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1 (the second answer of this question) both these follow different diagramatic representations how should one go about making these diagrams
asked Jan 11, 2019 in Theory of Computation TUSHAR_BHATT 147 views
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Which one of the following well-formed formulae is a tautology? $\forall x \, \exists y \, R(x,y) \, \leftrightarrow \, \exists y \, \forall x \, R(x, y)$ $( \forall x \, [\exists y \, R(x,y) \, \rightarrow \, S(x, y)]) \, \rightarrow \, \forall x \, \exists y \, S(x, y)$ ... $\forall x \, \forall y \, P(x,y) \, \rightarrow \, \forall x \, \forall y \, P(y, x)$
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Mathematical Logic jothee 8.2k views
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Let $X$ and $Y$ denote the sets containing 2 and 20 distinct objects respectively and $F$ denote the set of all possible functions defined from $X$ to $Y$. Let $f$ be randomly chosen from $F$. The probability of $f$ being one-to-one is ______.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Set Theory & Algebra jothee 3.6k views
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The number of states in the minimal deterministic finite automaton corresponding to the regular expression $(0+1)^* (10)$ is _____.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Theory of Computation jothee 5.5k views
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$\text{Host A}$ sends a $\text{UDP}$ datagram containing $8880\text{ bytes}$ of user data to $\text{host B}$ over an $\text{Ethernet LAN}.$ Ethernet frames may carry data up to $1500\text{ bytes (i.e. MTU = 1500 bytes)}.$ Size of $\text{UDP}$ ... and what will be the contents of offset field in the last fragment? $6$ and $925$ $6$ and $7400$ $7$ and $1110$ $7$ and $8880$
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Computer Networks jothee 11k views
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Which of the following is/are regular languages? $L_1: \left\{ wxw^R \mid w, x \in \{a, b\} ^* \text{ and } |w|, |x| > 0\right\}, w^R \text{ is the reverse of string } w$ $L_2: \left\{ a^nb^m \mid m \neq n \text { and } m, n \geq 0 \right\}$ $L_3: \left\{ a^pb^qc^r \mid p, q, r \geq 0 \right\}$ $L_1$ and $L_3$ only $L_2$ only $L_2$ and $L_3$ only $L_3$ only
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Theory of Computation jothee 4.8k views
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In a connected graph, a bridge is an edge whose removal disconnects the graph. Which one of the following statements is true? A tree has no bridges A bridge cannot be part of a simple cycle Every edge of a clique with size $\geq 3$ is a bridge (A clique is any complete subgraph of a graph) A graph with bridges cannot have cycle
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Graph Theory jothee 5.7k views
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Consider a typical disk that rotates at $15000$ rotations per minute (RPM) and has a transfer rate of $50 \times 10^6$ bytes/sec. If the average seek time of the disk is twice the average rotational delay and the controller's transfer time is $10$ times the disk transfer time, the average time (in milliseconds) to read or write a $512$-byte sector of the disk is _____
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Operating System jothee 7.6k views
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A half adder is implemented with XOR and AND gates. A full adder is implemented with two half adders and one OR gate. The propagation delay of an XOR gate is twice that of an AND/OR gate. The propagation delay of an AND/OR gate is 1.2 microseconds ... ripple-carry binary adder is implemented by using four full adders. The total propagation time of this 4-bit binary adder in microseconds is ______.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Digital Logic jothee 19.9k views
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A computer system implements $8$ $\text{kilobyte}$ pages and a $32-bit$ physical address space. Each page table entry contains a valid bit, a dirty bit, three permission bits, and the translation. If the maximum size of the page table of a process is $24$ $\text{megabytes}$, the length of the virtual address supported by the system is _______ bits.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Operating System jothee 8.3k views
