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Each inhabitant of a remote village always tells the truth or always lies. A villager will only give a "Yes" or a "No" response to a question a tourist asks. Suppose you are a tourist visiting this area and come to a fork in the road. One branch leads to the ... the jungle. A villager is standing at the fork in the road. What one question can you ask the villager to determine which branch to take?
asked Feb 26, 2018 in Mathematical Logic Harshita 115 views
11 votes
3 answers
An anthropologist is visiting the island of knights and knaves one after the other.. This particular island is a very peculiar place, for it has only two kinds of inhabitants, namely, knights and knaves! Now, knights always tell the truth and knaves always lie! There are cluster of island on ... Maya. B: A is a knave, and this is the island of Maya. Is this the island of Maya? What are A and B ?
asked Apr 20, 2016 in Verbal Ability pC 872 views
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A bad king has a cellar of 1000 bottles of delightful and very expensive wine. A neighboring queen plots to kill the bad king and sends a servant to poison the wine. Fortunately (or say unfortunately) the bad king's guards catch the servant after he has only poisoned one bottle. ... is in mind of the king, how will he be able to do so ? (of course he has less then 1000 prisoners in his prisons)
asked Apr 9, 2016 in Puzzles pC 754 views
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