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If $\alpha, \beta, \gamma$ are the roots of the equation $x^3+6x+1=0$, then prove that $\frac{\alpha}{\beta} + \frac{\beta}{\alpha} + \frac{\beta}{\gamma}+ \frac{\gamma}{\beta} + \frac{\gamma}{\alpha}+ \frac{\alpha}{\gamma}=-3.$
asked Sep 18, 2018 in Numerical Ability jothee 72 views
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Let $n$ be a fixed positive integer. For any real number $x,$ if for some integer $q,$ $x=qn+r, \: \: \: 0 \leq r < n,$ then we define $x \text{ mod } n=r$. Specify the points of discontinuity of the function $f(x)=x \text{ mod } 3$ with proper reasoning.
asked Sep 18, 2018 in Calculus jothee 52 views
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A bit string is called legitimate if it contains no consecutive zeros $, e.g., 0101110$ is legitimate, where as $10100111$ is not. Let $a_n$ denote the number of legitimate bit strings of length $n$. Define $a_0=1$. Derive a recurrence relation for $a_n ( i.e.,$ express $a_n$ in terms of the preceding $a_i's).$
asked Sep 18, 2018 in Combinatory jothee 80 views
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