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Consider a simple checkpointing protocol and the following set of operations in the log. (start, T4); (write, T4, y, 2, 3); (start, T1); (commit, T4); (write, T1, z, 5, 7); (checkpoint); (start, T2); (write, T2, x, 1, 9); (commit, T2); (start, T3); (write, T3, z, 7, 2); ... the redo list? Undo: T3, T1; Redo: T2 Undo: T3, T1; Redo: T2, T4 Undo: none; Redo: T2, T4, T3, T1 Undo: T3, T1, T4; Redo: T2
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Databases jothee 9.9k views
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Suppose you are provided with the following function declaration in the C programming language. int partition(int a[], int n); The function treats the first element of $a[\:]$ as a pivot and rearranges the array so that all elements less than or equal to the pivot is in the left part of the array, and ... $(a, $ left_end$, k)$ $(a, n-$left_end$-1, k-$left_end$-1)$ and $(a, $left_end$, k)$
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Algorithms jothee 6.4k views
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Consider the sequence of machine instruction given below: ... processor uses operand forwarding from the PO stage to the OF stage. The number of clock cycles taken for the execution of the above sequence of instruction is _________.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in CO and Architecture jothee 12.8k views
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Which one of the following assertions concerning code inspection and code walkthrough is true? Code inspection is carried out once the code has been unit tested Code inspection and code walkthrough are synonyms Adherence to coding standards is checked during code inspection Code walkthrough is usually carried out by an independent test team
asked Feb 13, 2015 in IS&Software Engineering jothee 1.2k views
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Consider a processor with byte-addressable memory. Assume that all registers, including program counter (PC) and Program Status Word (PSW), are size of two bytes. A stack in the main memory is implemented from memory location $(0100)_{16}$ and it grows upward. The stack pointer (SP) points to ... , the value of the stack pointer is: $(016A)_{16}$ $(016C)_{16}$ $(0170)_{16}$ $(0172)_{16}$
asked Feb 13, 2015 in CO and Architecture jothee 6.7k views
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Consider the following routing table at an IP router: $\begin{array}{|l|l|l|} \hline \textbf {Network No} & \textbf {Net Mask} & \textbf{Next Hop} \\\hline \text {} & \text{} & \text{Interface $0$} \\\hline\text {} & \text{} & \text{Interface $ ... i-a, ii-c, iii-e, iv-d i-a, ii-d, iii-b, iv-e i-b, ii-c, iii-d, iv-e i-b, ii-c, iii-e, iv-d
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Computer Networks jothee 5.4k views
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The number of onto functions (surjective functions) from set $X = \{1, 2, 3, 4\}$ to set $Y=\{a,b,c\}$ is ______.
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Set Theory & Algebra jothee 9.8k views
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The secant method is used to find the root of an equation $f(x)=0$. It is started from two distinct estimates $x_a$ and $x_b$ for the root. It is an iterative procedure involving linear interpolation to a root. The iteration stops if $f(x_b)$ is very small and then $x_b$ is the solution. The procedure ... $x_b - (x_b-x_a) f_b / (f_b-f(x_a)) $ $x_a - (x_b-x_a) f_a / (f_b-f(x_a)) $
asked Feb 13, 2015 in Numerical Methods jothee 1.9k views
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Consider the C program below #include <stdio.h> int *A, stkTop; int stkFunc (int opcode, int val) { static int size=0, stkTop=0; switch (opcode) { case -1: size = val; break; case 0: if (stkTop < size ) A[stkTop++]=val; break; default: if (stkTop) return A[--stkTop]; } ... 0, 5); stkFunc (0, 10); printf ("%d\n", stkFunc(1, 0)+ stkFunc(1, 0)); } The value printed by the above program is ________.
