$\text{Interview Experience at NIT Trichy for MS (by research)-2017}$

Experience shared by prateekdwv:

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  Admission CGPA Required Expected GATE Rank Cutoff
IITH M.Tech. TA      
IITH M.Tech. RA      
IITH Ph.D.      

$\textbf{IIT Hyderabad Admission GATE 2019}$

$\text{All details for IITH Admissions for the year 2019}$

$\text{IIT Hyderabad-2017}$

Experience shared by Digvijay Pandey:

$\text{IIT Hyderabad Mtech RA interview experience}$

Experience shared by Udipta or aboveallplayer:


Experience shared by indrajeet:

$\text{IIT HYDERABAD M.Tech RA Interview Experience}$

Experience shared by Dileep kumar M 6: 

$\text{IITH 3 year (RA) Winter interview experience (converted)}$

Experience shared by Faizul Haq:

$\text{IIT Hyderabad M.Tech RA Interview Experience (Winter Session Jan 2019)}$

Experience shared  by Akash Mishra:

$\text{IIT HYDERABAD M.Tech (RA) 3-Years Winter Session Interview experience}$

Experience shared by adikus$1996:$

$\text{Mtech CSE - IITH (TA) Interview Experience-2018}$

Experience shared by Ashwin Kulkarni:

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  Admission CGPA Required Expected GATE Rank Cutoff
IITG M.Tech. TA     $330$
IITG  M.Tech. in Theoretical Computer Science      
IITG Dual (M.Tech + Ph.D.)      
IITG Ph.D. Direct $7.5$ in UG  

$\textbf{IIT Guwahati Admission GATE 2019}$

$\text{All details for IITG Admissions for the year 2019}$

$\text{For those sending representatives to IITG}$

I think you would have got mail from IITG regarding what all things to send with the representatives.

  1. Self-attested photocopies of documents are enough.
  2. Photos need to be there as mandated by IITG.

Then, in case of tie break for GATE score they will look at B.Tech. Percentage.

If you have only CGPA, then they will multiply it by $10$ to get percentage. So, do not try to get a percentage equivalent as this will mostly lower your B.Tech. percentage which can be significant in case of a tie.

$\text{Request to IITG current/future students}$

Usually IIT people have good common sense and hardly cause any inconvenience to students which happens in normal colleges. But the IITG counseling for CSE department is a real blackmark here. I dont think there can be any valid reasoning for the same as mostly the parents and representatives will be attending the counseling as most students will be having interviews/exams else where. Even otherwise there is nothing good happening there-- do you really expect any under graduate to get attracted to the Research happening in IITG in $1-2$ hours? Guwahati is a nice place and IITG has a nice campus -- but please do understand that many people cannot afford the travel there especially at short notice. Also, more than $60\%$ of those invited to IITG won't be offerred any seat even. If you really want to show the campus -- please do take a video shoot and upload in Youtube.

I request all the current IITG students and future students who are now going for counseling to ensure that this is the last time this event happens -- because it is completely useless and more over causing a lot of hardships to many. If you do not care for people, there is absolutely nothing useful in any research.

$\text{Representative for Counseling}$

Is anyone looking for a representative for IITG Counseling and between ranks $215$ and $450$ in general or $500-1200$ in OBC?

$\text{IITG Experience}$

Experience shared by Samujjal Das:

This post is specifically targetted to rank holders between $220$ to $350.$ This year and last year, I have seen people asking about IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati. But, I have never seen them asking about the other $5$ old IITs. I don't know the reason of this confusion. I have not seen JEE rankers with so much confusion as the GATE rankers. Since I am about to end my Masters within the next $7$ days from IIT Guwahati, this post is only about IIT Guwahati. I hope to cover all the key areas honestly.

  • 1. RESEARCH AREAS - Till the last year, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems and Formal Verification were the research areas where professors were inclined to. Recently, IITG has seen a shift into the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Mining. This may be a reason for the need to launch a new "M.Tech in Data Science" discipline.
  • 2. GEOGRAPHY - IITG is situated by the banks of river Brahmaputra. The city is on one side of the river and the campus is on the other side. The campus is well connected to the city. You can go to the city either by Ferry, or you can avail the hourly free college bus service.
  • 3. CLIMATE - The region where IITG thrives in enjoys a good climate throughout the year. Since it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will notice a stark change in climate when you cross the river and go to the city. Winter stays here for long (November to March). May - September are the summer months. During these months, you may face some problems in your hostels, due to humidity.
  • 3. EXTERNAL DISTURBANCES - Guwahati in itself is a peaceful city. There may be some news of disturbances in Assam, but those are near the borders. "Assam is unsafe" - this quote has now become a part of chain reaction, which started years ago, and people are still believing in it. The campus is very much peaceful and very safe.
  • 4. CAMPUS - The campus is the $3^{rd}$ largest campus in terms of area after IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur. Also, it's one of the most beautiful and cleanest campuses in the country. The campus has two small hills and two lakes (one of the lakes has a small island). You simply won't get enough of the campus even after spending 2 years here.
  • 5. HOSTEL - There are $10$ boys hostel, $2$ girls hostel and $1$ married scholar hostel. All the boys hostel are single-seater hostels. Cleaners do their jobs every day in an effort to keep the hostels clean. Every hostel has $1 (\text{or}\: 2)$ juice center(s), $1 (\text{or}\: 2)$ canteen(s), $1$ reading room, $1$ sports room, $1$ TV room, $1$ stationery shop, $2$ pantries (if the boarders decide to cook their own food) and $1$ mess.
  • 6. MESS FOOD - The hostel messes serve both North Indian and South Indian foods. The basic mess menu consists of veg items. There are live counters where you can get side items like chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, curd, fried rice. You have the option for mess subscription i.e. if you don't like the food in your mess, you have the option to subscribe to the mess of some other hostel with no extra charge. Zomato is active in the campus, if you want to order food from outside restaurants.
  • 7. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - Few companies like IBM, Microsoft, CISCO etc conduct tests to hire masters students as interns from the campus. They also offer PPO to the good performers during the internship. $2$ of our batchmates got PPO after internship.
  • 8. PLACEMENTS - Placements in IITG are exactly how placements in old IITs should be. Talking about the placements of $2019$ batch, $220$ companies registered for placements across all departments. Out of these, $80$ companies allowed B.Tech CS people to sit and out of these $80$, around $60$ companies allowed M.Tech CS people to sit. In our batch, the strength was $41.$ Out of these, $3$ people were ineligible to sit for placements (low CPI), $1$ didn't sit because she had to do Ph.D. Rest all $37$, who appeared for placements got placed within the first $5$ days of the placement season. [Median CTC $: 22.5$ LPA, Average CTC $: 23.3$ LPA]

I hope that I have been able to address some of your doubts about IITG. It will be nice if someone from IITR can do it for them.

$\text{IITG Counseling on May 15.}$

Based on previous year stats general candidate lower than $450$ rank and OBC lower than $1200$ surely can skip going for it because there is almost no chance of getting admit.
Also, general with a rank better than $210$ and OBC within $500$ also can skip because they will be getting direct admit in IITM/Kgp
Being safe : Ranks $210-450$ should attend counseling in general category.
If you're taking risk: Ranks $225-340$ must attend counseling in general category.

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