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$M$ and $N$ had four children $P$, $Q$, $R$ and $S$. Of them, only $P$ and $R$ were married. They had children $X$ and $Y$ respectively. If $Y$ is a legitimate child of $W$, which of the following statements is necessarily FALSE? $M$ is the grandmother of $Y$ $R$ is the father of $Y$ $W$ is the wife of $R$ $W$ is the wife of $P$
asked Feb 9, 2019 in Numerical Ability Arjun 574 views
4 votes
2 answers
Hema's age is $5$ years more than twice Hari's age. Suresh's age is $13$ years less than 10 times Hari's age. If Suresh is $3$ times as old as Hema, how old is Hema? $14$ $17$ $18$ $19$
asked Feb 17, 2018 in Numerical Ability gatecse 378 views
10 votes
6 answers
Abhishek is elder to Savar. Savar is younger to Anshul. Which of the given conclusions is logically valid and is inferred from the above statements? Abhishek is elder to Anshul Anshul is elder to Abhishek Abhishek and Anshul are of the same age No conclusion follows
asked Feb 16, 2016 in Numerical Ability Akash Kanase 950 views
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