asked Feb 12, 2015 in DS jothee 4.5k views
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The number of min-terms after minimizing the following Boolean expression is _______. [D'+AB'+A'C+AC'D+A'C'D]'
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Digital Logic jothee 6.7k views
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Given below are some algorithms, and some algorithm design paradigms. ... $\text{1-iii, 2-ii, 3-i, 4-iv}$ $\text{1-iii, 2-ii, 3-i, 4-v}$
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Algorithms jothee 3k views
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Consider the alphabet $\Sigma = \{0, 1\}$, the null/empty string $\lambda$ and the set of strings $X_0, X_1, \text{ and } X_2$ generated by the corresponding non-terminals of a regular grammar. $X_0, X_1, \text{ and } X_2$ are related as follows. $X_0 = 1 X_1$ $X_1 = 0 X_1 + 1 X_2$ ... in $X_0$? $10(0^*+(10)^*)1$ $10(0^*+(10)^*)^*1$ $1(0+10)^*1$ $10(0+10)^*1 +110(0+10)^*1$
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Theory of Computation jothee 6.8k views
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Assume that the bandwidth for a $TCP$ connection is $1048560$ bits/sec. Let $\alpha$ be the value of RTT in milliseconds (rounded off to the nearest integer) after which the $TCP$ window scale option is needed. Let $\beta$ be the maximum possible window size with window scale option. Then ... $^{16}$ $500$ milliseconds, $65535$ $\times $2$^{14}$ $500$ milliseconds, $65535$ $\times $2$^{16}$
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Computer Networks jothee 13.4k views
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Which one of the following hash functions on integers will distribute keys most uniformly over $10$ buckets numbered $0$ to $9$ for $i$ ranging from $0$ to $2020$? $h(i) = i^2 \text{mod } 10$ $h(i) = i^3 \text{mod } 10$ $h(i) = (11 \ast i^2) \text{mod } 10$ $h(i) = (12 \ast i^2) \text{mod } 10$
asked Feb 12, 2015 in DS jothee 5.9k views
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Consider two relations $R_1(A,B)$ with the tuples $(1,5), (3,7)$ and $R_2(A,C) = (1,7),(4,9)$. Assume that $R(A,B,C)$ is the full natural outer join of $R_1$ and $R_2$ ... $R$ contains all $a, b, c, d, e, f, g$. $R$ contains $e, f, g$ but not $a, b$. $R$ contains $e$ but not $f, g$.
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Databases jothee 3.6k views
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A Young tableau is a $2D$ array of integers increasing from left to right and from top to bottom. Any unfilled entries are marked with $\infty$, and hence there cannot be any entry to the right of, or below a $\infty$. The following Young tableau consists of unique ... $1$) to be shifted, to remove $1$ from the given Young tableau is _____.
asked Feb 12, 2015 in DS jothee 5.4k views
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Consider $6$ memory partitions of sizes $200$ $\text{KB}$, $400$ $\text{KB}$, $600$ $\text{KB}$, $500$ $\text{KB}$, $300$ $\text{KB}$and $250$ $\text{KB}$, where $\text{KB}$refers to $\text{kilobyte}$. These partitions need to be allotted to four processes of sizes $357$ ... $\text{KB}$ and $250$ $\text{KB}$ $250$ $\text{KB}$ and $300$ $\text{KB}$ $300$ $\text{KB}$ and $400$ $\text{KB}$
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Operating System jothee 3k views
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Consider the intermediate code given below. (1) i=1 (2) j=1 (3) t1 = 5 * i (4) t2 = t1 + j (5) t3 = 4 * t2 (6) t4 = t3 (7) a[t4] = -1 (8) j = j + 1 (9) if j <= 5 goto (3) (10) i = i +1 (11) if i < 5 goto (2) The number of nodes and edges in control-flow-graph constructed for the above code, respectively, are 5 and 7 6 and 7 5 and 5 7 and 8
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Compiler Design jothee 11.1k views
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A graph is self-complementary if it is isomorphic to its complement. For all self-complementary graphs on $n$ vertices, $n$ is A multiple of 4 Even Odd Congruent to 0 $mod$ 4, or, 1 $mod$ 4.
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Graph Theory jothee 3.8k views
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Perform the following operations on the matrix $\begin{bmatrix} 3 & 4 & 45 \\ 7 & 9 & 105 \\ 13 & 2 & 195 \end{bmatrix}$ Add the third row to the second row Subtract the third column from the first column. The determinant of the resultant matrix is _____.
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Linear Algebra jothee 2.8k views